My cum stained suit.

Big Dick

My cum stained suit.“Yeah, suck it” Reese said. I was on my knees, in a dark corner of our office building car port parking lot. Reese was a co worker of mine who, after a moment of drunken weakness, I gave a blow job to after a work get together at a bar. He now used the encounter as leverage over me. He threatened to tell everyone in the office that I was gay, if I didn’t keep sucking him off whenever he wanted. In a conservative business setting such as ours, that would black ball me.Now I found myself with his cock in my mouth, to be honest though, I’m not sure which one of us enjoyed it more. Although I would not admit it to him, I enjoyed sucking him. He had a nice cock, thick at the base and then tapered into a smaller head. Almost like an arrow, but nice. Especially, the thickness at the base, stretching my lips and filling my mouth. “Fuck yeah” he said, then the bastard pulled his cock from my mouth and came all over the front of my suit, before shoving it back into my mouth to finish him off. “You’re an asshole, Reese” I said as I tried in vain to brush his cum off my suit. Reese just laughed and zipped up. “You should have taken your jacket off” he said.A few blocks away from my apartment was a cleaners. Not having a lot of money to waste on new suits, I had to have it cleaned. I took my cum stained suit in and the guy behind the counter looked at it and seemed to know exactly what it was. He smiled devilishly at me and said, “next time, take the jacket off first” I didn’t respond. When he handed me my ticket he said, “I’ll be here after hours, if you want to come back and pick it up… just knock on the door” I took my ticket and left.Walking home, I thought about what he said. “What did he mean by that?” I wondered. “Was he coming on to me?” I found myself staring at the clock, waiting for 8:30 when the cleaners pendik escort would be closed. My mind raced and the aching in my pants and a lust for cock had me knocking on the cleaners glass doors at 8:35.The counter guy came out from the back and smiled as he walked towards me, as if he knew I would show up. “Come on back” he said and I didn’t say a word, I just followed him. He led me to the back office then sat back on an old couch inside. I was incredibly excited at the prospect of what may be happening. Besides Reese, I had not been with a guy since college, and that was only once. I stood in the door way, “you want to come in” he asked. We both knew why I was there, instinct and desire took over and I moved to my knees before him. He unbuckled his belt and pants and pushed them down to his thighs. I grabbed them and slid them down over his knees to the floor. Now only inches from his bare naked cock, I stared in awe. I had never seen a cock so big. It looked like a small black baseball bat. I could not take my eyes off of his manhood as it rested on his abdomen. Almost immediately however, I was struck by his manly, musky scent. I guessed he had worked all day and didn’t even bother to wash himself up for me. His scent was almost overwhelming and it made pre. cum leak form my dick.He reached down, and as I stared down at his magnificent dick, grabbed the top off my head and guided my face down towards the space between his big, hanging ballsack and his thigh. He pressed my face into him and I licked and lapped at the side of his balls and thigh. His scent almost intoxicating, I felt light headed as he now guided my face further down towards his asshole. I lapped, licked and searched for his opening, the salty and sweet flavor tasted amazing on my tongue, my underwear now wet with my oozing leaking pre cum.With escort pendik his hand holding the side of my head, he started slapping my face with his semi hard, enormous cock. I could feel the weight of it and hear the impact against my cheek. I greedily opened my mouth and he slapped the shaft against my lips. “Lick it man lick it” he gripped himself at the base and moved his hand slowly up and down. I did as he wanted and licked up and down his shaft, feeling every vein on my tongue before licking all around the ridges of his beautiful big cocks head. He pointed it down at me and I forced my mouth down over his head and his shaft bent just above his fist. I could not believe how big he was but tried to stuff as much of his black dick into my mouth as I could. I held his full hanging balls in my hand and massaged and tugged on each one. I wanted to suck them but his grip on my head told me he wanted my mouth on his cock, so I continued to suck him and stroke the space below his sack down to his asshole with my fingers. “Awww, yah man yah” he said and as he continued to stroke himself, I felt and tasted his creamy thick jizz ooze into my mouth and coat my tongue. I felt lost in lust, my own cock begging for release, I swallowed his cum. “Nice man, you can come by after hours any time” was all he said as he stood up and buckled his pants. I collected my suit and left, still having not cum myself, I needed more.I texted Reese. My text simply read, “do you want to come fuck me?” I didn’t care anymore, as big of an asshole he was, at that point I just needed more cock and he was the only guy I know. He texted back, “What a fag” I walked the rest of the several blocks home wishing I had a man waiting for me. I had only been fucked once, back in my freshman year of college, but every once in a while, I craved the feeling pendik escort bayan again and tonight was one of those nights. As I approached my apartment building doors, Reese walked up behind me. Neither one of us said a word, but we both knew why he was there. He had left his girlfriend to be there. Maybe I wasn’t the only “fag” in the office after all! In the elevator I reached back and felt his cock through his pants, he was already hard!We both started to undress as we walked to the bed. I layed back naked and Reese grabbed my legs and forced them to my chest. The force of it took my breath away and his tongue dove for my hole, making me gasp. My wet and leaking cock made my stomach slick with pre cum as his tongue licked and pressed into my opening. My whole wet with his saliva, he gripped my hips and rolled me over onto my belly. I moved to my knees and leaned my face onto a pillow and felt his mouth on my wet and hungry asshole again. “Fuck me” I said softly, alittle embarrassed by my lust. I felt him move to his knees behind me then the wonderful feeling of his cocks firm head against my wet hole. His slick shaft slid into me easily but painfully. I moaned and reveled in the feeling. Reese pushed into me further and the thickness of his cock now stretched me wide. With his hands tightly grabbing my waist and hips, he began moving himself in and out of me and I felt as if I was on the edge of orgasm. With each thrust he increased speed and force and rocked me back and forth. I couldn’t believe I was getting fucked! I was getting fucked hard. “Fuck the cum out of me” I yelled out and that sent him super sonic, thrusting his dick into me wildly. I felt my cum build, I felt myself on the edge and when I began to slam my ass back onto his cock, my cock began to slap against my stomach sending me over the edge. With the pressure of his dick inside me, I moaned out loud and I came onto my bed below. My orgasm making my asshole spasm, sending Reese into an orgasm. He pumped and filled me with cum. He didn’t even bother to wear a condom.

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