My Daughter Found Me


I did not use an editor, and I know there are mistakes but I hope you will overlook those and just enjoy the story.


I am Mike, 37 years old, and a divorced single parent. I stand 5’9″ and weigh 155 pounds, just ten pounds over my high school weight. My ex decided she was not ready to be a mom anymore and needed to spread her wings when our daughter hit her teen years. She announced to me one morning that when I came home from work she would not be there when I returned and then handed me divorce paperwork. Reading the paperwork, it showed she was asking for nothing but her car and her checking account. I would keep the house, the savings and our daughter Lisa Jo.

Lisa Jo was just thirteen when her mother left and we both had a lot of learning to do. I didn’t date, but spent my time at work and home with Lisa Jo. I did have a neighbor who helped a lot when it came to girl things I could not teach Lisa Jo about. Things about periods, tampons or pads. We did learn to shave our legs together though.

After Lisa Jo graduated high school she decided to attend the local college. That didn’t bother me at all as she could live at home and we did enjoy each other’s company. During her last two years of high school she was on the varsity cheerleader team and there were several times during the summer that the girls got together at our house to use the pool and lay out. As I said I didn’t date, but those girls gave me plenty of mental images for the spank bank and I made withdrawals on a regular basis. It was during this time I learned I liked a bit of anal play and bought myself a couple of butt plugs, and even a lifelike dildo. One of my favorite plugs was a vibrating one that you pump up to expand. I would use that one to expand my ass before taking the dildo and pushing it in. I liked the fullness it gave me. The dildo has a suction cup on it and I would use it in the shower or set it on the side of the tub and ride it so it would rub my prostate.

I used the toys when I was home alone, either when Lisa Jo was at school or off with her friends when I knew she would be gone for a while. That’s what was happening today. Lisa Jo was in class at the college and I was off work for the day. I had already lubed my ass and then used my pump up plug to loosen up for the dildo. I had attached the dildo to the edge of the tub and had sunk down on it. I was slowly working it in my ass by raising up and down on it. I was also pulling my hard cock slowly. beşiktaş escort I didn’t want to cum yet, but I wanted to edge myself. I had been at it about fifteen minutes when the feeling overcame me and I slammed myself all the way down on the dildo to it’s fake balls and threw my head back and shot my load while rocking back and forth on the fake cock. As I came down, I lowered my head slowly and opened my eyes. There staring at me was Lisa Jo.

“Lisa Jo…I…ah…oh Lisa Jo” I stammered.

“Wow Daddy, that was intense.”


“Stand up Daddy.”

“Lisa Jo…” I started but never got to finish as she took two steps towards me then slapped me hard across the face.

“Stand up Daddy!” Lisa Jo spoke more forcefully.

I slowly stood as Lisa Jo watched my dildo slide out of my asshole.

“Damn Daddy, that thing is huge. Bigger than anything I have had in me. Get showered, clean that thing off then come down to the den and let’s have a nice long talk Daddy.”

“Lisa Jo, honey let’s just forget this. I am sorry you saw it. No child should see a parent this way.”

“In the den after you shower and clean that thing off!” With that Lisa Jo walked away.

I knew we had to talk about this, so I got in the shower, cleaned myself and the dildo and then dried off. I put on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and headed down stairs to talk to my daughter. A conversation I was not looking forward to having. I stopped in the doorway of the den and Lisa Jo looked up and motioned me to the couch as she sat in my easy chair. I hung my head and walked over to the couch and sat down feeling like a child about to get scolded by a parent.

“Daddy are you gay?” Lisa Jo asked.

“No baby.”

“Then why the ass play?”

“Lisa Jo, I don’t feel this is something we should be discussing.”

“Daddy, it has just been the two of us since mom left. We have always talked about things, even things my friends could not talk about with their parents. We can talk about this.”

Breathing in deeply, I knew she was right and I had started many difficult conversations with her I know she did not want to have but did anyway. “Lisa Jo, it has been a long time since I have had sex and my masturbation has been my outlet.”

“Okay, but what about the ass play?”

“It is just something I accidentally found I liked and have increased partaking in. I only do it when you are spending the beşiktaş eve gelen escort night somewhere or in class like you are supposed to be in now. Speaking of which, why aren’t you in class?”

