My Daughter, Her Friends and Me Ch. 02


This is a complete fantasy. All participants in the sex are over 18. There are no STD’s or unwanted pregnancies in my world. This is my take on a common theme.

The door opened again and closed gently. I couldn’t pull myself away from my daughter. I felt the mattress shift on the other side of me. I don’t think my daughter realized anything was amiss as she just kept French kissing me and stroking my cock.

Soon, there was another hand besides my daughter’s stroking my prick. And, this was followed by a second set of lips. One set pulled off me and a tongue joined the hand on my cock and another hand was caressing a rubbing my balls.

I pushed Kim back a little to see who the second person was. Of course, it was Tracey. Gently extricating myself from the two girls. I said, “Ladies, we have to talk.”


“Daddy, let go of my hair,” said my daughter, Kim.

“Yeah, Rick,” said Tracey. “You’re hurting.”

“You two are ignoring me,” I responded. “I told you we have to talk.”

Gradually, in response to me tugging on their hair, both girls, coincidentally with pony tails, slowly moved up the bed. Lying on their sides beside me, they looked uncomfortable. Acknowledging this by pulling my arm around her, Kim, lay her head on my shoulder. Tracey followed her lead and did the same. With both my arms around them, I soon realized I was at the mercy of both these girls.

Not that they were overtly taking advantage of me. Just their moving positions, adjusting their bodies, and breathing on my nipples was giving me a hard on. My wang was slowly growing and making its presence known.

The two eighteen year old best friends snuggled into my neck and, without saying anything to each other began to nuzzle my neck. I could feel lips and tongues running up and down my neck and back and forth on my chest until they were sucking and licking my nipples.

“Kim! Tracey! Stop!” I said. “I told you we have to talk!” There was a distinctive growl in my voice. I wasn’t called Bear just because of my bearded face and hairy back and chest. Both girls pushed their heads back in order to look me in the eyes. They hadn’t noticed my rock hard chubby as yet but it didn’t stop them both from continuing to caress my chest and play with my chest hair.

I started, “I know what you’re doing but what the hell do you think you’re doing? Kim, you’re my daughter. Tracey, you’re my daughter’s best friend. This just isn’t right!”

Kim replied first. “This tramp started it,” she said using her chin to indicate her brunette friend.

“You’re such a slut, Kim. I saw you jumping into this right after me.”

“You are a tramp!”


“Tramp, you were throwing yourself at my Daddy. I couldn’t allow that,” said Kim.

“So being the slut you are, you decided you wanted your daddy for yourself!” responded Tracey.

A part of me was enjoying the argument, the back and forth of it, and the seemingly nastiness of it. Here were these two beautiful, young, girls, best friends, fighting over me. Never mind that one was my daughter, the whole scenario was blowing my mind. “How could I be so lucky?” I had to force myself to keep the chuckle locked in. It wouldn’t do for the eighteen year olds to think I was laughing at them.

Instead of laughing, in my sternest bear voice, I growled at them. “Ladies, this is enough. I don’t want to hear any more arguing.”

“Yes, Daddy,” said Kim.

“Okay, Rick,” said Tracey.

They went back to snuggling up to me and rubbing my chest. Occasionally their fingers trailed across my nipples causing my cock to jerk. I had never known there was a connection between the two body parts.

“Tracey, you first. Why did you start this?”

Her response was not long in coming. “Rick,” she said, “you have always been so kind to me. Over time, I came to have a big crush on you. Then, I started thinking of you in a sexual manner. I don’t know what happened to me yesterday morning when I put my panties under your pillow. I guess I just wanted you to think about me the same way I have been thinking about you.”

“I think I see,” I said. My prick was still jerking back and forth as I considered this well built, young girl lusting after me. She might look like a Plain Jane but her body was anything but plain. Tits, ass, and legs, she had it all.

“And you, Kim? You’re my daughter, the love of my life, what brought this about with you?”

This time there was no quick answer. I didn’t know if she was hesitating out of reluctance or if she was trying to think of a good response.

Finally, “Tracey, you’re such a slut.” Tracey started to snarl back an answer but before the words came out, I was able to reach down and slap each of their asses on a piece of their cheeks. Oh gawd, for longer arms.

