My Education At Lesbian Love U “Dick”


My Education At Lesbian Love U “Dick””Dick” Not What I ExpectedMy name is Tammy, I’m 19, and have been interested in girls for most of my life. When in high school I never understood the more common female reaction to the male figure which is the “I’m lost in his rippling muscles” look. Which, unfortunately, made it awkward when my friends who would either try to set me up with a boy or talk about the sex they had had the previous night. Hearing stories of big dicks and incredible stamina got old. This was a common theme right until we graduated; luckily college is another story where there were plenty of girls with the same interests as me. I had my first lesbian sex experience with a girl named Kayla. She was so gorgeous with dark green eyes, flowing brown hair and what seemed like a swimsuit models body. In comparison to me she a goddess, but I’m not saying I’m ugly. I have brown eyes, dark hair and a relatively filled out body with large B cup breasts, a pinched waist and a cute little tush to go along. I definitely got noticed by the Male gender, but I didn’t reciprocate.It was getting close to the end of my first year in college and my friends and I were going to go to a club which was well known for having a lesbian scene, I decided to take it on my self to go home with someone tonight as it had been a while. So I dressed the part and put on my favourite red, hip hugging, dress that cut only a foot and a bit after my waist. With my black heels and my hair and makeup all done I was looking perfect, and I was hoping that the girls at the club would agree.We arrived at the club and got in free being ladies night, always a bonus, and we found a table fairly close to the bar. We were having a great time, laughing, singing along with songs, and having more then just a few drinks. I tried my best to keep it civil and didn’t want to get past tipsy. The whole night both guys and girls would come up and talk to a few of the girls in our group, unfortunately I wasn’t the target, but I was patient. It paid off. Two girls came from the bar and took a seat with us. It started out friendly with exchange of greetings and pleasantries. One of the girls took a seat beside me and I couldn’t peel my eyes off her. She was this drop dead gorgeous blonde, long flowing fair that would rest gently above her, what looked to be, large C cup breasts that barely fit in her lace trimmed green dress. Her name was Lacey, Ironic. We talked lots and about everything you could imagine, it felt like the second or third date when all the awkwardness was gone. We both caught each other checking each other out, but we didn’t mind, if anything we loved it; it only excited us more. Finally the second girl left the table with one of my friends and they headed to the other side of the club. Lacey turned to me and asked me if I wanted to get out of here with her and find some place more comfy. I didn’t wait a second to say yes.We took a step outside and its when I noticed how much taller she was then me, by a good three – four inches at least. I was 5”8’, not tall but not short. Lacey waved a cab down and we took a seat. She told the cab driver where to go and then locked her eyes with mine. She was gently sliding her right hand up and down my leg, It was nice to feel the touch of another girl again. The whole cab ride over she had a hand on me, and I knew what was coming. The anticipation was building up and I could feel it between my legs.We arrived and Lacey took me up to her apartment. It was so beautiful, hardwood floors, soft couches with deep seats, and a kitchen that looked like it was from a cooking channel show. She asked if I wanted a glass of wine, and by now I didn’t care so much about staying sober so I replied with a yes and she headed to the kitchen. She poured the wine, gave me a glass and placed hers on the table. She told me she had to do something real quick and excused her self. She headed to her room and I took the chance to slip my hand up my dress. I placed my index and middle finger on my panties and slowly rubbed my finger from bottom to top. I could feel how wet they were from the cab ride, I moaned quietly from the surge of ecstasy that went from the tips of my fingers through my body to the bottom of my throat. I heard footsteps and quickly removed my fingers and crossed my legs.I turned around to look at Lacey and I could feel that horny sensation double, maybe triple when I saw her. There stood an angel, her golden hair dropping like rays of sunlight and landing at the top of her breasts which were being hugged tightly by the top of her lingerie. The lingerie was a black slip that cut a few inches from her knees but really only covered her privates leaving me with very little to imagine. She stood in the hallway as she watched me gawk for a few seconds and then made her way over to me. She canlı bahis took a seat and instantly placed one hand on my lap and used the other too push the hair around my face back before leaning in and kissing me. She started softly but we were both enjoying so much that we didn’t want to stop so I used a hand to pull her body closer to me and with the other I placed on the back of her neck. I could feel her soft, luscious, lips locking with mine and that ever so slight after taste of lip gloss. He hand which was hovering around my head quickly headed south and found its way to my chest where she again, softly, started caressing my breasts. She finally took her lips off mine and looked at me in the eyes and asked me if I liked what I saw. I replied I like what I taste even more. She let out a huge smile and quickly went back to kissing me. Her hand was migrating from the front of my breasts to the side, and was making its way to my shoulder strap. I decided to beat her to it and I slid both straps down and slipped the top of my dress down over my breasts. It now sat on my waist like a belt. She peeled away my lips and stared at my breasts for a few seconds before placing hands on both. She pulled me towards her as she lay down on the couch which allowed me to sit overtop of her. She held my breasts against her mouth and starting sucking on them. Her warm tongue and dripping saliva all over my fairly stiff nipples drove me insane. The sensation as she swirled her tongue around the tip then took a mouthful of the whole breast was making me moan in delight. She pulled her head back and then told me to take a