My Cousin Jo and I Pt. 11


Christy says “We better quit I’m not sure when mom and dad will be home.”

Susie says “Thank you!”

“For what?” I say.

I really enjoyed watching you two fuck. I really enjoyed fucking that big dick of yours. I would love to do this again sometime if you’re willing.”

“Just remember you cannot tell anyone about this.” I remind her.

“OH Hell no it’s our secret. Thank you Christy, I owe you big time. She comes over kisses me on the cheek and heads for the door.

“Talk to you later Susie.”

I get dressed looking Christy in the eyes. “God your beautiful and such a great girl. I can’t believe you let me fuck Susie in your bed.”

“She’s my best friend and it is not like we are going together. Besides Jo and I shared you. Why not Susie?”

I better go too. I kiss her a few times, having a hard time getting my self to leave. As I head for the door she asks. “When can I see you again?”

“Not sure dads been on my ass lately. My coming home late won’t help.” I can tell thats not the answer she wanted to hear. I really like her but Jo is my main girl. If she were not my cousin hell I’d marry her in a heart beat.

I hurry home I’m late for supper. Dad chews my ass good. Saying he drove to the pool and I wasn’t there. Where the hell was I? I lied told him I was at Calvins working on a car his brother gave him, and lost track of time.

“Well you should have call and let us know. So I think you can just stay home a couple days to pay for your thoughtless doings.”

“Dad no please. I didn’t do it on purpose.” I pleaded to no avail. Mom puts a plate with food on the table. Jo brings me a glass of milk. I’m not hungry, I eat a few bite and go to my room.

A few minutes later Jo comes in. “Calvin’s huh?”

“No I met Christy at the pool. She asked me if I wanted to go to her house. Of course I said yes, I sure can’t tell dad I was at Christy’s place, doing her.”

“I should be mad too?”

“You? Why?”

“I thought we were a thing.”

“But you said I should go see Christy cause it’s that time of the month. We’re cousins and the other day.”

“Maybe we are cousins and the other day was for my enjoyment too. I liked watching you fuck her. I even enjoyed getting in on it some, got me hotter. But I did not expect you to make her your regular girl. Just because I’m on my period doesn’t mean I get left out.”

“Fuck Jo I didn’t know. Like I said you told me to go to Christy’s.”

“I know, my period has me all messed up.”

“I never would have went over there if I knew you felt that way. Hell you have always been my favorite girl. I will never see her again if that is what you want.”

I don’t know what topkapı escort to do about Susie though. Should I tell her I’m sure she will find out anyway.

“Jo I have to tell you something. Please don’t get mad.”

“No promises, what is it?” I tell her what happened at Christy’s place with Susie.

“What the fuck, how could you do that?”

I beg her forgiveness, “I don’t understand relationships. Sure as hell don’t ours.”

Jo looks hurt but says “It’s ok we will get through this. Am I your girl?”

“Hell yea, forever!”

“Don’t worry about Christy or Susie. I will deal with them.”

Phew what a relief. I thought for sure I fucked Jo and I up for good.

“Sneak in to see me later. When your mom and dad are asleep.”

“I will.”

She kisses me and goes back down stairs. I go down to say goodnight. Then back up to my room. After bit I hear Jo come up stairs. I wait till I hear dad snoring then slip into Jo’s room.

She pulls the blanket back to let me in. I can see she is naked. I shed my briefs and get in next to her. She is warm, I slip my hand up to her breast.

“No, don’t touch me.” she says

“You’re going to pay for being with those two. You will lay there and just listen to me pleasure myself.”

“Jo, No I don’t think I can bear that.”

“You will or forget ever touching me again.”

I almost cry.

“I will do anything to rectify what I did.”

I lay beside her feeling the bed move, her moans of pleasure. I can smell her feminine odor. I’m hard as nails. I start to jack off.

“Stop that, you get no pleasure tonight. Don’t do it again, hear me?”

“Yes Jo.”

Shortly I feel the bed shake and she lets out a small moan. She brings her fingers to my nose. I delight in the odor of her femininity.

“Open your mouth.”

I do so willingly. She sticks them in my mouth. There is the taste of her pussy but also of shit. I begin to choke.

“Lick them clean.”

She demands. I lick each finger, then the palm, sucking each finger clean. When I have finished she tells me.

“Get out, go to bed. Don’t jerk off either or I will hear it. If you lucky, you might dream of fucking me. Now get out.”

I get out grab my briefs and go to my bed. The next morning I wake and go down for breakfast. At breakfast Jo and mom are talking. It’s like I’m not even there. Dejected I go to the front porch. I’m so mad at myself. How stupid could I be. I had the best thing in my life going and I fuck it up.

I start to go to the shop to help dad.

“Hey come here.” Jo says.

I come back to her.

“See how does it feel to be left out and shit on?”

“Really türbanlı escort sucks.”

“I hope you have learned something from this.”

“Fuck yes. Keep my dick in my pants unless it’s for you.”