“The professor had an emergency and cancelled the class at the last minute and his TA is out today as well. So I came home. You said it’s been a while since you had sex. How long?”

“A little before your mother left us.”

“My God Daddy, that has been five years! Why?”

“Because when I am not at work, I want to be here for you. You are my world and I needed to make sure you were taken care of.”

“You really do love me don’t you Daddy?”

“More than life itself.”

“You like how it feels?”

“You couldn’t tell?”

Lisa Jo grinned; “Yes I could. Describe it to me.”

“I don’t know that I can. It rubs my prostate which adds to the pleasure of the masturbation and causes the climax to be more intense.”

“Like hitting the g-spot for a girl.”


“Ever have sex with a dude?”

“No baby.”

“It might feel better than that thing.”

“It might.”

“Did you and mom do anal?”

“We did, with her receiving. Never with her playing with me.”

“I think you would be more comfortable if someone was working it, instead of you trying to hold yourself up and ride it like you were. Of course you did a damn good job today.”

“I don’t know.”

“So do you just lube yourself and that thing and go?”

“No, I have a couple of other things I use to stretch myself before I use the one you saw.”

“Bring me your toys Daddy so I can see what you have.”

“Lisa Jo, this is going too far.”

Before I could think twice she was back in front of me and had me slapped again. “Daddy, let me explain something. We are having this conversation because I want to learn about you, but what is really going to happen is you are going to do what I tell you from now on, otherwise, lots and lots of people are going to see a very interesting video.”

I could feel the blood drain from my face as Lisa Jo turned to the tv and hit a few buttons on her phone and began casting a video of me cumming in the bathroom just minutes ago.

“I’ll go get them.” I got up and went to the bedroom and pulled out my few toys and brought them back to the den. I sat down on the couch again and laid them on the coffee table. Lisa Jo looked at them for a beşiktaş grup yapan escort minute the looked up at me. “Strip for me Daddy.”

I lowered my eyes and tears started to fall. I knew I had lost my daughter. She was someone else. I guess what you would call my dominatrix. I stood and slowly started to strip. Once naked, Lisa Jo told me to stay where I was and then ran to the hallway and got a towel from the linen closet. She put it across a cushion.

“Lay down Daddy.” And I did, my ass on the towel.

“Which one do you use first?” I pointed to a small solid black butt plug. Lisa Jo picked it up and coated it with lube. She then told me “Raise and hold your legs Daddy.” I did as I was told. Lisa Jo then put some lube on my ass and worked the butt plug in easily, seeming how it had only been a short time since I had been spread open with the dildo.

After a few minutes Lisa Jo left the plug in and picked up the other one. This is the one with the pump and the vibrator. “Tell me what it is about this one Daddy that you like.”

“I can put it in like it is and turn on the vibrator and it feels really good, or I can pump it up and it fills me.”

“What if you turn on the vibrator while it is pumped full of air?”

“I really can’t feel it.”

“What else?”

“I pump it up, the pull it out while it is inflated. It helps open me some I think.”

Lisa Jo then removed the plug that was in me and put the vibrating plug in and turned it on. Then she surprised me by grabbing my cock with her other hand. With one hand she was moving the plug around in my ass while her other massaged my cock causing it to swell. Then she removed her hand from my cock and told me to take over, which I did. She then started inflating and deflating the plug, causing me to feel full. After a few minutes of this she would inflate it then some and pull it out, deflate it and push it back in. She did this over and over. My cock was hard as steel.

Next Lisa Jo grabbed the dildo and lubed it up. She then shoved it all the way in with one hard and single shove. I howled as it hit bottom and shot a load all over my stomach, chest and a little on my face. Lisa Jo pumped it a few times then held it deep in me as I finished my climax and came back to earth. She was right, it is better when someone else controls it.

“Clean up again Daddy and then let’s talk some more.”

I got up, grabbed the towel and started to grab my clothes.

“Leave the clothes and come back naked Daddy. I like this look on you.”

I got another shower and headed back into the den, naked as requested. When i got to the doorway I stopped in my tracks. Lisa Jo was still in my chair with her legs over the arms but now she was naked and had my dildo going in and out of her pussy.


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