My Dad part nine: Olga’s story


My Dad part nine: Olga’s storyMy DadChapter nineLater the same day I lost my virginity: Olga’s storyI took my sheets down and put them in the washer because of the blood on them. Mum came home a was pleased I had done the washing for her, I thought to myself, if you only you knew dad had fucked his little girl, I sat opposite him and every now and then I saw him look up my skirt, when he did I moved my legs so he could see my pussy, I knew he would do me again you could tell by the look in his eyes. We all went to bed later than normal. About two hours after we went to bed, I thought my brother was still awake because I heard a noise in his room and I could not sleep, (I think I was waiting for dad to come in my room, because I was lying in bed naked and just playing with my body) I got up and went into my brothers room and got the biggest shock of my life, I could just see a shadow of a figure and thought it was my brother, I reached out and touched it on the back because it was lying on its side, then I found out it was mum, my brother shout out from under the blanks, his head had been down between mums legs, mum had been sucking his cock, she turned around and put the side light on, and said “Olga it’s not what it looks like, anyway what are you doing in here naked” I said “me naked, what about you, look at both of you” mum did not even try to cover herself or Alex, they both had been having sexy, her mouth lips had his juices on then and his hands were wet, mums tits were bigger then I had thought and one was hanging off the edge of the bed but you could still see she was wet from were Alex had been sucking them, Alex got up and mum said “Alex, you are showing Olga you’re your private parts” he said “it’s not the first time Olga has seen my naked is it Olga” Mum said “Oh my god are you saying what I think your saying” he said “we have been playing about for years in between the times when you have come in late in the nights, waking me up, firstly playing with my cock then making love, I wish I had a dollar for every time we have fucked and it all started by you getting into bed when I was asleep and sucking me off” I said “Mum how long have you been doing this sort of thing then” as I knelt down on my knees and was really close to mum’s breast, it looked huge from this angle, for a woman of fifty seven years old plus having two c***dren she sure had a great body, she was just going to say something and the door opened from Dads room and he came in, he said “what is going on in here I could hear you all talking in our room” he looked istanbul escort at mums naked body and then looked at mine but did not say anything else, I was shocked he never said anything, mum sat up revealing all her naked body to all of us in the room and said “are you going to tell her or leave it to me again, I told you we should have said something to her before, when she said that, I was so shocked and could not believe all my family were in the same room naked as the day we were born, dads cock was already starting to get hard and so was Alex. Mum said “babe, remember about two years ago when I came home from getting the food in, after putting it away I went and had a shower, remember I always came down with my towel rapped around me, I was making something to eat in the kitchen when you and Alex came in, Alex was always playing about and as he went out of the kitchen he pulled my towel, it fell to the floor showing I was completely naked, I had only just sew years before that shaved my pussy too, I never tried to pick it back up because we were always walking around naked even when you two were born. Alex bent down and picked the towel up as he did he looked up a my shaven cunt and my two mountains, remember he said “Mum what are those things hanging down there he was referring to my fanny lips they are big and nice and long, if you notice he never said anything about my breasts because he used to get his milk out of them and still he likes sucking them. That night when everyone was in bed I went down to make a warm drink because I could not sleep as usual I did not have anything on, I sat down waiting for the kettle to boil, when I felt these hand on my sides just touching my bulging breasts under my arms, they moved around and under my breasts picking them up a little, I shut my eyes because my tits are really sensitive just under the edges of them, these hands were sliding and squeezing my breasts then moved up to my nipples, gently pulling and turning them, at the same time I could feel this nice wet tongue running around the back of my neck and in my ear, sucking and nibbling of my lob and just licking around the inside of it, after a few seconds of this he came around the front of me and must have got down on his knees because I felt these fingers sliding up my thighs and around my mounds, his fingers were teasing my pussy opening and I knew I was getting wet, he was teasing with every movement by gently pushing avcılar escort his fingers between my pussy lips and up and over my clit, then rubbing between two fingers after a short while I got the shock of my life, I felt something hard on my back which felt like