“Good boy your not so stupid that you can’t learn.”

“I promise it will never happen again.”

“Ok go on help your dad and mend that fence too.”

“Thank you Jo. You’re the very best.”

She gives me a hug and pushes me towards the garage. I help dad and make amends with him. But I’m still grounded for two days.

Later that day Jo comes up to me.

“Come on we are going to Christy’s.”

“I can’t I’m still grounded.”

“Not any more, I talked to uncle. He says you can go with me as long as we are home by dark.”

I cannot believe this girl. She is the greatest. We take off walking. On the way she has me tell her the entire story of yesterday. I even told her about Jane. I knew I had to come completely clean to her. She was not happy about it either though.

“Dam you can be such a fuck up.”

“I know I suck ass.”

Jo laughs, “That’s and idea.”

“Huh?” Dumb ass me again.

“Never mind.” She says.

We get to Christy’s house. I knock she comes to the door.

“Hi you two. Come on in.”

We sit on the couch.

“What’s up?” She asks.

Jo says “Why you need a good fucking again?”


“You heard me.” Jo says.

“What’s going on Richard?” Says Christy

“I’m pissed about you and Susie fucking him without me here.”

“What I didn’t know you had to be here to approve.”

“Hey I believe I set you up with him did I not.”

“I guess so.”

“Without me you would never have even considered him as a sex partner.”

“Ok, so.”

“So is that what you think. That it is ok to bring Susie into this?”

“She’s my best friend we tell each other everything.”

“You mean you told her about the three of us?”

“Well not quite everything I guess. No I never mentioned you. Just Richard and I fucking.”

“Ok here is how this goes. Call Susie ask her to come over. Tell her Richard is going to be here. We will go from there.”

Christy calls Susie.

“She will be over in a little bit.”

“Good now you two strip I want to watch him fuck you stupid.”

Christy protests some.

Jo says “Come on Dick we are leaving.”

Christy says “No wait.” then starts removing her top.

I have my clothes already off. I sit on the couch. Jo tells Christy to suck my cock first. Christy comes over and kneels between my legs. Jo is taking her clothes off. Christy takes my limp cock in her mouth. But I’m tüyap escort getting hard quickly watching Jo strip and from Christy’s blowjob. Jo gets to her bra and panties. There is a knock at the door. Christy gets up to check to see who it is. It’s Susie, she goes to let her in.

“Hi what’s up?”

She’s wearing a yellow sun dress.

“Come on in and join the party.” Jo says.

Susie looks at Christy confused. Of course she has no idea who Jo is.

Jo goes over too them.

“Hi I’m Jolene, Richards friend from out of town. I heard you two had a good time with him yesterday.”

Christy just lowers her head. Susie says, “Are you his girlfriend?”

“Sort of.” Jo answers.

“I had no idea he was taken. I mean Christy never said he was.”

“Long story, anyway he does nothing without me.”

“Ok is that all? Can I leave?”

“That’s up to you if you’re not interested in fucking him again. I hear you have some nice tits too, I’d love to see them.”

I am kind of freaking out.

Susie says “Yea I’d like to fuck him again.”

“Good then peel that dress off and lets have some fun.”

Smiling She removes her dress. Jo finishes removing her bra but leaves her panties on. Susie takes her bra and panties off too. Jo is checking out Susies tits.

Then looks at Christy and says “I thought you started to do something.”

She comes back to me kneels down again, my cock is somewhat soft again. She is stroking it but watching Jo too.

Jo goes over to Susie “Your tits are bigger than mine. I’m jealous.”

She takes one in hand. “A little droopy compared to mine, but still very nice.”

Susie seems to enjoy Jo’s attention to her breasts. She takes Jo’s in her hands rubbing the nipples.

“You breasts are fantastic, I love your nipples.” says Susie

“Can I taste one?” Jo asks.

Susie “Ah I guess so.”

Jo leans over takes the nipple in her mouth.

“Mumm, very nice.” Then continues to suck on it.

My cock is hard now from Christys sucking and watching Susie and Jo. I can’t take any more.

“Christy.” She stops sucking me.

“Fuck me.”

She looks at Jo who is busy working on Susies tits. She gets up I lay back on the couch Christy mounts me. She sits on my throbbing cock. Rubbing her slit on it. I reach up for her tits. Giving each a gentle squeeze. Then pinch the nipples.

“Oh.” she moans out. She moves her hips enough to get my cock head in her. Then pauses to accept it’s size. I can’t wait and push about 2-3 inches in. She sucks in a deep breath.

“Oh my yes.” Then she slides all the way down on it. She’s still tight as hell but she so wet it’s not a problem.

I look over at Jo and Susie. Jo has one hand between Susies legs finger fucking the crap out of her.

“Fuck me that feels good.” Susie says.

Jo kisses her, “Lets lay on the floor by the couch”, she tells her.

Christy says, “How about we go to my bed?”

Part 12 to follow.

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