“I’m sorry, Daddy but she is. We tell Tracey that all the time. She is always moving from boyfriend to boyfriend. And, I’ve seen her looking at you. So yesterday, when beşiktaş anal yapan escort I saw her putting her moves on you, I got jealous.” Kim was blushing by this point. She was so damned cute.

And her body was just as magnificent as Tracey’s. From the neck down, they could have been identical twins. Same tits, same asses, same long well defined legs. Above the neck, my gorgeous daughter was the absolute winner. Her face was beautiful. Her puffy lips would often invite me to kiss them. Sometimes, with no apparent motive to Kim, I would just lean over and kiss those lips. Her blonde hair and blue eyes completed the picture. My little girl just rocked.

“We have to stop this,” I said. “We can’t let this go on. Kim, any sexual activity with you is incest. Tracey, with you, it is just plain immoral and just barely legal since your birthday wasn’t that long ago.”

As if they had practiced, the two girls said, simultaneously, “I don’t want to stop.”

“This is not open for debate,” I said dramatically. “It has to stop.”

The girls may have exchanged glances. I don’t know but soon enough, in tandem, the leaned down and began to lick my nipples and suck on them until they were uncomfortably hard. My daughter and her best friend had me so turned on that it was almost impossible to resist.

But, give me credit for trying. “No, ladies. Stop.”

Kim said, “You don’t like this, Daddy?”


Tracey responded before Kim. “I don’t believe you, Rick.”

“Yeah, Dad, how can you not be turned on by two hot, young, and naked girls in your bed with you.”

“Rick, your cock isn’t saying no.” With that, Tracey’s hand was back on my prick. It was expressing its willingness to continue playing by leaking pre-cum from the tip.

Joining her friend’s hand at the cock in question, my daughter was stroking the top of it and Tracey the bottom. I fought myself to put an end to this. My hands couldn’t reach them, and with both lying across my chest, it would be difficult to dislodge them. So? Why bother trying?

Tracey started stroking my raging prick further and further up the shaft. Kim didn’t argue with her best friend, she simply moved her hand to caress and rub my balls.

No, there was no argument possible. I was enjoying both girls’ hands on my cock too much. But, I did try again. One last time. A feeble attempt at best.

“Sss…ss…stop it,” I stammered out. They simply ignored me. In a few minutes, I knew it was almost over. I was going to cum before long. I could feel the tingling in my balls. The pressure was growing in my dick. I was too into the sensations to even worry anymore. There was only one way I wanted to end this right now.

As I arched my back in response to the growing feelings from further below, I started to gasp for breath. Keeping her hand on my balls, Kim leaned up and in to plant a passionate kiss on my lips. Her tongue pushed my lips open and into my mouth.

It was too much. The cum roared out of my dick. More cum, I think, than I had ever shot before in my life. The girls didn’t stop except that Kim was now focused on our tongue war leaving Tracey to command control of my cock. She continued to stroke up and down causing me to jerk and spasm. Oh fuck.

As spurt after spurt of cum came out, the girls stopped what they were doing. Tracey was busy squeezing more cum out of my cock and Kim was cradling my balls again and squeezing them a little. They seemed to look at each other and began to giggle. I was still moaning in ecstasy and in time to the squeezes. Finally, my cock seemed to give up, fully drained.

Kim let go of my balls and reached over to Tracey’s face. I pushed my head as far forward as I could in order to see what was going on. My daughter was using her fingers to scoop up the spilt cum on Tracey’s tits and chest. She was then licking it off her fingers. Tracey gave up my cock as well in order to clean up Kim’s tits of their trails of cum. Although it had seemed my orgasm lasted hours and was the best cumming of my life, it didn’t take long before both girls had finished their tasks. They then opened their mouths to show each other how much cum each had in their mouths.

My sexy, beautiful, alluring daughter leaned over to her best friend and started to kiss her. Tracey, always obliging, kissed her back. I could see their tongues pushing against their cheeks. I guessed they were exchanging my cum in a mouth to mouth fashion.

I lay back, my eyes closed, and remembered what had just gone on. It was a great memory. My cock even tried to refresh itself with a small chubby starting to make its presence known again.

“No,” I said. “No more. Go to your beds and we’ll talk about this at home.”

Looking disappointed but not arguing, I felt the girls climbing out of my bed. I wasn’t awake much longer.

I was awoken in the morning by the ringing of the hotel phone on the bedside table. Groggily, I fumbled for it before getting the beşiktaş bdsm escort handset to my ear. “Yes?” I croaked.

