My Dream Girl Ch. 02

Double Penetration

Hi everyone! I am sure that after the encouraging letters I got after my first story, this new adventure won’t disappoint all my readers.

What follows is a continuation of my previous story.

* * * * *

After the adventurous fuck I had with my dream lady, my mom, I was in 7th heaven. Rupa and I had continued to make passionate love on a regular basis and tried numerous styles and positions. Each time, discovering new things about each other.

I have always had a craving for long hairs but what turns me on the most is hair-cutting. I decided to discuss this fetish with mom. Well, mom is a beautiful woman with a sexy figure of 36-30-36, very fair and hair reaching way below her butts, up to her mid thighs. The smooth and silky hair and its heavenly smell could make you cum just by the touch.

When I told her about it, she was hesitant at first; ‘coz she had got used to having long hair all her life and had never tried a different look. But she eventually agreed for a hair cut. It was to take place the next weekend, so we decided to have some fun before the love locks fell.

Dad usually stays late on Saturdays in his office so the day was perfect as we were assured of no unwanted interruptions. After lunch mom was lying on her bed for a nap. I was getting restless as she had an appointment at 4 O’clock with a stylist. Actually she had requested the stylist to come to our place. I just stripped of my clothes and walked into her room. I placed my hands on either side of her and bent down to kiss her lips. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw her smile. I continued kissing her. Our tongues met. I sucked her upper lips gently and then she did the same. The tongues rolling in each others mouth. The smooch continued for another 10-15 minutes. When we broke up, she asked inquisitively, “That was some dessert young man! You got me all wet and excited. What do you have in mind?”

I beckoned to her to stand up. As she stood up, I pulled the end of her Pallu and slowly went around her with the pallu in my hand. Her saree loosened and as it unwrapped, her glorious body encased in a red blouse and matching petticoat could be seen. When the saree fell on the floor, I kissed her cleavage that was shining with her sweat drops, through her low cut blouse. I asked her to remove her petticoat, while I unhooked the blouse. Now she stood there in just her white-laced bra and nylon panties. As she stepped out of her panties, I could see that her pubic region had a dense growth of hair and her pussy lips were barely visible. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. The shoulder straps fell of slowly and as the bra fell, her lovely, round, milky white boobs got exposed. My dick was throbbing like anything, even though I had seen those so many times.

I went behind her and held her long hair in my hands. It was tied in a braid and still reached below her ass. I felt the weight of the hair and took in the fragrance. Then I untied her hair and as the braid came undone, she was totally covered in a wrapping of hair. It was as if someone had draped a black shawl innovia escort around her to cover her nakedness. I couldn’t help imagining her without it. In less than 4hrs she shall be without the lovely cover that now draped her.

I turned her around and told her that her pussy needed a cleaner look. She smiled and went into the bathroom returning with a pair of scissors, a razor, shaving cream and brush. I smiled at her and she said, “What are you waiting for?” She lay down on the edge of the bed with her legs spread apart and her feet on the floor. This gave me a good position to work upon her pussy. I sat down on the floor between her legs. As my fingers touched her cunt, a shiver ran down her body. I began to trim her pubic hair with the scissors. When they were short enough, I applied the shaving cream and built up the lather with the brush. Mom was moaning with pleasure as the brush tingled her cunt lips. Her hands were running over her breasts; caressing them and pressing them. Her fingers pinched the nipples which had become erect.

I carefully shaved her pubic region with the razor… the sensation was very erotic for mom and I could see her cunt juices flowing out. This got me all excited as well. I carefully moved the razor around the pussy lips, making sure that no hair was left behind. When I was finished, I washed the area with water and applied some after shave. The after shave tingled her cunt even more due to its cool sensation. Mom could hold on no longer and pulled me over her. She made me lie down on the bed and putting her legs around me, lowered her cunt onto my dick. As her pussy lips made contact with the tip of my penis, pre-cum oozed out of it. She lowered herself further and gradually my entire shaft was inside her vagina.

Now she began to fuck me slowly. Her hips moved up and down and swayed sideways making a gyrating motion. What a pleasurable sensation it was. I have no words to express what went thru my body that time. Mom was a different woman altogether. All I could say was, “Yes mom… way to go… fuck me harder… haarrrrrderrrr… ” and she responded equivocally, “Oh yes son, my dear Lucky… this shall be a memorable lovemaking for both of us… I want you to enjoy it to your fullest.” She moved faster and as her body moved and her pelvic thrusts increased, I could see her breasts dangling and moving with the motion. Her hairs were spread around her face, falling onto my chest. She looked like a Goddess. ‘A SEX Goddess’. I held her right breast with my left hand and put the erect nipple in my mouth. With my other hand I grabbed a handful of her hair and massaged them over my chest. I sucked her nipple as she held my ass cheeks and fucked me vigorously. I was in 7th heaven.

She was making pleasurable sounds and her moans were ecstatic… “unhhh… unnhhhhh… uumphh… uuunnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh… … yeeeeeeessssssssss… yeeeeeeesssssssss… aaahhhhhh… ”

She took my face in her hands and kissed my lips, the fire of desire was burning inside her and it was evident from the way she kissed… istanbul escort all the time longing for more. Her tongue was in my mouth and I sucked it like a lollipop. And then she came, shuddering so powerfully that I had to hold on to her with full force… her cunt lips became tighter around my dick and she rolled over pulling me on top of her. Her legs locked on my waist… her mouth never parting from mine and I climaxed almost simultaneously. We both climaxed for another 3-4 minutes and when it was over, we lay over each others arms.

