My deepest desire


My deepest desireThe musty smell of the barn filled my nostrils with each breath. The hay, the a****ls and just the general smell all barn seem to have. There in the rubber matted wash bay stood a small bench. Having been modified several time until now in which it stood 34 inches tall. It was about 4 feet wide and just a little bit longer than 4 feet long. On top it has a pad running down the center and on each side of it more of the same rubber mat that covered the stall floor. The pad was meant as a non slip surface for what was about to take place.I was standing there awaiting the guest of honor. A heavy black and green plaid flannel shirt tied under my firm 34C breasts. I was naked except for the socks and heavy hiking boots I had on. Despite just a hint of chill in the barn I was flushed with excitement and quite warm. Especially between my legs. My bare honey hole was literally dripping with excitement. It had been awhile in the making for this time to finally arrive.Off to my left I hear the paddock swing open and my friend Jenny is leading in Toby. Toby is a handsome pony. A dark chestnut color standing almost four and a half feet tall at the should. He was extremely muscular and I could seen every ribbon of his b**stly strength under his coat. He whinnied when he sinop escort seen me standing there near the bench. We had been through this many times exploring the best way to realize this fantasy of mine. “I can see someone is more than a little excited for this” Jenny said as she stared at the wetness dripping from between my legs.I blushed but I couldn’t deny her observation or statement.”You’d better get into position” she saidWith that I laid back on the bench and got myself comfortable. The Jenny came up and handed me a bottle of lube “Here , even as wet and excited as you are this will probably be a good idea” she saidWith that I took the bottle and drizzle quite a bit on and around my aroused pussy. Then I rubbed it around making sure to lube everywhere really good then I squeezed even more into my cupped hand and worked it into my steaming pussy. As aroused as I was I quickly was able to slip four fingers deep inside. Once I was doing this I said “I think I’m ready” “That’s good because from the looks of Toby so is he” Jenny saidI looked down and seen that Toby was hanging out a solid 10 inches already and he was dancing around with his feet. With that Jenny led Toby forward. As he neared the bench he smelled my excitement and nickered. sivas escort I could hear his cock slap against his belly several times. Jenny moved him forward even farther and with a suddenness that startles me every time, he raised up and landed his front hooves on either side of me on the bench. Then he scooted his hind legs forward searching out what he desired. As he drew closer he smacked his belly several times with his rigid cock. Then it made contact with my extreme wetness. To claim that he was gentle would be an out right lie. He was only searching for a warm wet hole. When his cock made contact with mine he lunged forward. Missing the first time his hard cock hit my slit to high and it slid easily with all the lube and my juices up and onto my belly leaving a slimy trail clear past my belly button. He withdrew his thrust and on the next one forward his cock found my opening. The force at which it entered my wet spot literally knocked my breath from me. Just as I was recovering he thrust again and slid almost all the way home. “OMG !!!!!” I hoarsely moanedOn his third thrust he had buried his hot rod all the way. Then his instincts took over and he relentlessly pounded me with his big fuck stick. I grabbed his front legs and urfa escort adjusted myself slightly on the bench beneath me spreading my legs wider. Horses are not noted for lasting long. Toby only fucked me for about 15 thrusts but in those thrusts he had filled me with an enormous amount of cock. I felt the first gush of his seed blow into my womb with a force I had never imagined before. Within a few squirts he had flooded my pussy and it started leaking out around the seal my once tight pussy had clamped down on his cock.As quickly as it began it was over. Toby slowly scooted back and I felt this long rod being pulled from my depths. With a very loud and noticeable squishy plop his cock pulled free and he hopped down from the bench. With the extraction of his huge cork of a cock a flood of his pony sperm gushed out and puddled onto the bench and floor below.I lifted myself up onto my elbows and looked at my recent lover. He was breathing just as hard as I was. Looking farther back and under him I take not of his dangling cock. Completely covered his a mixture of our juices and the lube. Even though he had deflated his cock was at least 10-11 inches.”OMG Sara, that was the most erotic and slutty thing I’ve ever seen!” jenny exclaimed.I could only blush at her compliment.” And his size……. I can’t believe you took that much!””How much bigger was he when he first pulled out? I asked” He looked to be at least 12 inches!!!!” With that I could only smile and laid back on the bench to savor and recover from the wonderful fulfillment I had just enjoyed.

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