“Good morning, sir. It’s the front desk calling. We were wondering if you are staying another night?”

“No, we’re leaving today.”

“Thank you, sir. May I remind you that check out time is in an hour and a half?”

“Yeah,” I grumbled and hung up. I immediately reached for the phone again and ordered two pots of coffee and orange juice for us all from room service. Hanging up again, I stumbled into the bathroom and standing before the toilet, I grabbed my morning wood and tried to have a leak. I knew I wanted to but it was long in coming. Finally done, I jumped in the shower for a quick wash and dry.

I was just exiting the bedroom when there was a knock at the door. Letting room service wheel in the cart, I reached and signed the bill. I guess the tip was generous enough as the guy smiled and thanked me apparently sincerely.

I walked to the other side of the livingroom and bellowed out, “Girls! Time to get up! We’re leaving in an hour.”

In just a few moments, the girls, all in their sleeping attire, exited their respective rooms, rubbing their eyes, yawning, and stretching. The stretching caused all their sleeping shirts to stretch across their busts, molding to their tits, and putting them on display for me.

“Hurry up, ladies,” I said. “Grab your juices and coffees. This bus leaves in an hour.”

With groans, they gathered around the room service trolley and poured their respective drinks. When they had all returned to their rooms, drinks in hand, I poured a cup for me. Sitting down on the couch, I reached for my tablet intent on scanning through the news headlines of the five newspapers I generally read each morning.

But, there was just no focus in me today. The headlines didn’t mean anything as my mind’s eye was busy running replays of last night. The playing in the hot tub. Two hands of two different girls and one my very own daughter. Seguing into the bedroom and the same two girls, my daughter and her best friend, teasing and playing with me until a crescendo was reached and I spurted cum all over them.

Thinking of Kim and Tracey scooping the cum off the other’s tits and chests and them passionately French kissing and swapping cum loads made me hard again. Fortunately, the girls started returning from their rooms and my cock went back to its normal flaccid state.

Quickly I returned to my room to put on a shirt and throw the rest of my clothes into my duffle. Much to my surprise, back in the living room, all the girls had finished their own morning ablutions and were back finishing the coffee and juice I had ordered.

As soon as most of them seemed done, I called for the bellman and began to shoo the girls out the door. We met the bellman at the elevator door and waited for him to rejoin us after loading the mountain of luggage.

On the way home, the girls kept fighting me over the volume control of the stereo. Twelve Bose speakers blasting was just too much for me to handle that morning. As always, the girls won the battle.

Sinking into myself, I again ran over the events of the past couple days. Not from a sex point of view, no hardon, but from the view of practicality. I needed to deal with this and make sure that the activities with my daughter and her best friend went no further. I had to be stern and fatherly, making sure their behaviour could not be seen as tolerable, not acceptable by any standards. The standards set by society had to rule and guide us in our lifestyles.

Nodding to myself, I felt that this was the message that would work. The two girls and I could simply return to the socially acceptable moral code enacted by society. I was pretty pleased with myself and this line of reasoning. There was nothing the girls could argue with. What’s right is right.

Once home, the girls hung out for a few minutes. Everyone but Tracey who had to run home to get changed and head to work. Kim asked me if she could take the girls home in the SUV. They and their luggage would not all fit into Kim’s car. I nodded yes and said I was going to take a nap. Very pointedly, I told Kim not to wake me up when she returned. She looked a little crestfallen as she nodded her acceptance.

Soon enough I heard the car leaving the driveway and silence taking control of the house. Quickly, I closed my bedroom door and flopped down on the bed. It had to be virtually instantaneously that I was asleep.

When I woke up, I didn’t know the time but figured it was pretty late in the night. My mouth felt pretty grungy and my throat dry. Even before having a pee and brushing my teeth, I went down to the kitchen and grabbed a Pepsi out of the fridge. I drank the entire bottle down in just a couple guzzles. As I went to throw the empty into the recycling box, I noticed clean dishes in the sink drying rack and takeout containers in the garbage. From the style of container, beşiktaş elit escort I knew that Tracey had been here or was still here. I hoped she had gone home.

With a series of huge burps, I went back upstairs to deal with urinary comfort and dental hygiene. Hahaha.