a cock, I opened my eyes and found Alex licking me out and dad pushing his big hard cock into my face, I have never felt so sexy in all my life believe me my juices were flowing and I had my son drinking them while my husband had his hard cock in my mouth, you have never been fucked until you have two cocks inside your body, one trying to fill your cunt and the other spunking in your ass” I said “but Mum you know that is i****t don’t you” she said “What does everything on this planet do, from the smallest insect to the biggest do including humans, BREED, does not matter to them if they fuck there brother, sister, mother or grandmother or another member of family, all they think about is reproducing and getting their seed into the opposite sex. That goes right back to the bible where they say about Adam and Eve, god supposed to have made man in his likeness and image, then he took a rib out of Adam and made Eve, they went on and had two sons, but if Eve was made from the rib of Adam that would have made them brother and sister, i****t, she said “your great granddad used to fuck me every night from the age of eight, he used to say it’s our secret and everyone does it, I was like Ekaterina but my dad did not wait until I was old enough to know at least Ekaterina was thirteen before her Dad broke her in, I used to be asleep and he would come into my room and make me suck him off while he fingered me, but it has made me think only about one thing sex” I looked around and Dad was playing with his hard cock, Alex was play with mums fanny and I was really thinking about sucking Mothers tits, she was gently touching my breasts, and said “Olga you have lovely tits and body just look at it dad” dad said “I know, I found out this afternoon when I was going to the bathroom and saw her naked on the bed” I reached out and took Dads cock in my hand expecting mum to say something but she didn’t, she got on her hands and knees and started to suck my tits Alex came around behind mum, he was really very hard and pushed his cock into mums pussy as he was fucking her, her body was moving back and forth and I was watching her tits swing back and forward, her nipples were sticking out to, I had dads cock and was wanking him, Mum said “Olga lay on your back şirinevler escort and suck my tits there is something nice waiting, I let go of Dads cock and laid on my back and managed to slid under mums breasts, taking hold of and putting her nipple in my mouth, I felt dad pick my bottom up onto a pillow the has cock was by my pussy opening and he pushed him in, I could feel his cock going into my pussy, dad had a nice big cock and it was really hard, I sucked on mums nipple and squeezed with my hand, she still had lots of milk in could feel a fine spray touching the back of my throat, Mum said go on baby drink me dry with my our hand I reached back to mums cunt and could feel my brothers cock going deep inside her, she was really dripping wet her juices were running up my arm, I had my brothers balls in my hand and was gently squeezing them every now and then I felt the shaft of his cock sliding out a little, mum was kissing dad and playing with my breast she then gripped them hard and her breathing was really harsh, she manage to say “Olga suck my nipples please as hard as you want, so I did and got more warm milk, I said dad fuck me harder I want your prick to throb inside again harder, harder, mum screamed out “I’m coming Alex pushed him in faster, mums other breast was leaking warm, sticky milk over my other tit, then I felt dads spunk going deep inside me again, his cock seemed to be pumping more sperm into me than the last time and it seemed a lot warmer too, he just let his cock deep inside me after a short while I could feel his spunk on my ass to, funny really because when he pumped it into me it was warm yet as it came out it was freezing cold, mum said “Olga you are still drinking my milk nice is it” I took her nipple out and said “lovely, I could drink that all day, we all laid on the floor and mum reached out and put Alex’s blanket over us. My head was right by dads cock, Alex, s head was resting on my tummy by my breast and mums head was on my thigh, I had my hand on mums pussy which was soaking wet with Alex, sperm, mum said “Olga, what do you think, we have been waiting for this day to come or really hoping it would come, now we can do the things we have always wanted to do and enjoy ourselves whenever we want” I said “I think that was fantastic sex and I want to do it again as many times as I can, the one thing I always wanted to do is not ware any clothes in the house and so did Alex would that be aright” mum and dad said “that would be lovely naked all day and night, if you are going to walk around the house naked then mum and me will too ok” we both said “lovely can’t wait” Alex turned the light out and we all started to go to sleep, I was still fingering mums fanny and she put her hand on top of mine and pressed it into her cunt, then said “ keep it there please, really nice feeling your fingers in my slit, play as much as you like and when you like ok” we went to sleep after some time.

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