She turned her head towards me and said,” Lucky, didn’t you always want to cut my hair?”

I replied, “Yes, mom… “, somewhat surprised.

And she said, “Why don’t you do it now with your expert hands, before the stylist arrives. I have already seen the skill with which you shaved my pussy?”

I was thrilled with joy. I looked at her smooth shining pussy, glistening with our fuck juices, and looked up at her. She had a smile on her heavenly face. I smiled at her and replied, “Okay mom, let’s do it.”

I pulled up a chair in the bathroom, and asked her to sit on it. She obeyed. Then I pulled back her hair over the back of the chair and let go of them. They fell to the floor like water from a waterfall. Only, in this case, the water seemed jet black and silky. God, they were awesome. I pulled up a handful and let them caress my penis. It sprang up immediately with the silky touch of her hair. I got an instant hard on, even after the sexciting fuck we had just a few minutes ago.

The chair was facing the mirror and I could see mom had a lusty look on her face. I looked at her eyes, and saw them looking at my erect shaft. I thought, “God what a horny bitch she is.” And I asked her, “You just can’t have enough of it can you?” She looked up at me and replied, “Not with a lover like you son. You are so hot that I can fuck you till eternity.”

Her reply aroused me even more and my dick was as hard as steel now. I got a hairbrush and began to brush her hairs, smoothening out any tangles. I went from the scalp to the tips of her hair in one smooth motion. After brushing her hair for another 10 mins, I tied it with a rubber band at the base of her neck and proceeded to cut the pony tail. I put the thick pony between the blades and proceeded. Crrunnch… crrrrunnnnnch… Shnnickkk, went the scissors and strands of hair now came loose. The ponytail was almost severed from her head now. A few more cuts through her hair and it was all in my hand. I held it up in front of Rupa and admired it. With a single stroke, around 42 inches of her glorious hair was cut off. She gasped and just kept looking at it. Her left hand reached behind her to feel what was left of her hairs. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers thru her hairs and exclaimed, “It feels so liberating… thanks for convincing me to go thru this Lucky!”

I wrapped the cut ponytail around my dick and felt the smooth and erotic feeling. I felt something warm engulfing my dick and looked down to see my mother, with my penis in her kadıköy escort mouth. She sucked me so expertly, rolling her tongue all around it. She licked the entire shaft from the base to the tip and then put it in her mouth again. She held my dick between her expert fingers and began to fuck it with her mouth. I just put one hand on her head and the other on the wall for support as her head bobbed up and down on my erect, hot rod. The pressure was building and when I could hold no longer, I shouted, “mom, I am cumming… mom… oh yessss… yeeeeeeeessssss… that feels soooooo gooooooooooodddddddd. Don’t stop mom… make me cum darling… suck me… suck the balls out of my dick you bitch… suck me whore… suck me… ” The obscenities seemed to fire her more and she mouth-fucked me even harder. I came right then in her mouth, and expertly she didn’t let a drop of cum fall on the floor. She drank all of it and when she looked up at me there was a naughty smile on her face.

After enjoying that, I proceeded with the cut, I told ma, that the stylist can give her the finishing touches and she should go for a boy-cut as it would make her look sexier. She didn’t say anything. I began trimming the edges of her hair to make it of equal length and when done, I gathered up the cut hair and kept it in a bag as a souvenir. I asked mom to collect her cut hair in a similar fashion after the stylist was done with her. The pony was my ultimate trophy.

We dressed and waited for the stylist. At sharp 4 o’clock, she arrived. Mom showed her to the room where they were going to have the cut. I followed them there. She proceeded by putting a cape over mom’s shoulders and then asked, “How would you like to be cut?”

Mom looked at my face in the mirror, smiled and replied, “Short. Something like a boy-cut, maybe.”

I smiled back at her and leaned back on my chair to watch.

The stylist proceeded with the cut. Chunks of hair fell around the chair and on the cape on Rupa. She was losing a lot of hair their and yet was so calm. When they were done, she turned around and asked me, “Well how do I look?”

I was dumbfounded. She was a completely different woman with a completely different look. She looked sexy as hell and so fuckable that I wanted to ram my erect dick into her then and their. But the stylist was standing just beside her and I controlled myself. I told her that she looked great and might even pass off as a 25 year old woman. She laughed at me and thanked the hair-dresser. After the stylist had gone, I could hold myself no longer and just took mom in my arms. I planted kisses on her face; on her now exposed neck, which looked longer and sexier; on her back and all over her body from the toe to her lips. She responded with equal passion.

We made passionate love their on the living room carpet. And when we were drained, she kissed me and just said, “Thanks dear, for the liberation!”

I could see in her eyes that she was a different woman altogether. From that day onwards, our lovemaking was never the same again.

Your feedback and comments make my day, so please do send in your feedbacks. Also don’t forget to vote if you liked the story or even if you didn’t. If you want to share some of your experiences or ideas, do feel free to mail me. Women with similar experiences are welcome to tell me all about it. Till next time, Happy lovemaking!

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