Kim came upstairs from the basement rec room I guessed as I was coming out of the bathroom. She looked tired but as sexy and tempting as ever. I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, wished her a goodnight, and went downstairs to watch some TV.

I was mindlessly channel surfing, not really paying any attention to the selections when my mind drifted. Yup, drifted back to my daughter. Picturing her as she was upstairs just a short while ago, I pictured those amazing tits of hers. Round, firm, and perky. Delightful. I sort of wished that I had given her a kiss driven by passion and not the father’s kiss to the forehead she received. I pictured pulling my daughter into a hug ending with my hands clasped around her ass cheeks.


I couldn’t control myself. I sprawled out on the couch and tried to watch whatever was on the TV. I don’t have a clue what it was. I woke up in the same place in the morning with the early sun shining into the rec room. I decided to go back to sleep upstairs. As I passed the kitchen, I saw Kim leaning over and looking into the fridge. Her tiny t-shirt was pulled up and her panty covered ass was on display.

I forced myself to continue up the stairs. I heard Kim call out, “Good morning, Daddy,” in a cheery voice. I grunted a response, went to the bathroom, and then back to bed. I fell into another deep sleep. It’s a good thing that except for Friday lunches with the office sales crew, I set my own schedule for the rest of the week. It being summer, I wasn’t compelled to do anything but make an appearance at the office. If that.

When I woke up later that afternoon, the house had a distinctly empty feeling to it. No music blaring, no TV droning on, no voices. I went downstairs in my boxers and was enjoying scratching my balls when I was startled to see Tracey sitting on the livingroom couch doing something on her phone.

She looked up to see me and climbed to her feet, starting to slowly walk towards me. I stood still for a moment before moving down the last step. I stopped scratching. Tracey was close enough to me to put up her arms intending to hug me. I placed my arm on her shoulder holding her back.

“Where’s Kim?” I asked.

“She went to do some shopping with Maya,” responded Tracey. “She said I could wait here for you to get up. Kim told me we couldn’t fuck though until she got back.”

Once again, my daughter’s best friend tried to hug me and again I remained firm, denying myself the pleasure of feeling those wonderful tits, just like my daughter’s tits, being crushed against my chest.

“Nuh uh,” I said to her. “I told you we had to talk.”

Tracey fumbled trying to reach for my hand. “Let’s talk then,” she said.

“No, we’ll need to have Kim here too. I only want to go through this once.”

“Kim won’t be home until later and I have to work tonight,” she said in a little girl’s whiney voice.

“So we’ll wait until you are both here together,” I said.

Without warning, Stacey’s eyes began to blaze at me. “So you’ll fuck your daughter but not me!” Her tone of voice clearly conveyed her anger.

“Tracey, I’m not going to fuck my daughter,” I said. “Nor am I going to fuck you. We need the three of us together so we can talk this out.”

“And nothing will happen until the three of us talk?”

“Nothing,” I responded. “You should go home now,” I added.

Definitely pouting, this beautiful teenaged girl walked out the door and down the driveway. I just shook my head in wonder.

I was down in the rec room watching TV when Kim came home. She yelled down a hello and said Maya was with her. “We’re going to try on what we just bought, Daddy. Do you want to see it?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said. I was just happy that Tracey wasn’t with her. I was in no hurry to have that talk. It wouldn’t be pleasant and I didn’t mind procrastinating on this one.

Watching the TV mindlessly, I heard the occasional giggle from the girls. Sometime later, they came down the stairs to the main floor.

“Are you ready for us, Daddy?” Kim asked me.

“Sure,” I answered.

The first thing I saw coming down the stairs was shoes. Very sexy shoes with a three or four inch heel and laces tied up past the ankle and ending just below the knee. A few more steps revealed more and more of whoever’s leg this was. I knew it wasn’t Kim’s leg but I wasn’t sure that it was Maya’s leg either. She came down a couple more stairs until I could just about see the pussy that was undoubtedly covered by a bikini.

A moment later, the next feet appeared wearing similar shoes. While the first pair was black, this pair was red. I knew this had to be my daughter. These shoes came to a stop one step above the first pair. There was no arguing. Standing there in their sexy shoes, they had my full attention as they started down the stairs again. Expecting to see bikini bottoms, I was stupefied as I saw panties coming in to view. Extremely small panties barely covering the girls’ mounds. Extremely see through panties that didn’t so much cover the girls’ mounds as they framed those pussies.

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