my daughters friend


my daughters friendas waiting for my daughter Susan to land home eventually she flounced in with her new best friend Sheryl “hey girls how are you two today” I said ” OK thanks dad can Shez stop tonight” said Susan “ok” I said “but don’t stay up chatting all night”.So I fed them then they both retired to Susan’s bedroom for a night of movies and chatting.I stuck my head in Susan s room at about midnight to make sure they were both asleep Susan was fast asleep in bed while Sheryl was asleep at the foot of her bed on the floor the light from the open door must of disturbed her cos she threw off her covers and turned onto her back I froze not wanting to wake her ….. my eyes travelled down her body I just couldn’t help myself she was wearing long mans shirt her boobs were huge and as I looked I noticed her nipples hardening my reaction was an instant hard on I just couldn’t stop it I wanted to turn away and stop looking but I my eyes were riveted to her hoping she would somehow move her shirt up a bit so I could see if she was wearing any underwear as I watched she stretched in bed her t shirt rose up “oh my god” I thought ” just another couple of inches and I will be able to see …. I waited and nothing happened my cock got harder and harder I was hoping no one woke up it was completely obvious as I only had a dressing gown on ” I have got to see what’s under there I thought I crept buca escort into the room and knelt beside Sheryls sleeping form I put my hand out just above her tits and stopped there “if she wakes up now” I thought “I am in big trouble” and then on the heels of that “fuck it” my hormones overpowered me my cock was throbbing I lightly touched her I just circled her nipple with my finger just to see it it would wake her up …. nothing no movement just the faintest of sighs I slowly reached down to the hem of bottom of her shirt and pulled it up a couple of inches ohhhh no knickers my cock was rock hard and pulsing jerking up and down with each throb I reached down and gently touched her pussy just running a finger into her slit it was really wet down there I didnt know what she was dreaming about but it must have been good … I continue to explore her pussy her legs are spread slightly so I can get access I rub her clit going down each side of it then coming back to rub the nub she moans quietly I pull back shocked at what I am doing check her face eyes are still shut should I carry on….. yes I will I continue to explore her its so wet down there now I stand up and stand between her legs and grasp an ankle in each hand and move her legs further apart I lie down between her thighs and start to lick her pussy just gently licking her clit and exploring all around buca escort bayan it the sweet smell of her fills my headI start to lick in earnest now Sheryl is murmuring and whimpering in her sleep my cock is bursting now its leaking pre-cum all over, I start to thrust my tongue into her she moans and writhes on the floor obviously having an orgasm …. I pause and move up to her face her head is on its side her lips parted I move my cock to her mouth and just push the end in I can feel her mouth around me I stifle a groan I push it in a bit more OMG I cant believe I’m doing this Im fucking a young girls mouth….in her sleep I back away from her in disgust what was I thinking. I retreated to my bedroom and got into bed absolutely disgusted with my lack of control I fell asleep eventually with thoughts of police and jail sentences going round in my head…..I woke up a while later it was still dark … I felt a sensation in my groin area …. my head was full of cobwebs…. Im struggling up through conciousness…. a groan escapes my throat… I look down and there was Sheryl stark naked sucking my cock god knows how long she’d been at it because it was rock hard and she was shoving it in and out of her mouth she looked up at me took my cock out of her mouth and said “you should finish what you start” she grinned” you were awake the whole time? ” I asked escort buca “I was waiting for you to come in”she replied and with that went back to her business in and out my cock went wet with my pre cum and her saliva then she sat up and straddled my cock, god her hot cunt was tight as she slid down my shaft she moaned “mmmmmm god that feeels so big” she took it all in then slowly rocked her hips and lent forward to let her boobs dangle in my face I hungrily sucked and licked her nipples pressed her tits into my face she shuddered and groaned and bucked her hips god her pussy was like a soft vice we stayed like this for a while until i could feel her starting to speed up so I pushed her off and turned her over so her ass was in the air and her head in the pillow I entered her from behind and slid in full length and stayed there reached round between her legs and rubbed her clit “mmmmm” she said and pushed back against me “ohhhh fuuuuck” I pulled out and slammed back in then I really went for it pushing into her hard and pulling back out all the way in out in out really hard really fucking her “oh god ph god oh god fuck me fuck me ” over and over “ohhhhhhh fuuuuck” she shouted as she came “mmmmmm yes ohhhhhhh fuvk” as her orgasm passed I turned her back over and shoved my cock in her mouth and held her head still while I fave fucked her letting go of a stream of cum into her jet after jet of hot spunk and she swallowed the lot….we cuddled for a while after until she said she had better return to Susan’s bedroom before she is missed … the door she turned and said shyly “shall I ask susan if I can stop tomorrow night as well?” “Fuck yes” I said 😉

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