seat sitting up. So I did, as I watched her go on her knees and then forcefully split my legs apart. I watched her eyes go from my wet tits to my even wetter pussy. She started rubbing vigorously, without moving the panties out of the way. She kept rubbing through them, which I found extremely hot. However, it didn’t last long as she leaned in and with a swift bite she caught a hold of the panties and then slid them to my knees where she then slid them the rest of the way with her hands. She took a second to enjoy my tight, shaved pussy in all its glory. While staring she inhaled the smell of my practically dripping panties, then forced her head into my crotch. I instantly put both my hands on the back of her head to ensure she didn’t get away. I didn’t want the feeling of her lips and tongue exploring the inside of me. I could hear the slurping and popping from her mouth but only barely through what was my now loud and consistent moaning. As her tongue started moving faster and faster I took one hand away from her head and took a hand full of my own breast and squeezed tightly. I had both my legs spread and in the air, my head back and my eyes closed. I had let ecstasy take complete control of my body, and I wouldn’t had it any other way. I could feel each surge of pleasure jolt through me every time Lacey penetrated my pussy with her tongue. I could let this go for hours. I was in heaven.Eventually Lacey peeled away and I opened my eyes to see what she was gonna do next. She stood and turned away from me. I caught a good stare at her perfect ass. She looked back at me without turning and winked as she removed the straps of her slip. It dropped to the floor. She turned around and stood there. When she turned I was looking in her eyes. And I followed it down slowly, taking in her sheer beauty. I paused on her perfectly round breasts then followed her sculpted but sexy abs down to her glorious pussy. Or so I thought. My jaw dropped as I looked down at a large penis pointing at me. It must had been a good 6-7 inches, and completely hard. She asked me if I was mad for not telling me. I didn’t have a response, I stood up quickly and took a few steps away from her and turned my back to her. I was furious, but at the same time I didn’t feel any less attracted. I turned back to her and she was still in the same spot, I could tell she was losing her hard on, probably because she thought I was going to leave. I looked her in the eyes and I was still equally attracted to her, if not more now cause of the curiosity. The idea of that wonderful female body that I was so attracted to plus the ability to pleasure me in a way no other female could. In some ways it was perfect.Without saying a word I made my decision. I made my way over to her as quickly as possible. Took a tight grip of what was left of her hard on and embraced her in a long kiss where he practically shoved each others tongues down each others throats. I peeled off and dropped to my knees and told her to give it to me as I opened my mouth wide. I had sucked enough dildo and strap-on to know what to do. She didn’t hesitate for a second as she rammed her now rock solid cock in my mouth. I sealed my lips around the mid point of her bahis siteleri shaft and I started swirling my tongue around and alternating between fast and slow. She pulled out and walked over to the couch where she took a seat and I knew exactly what to do. I walked over and got my knees again and started by shoving the whole thing in my mouth. I could hear he moaning as I slid back up and slammed back down. She had one had gripping my hair and helping me bob my head as her other hand was holding the base of her throbbing shaft. She took things further into her hands has she know had a firm grip of my hair and was holding my head still as she fucked my mouth vigorously. She slowed down and removed her dick and then changed positions on the couch. With her legs in the air and her dick resting on her pelvis, she took one finger and pushed it deep into her anus. I watched in wonderment as her penis would twitch every time she thrust her hand. She looked at me and smiled, I knew what she wanted me to do as I grabbed her hand inside her anus and removed it only to replace it with my other hand. I had never done anything with another girls anus before but I wasn’t hating it. It was incredibly tight, and It would tighten each time I jerked her cock with my free hand. I could feel the warm pre-jiz running down her shaft onto my hand so I switched and used the clear liquid as a lube to let my fingers get further in. She loved it as she moaned in excitement. Though I was mostly pleasuring her at the moment, it didn’t mean I wasn’t enjoying, I felt a certain amount of control and dominance knowing her pleasure was in my hands, literally. My hands were growing tired but I knew I wanted to keep her going. So I hoped up and walked over to the other coach, she watched in confusion as I laid down and put my hands on my breasts. I told her to fuck my tits. She got a look of excitement in her eyes as she walked over and straddled me. She wasted no time in getting her cock in place as I easily fit my breasts around her dick and let her start the pace. She pumped furiously and had a look on her face that made it seem like she was going to lose control. I wasn’t wrong. As she continued to pump I watched her face but was quickly distracted by a steaming warm sensation on my chin. I tilted my head to look down between my breasts as I watched her blow her load. She was still pumping and I was still holding my breasts in place. I had never experienced an ejaculation, but the feeling of a warm liquid dripping from my chin and sliding down my chest was unexplainable. At this point it felt like my pussy was going to explode unless something, anything, was stuck in there. However it slipped my mind that I needed to get Lacey hard again for that to work. So I took it upon my self to fix the problem. After Lacey had gotten off me and was stepping back to let me up I made haste in walking over to the couch across from us. I told her to stay still and watch. She listened. I Walked over to the couch and took a doggystyle position with my ass in the air and my pussy well exposed. My back was to Lacey so all she could see was my dripping Vagina and my extremely tight ass hole. I angled my self so she could see my face as I had my head resting on the coach seat, I used my right hand to scoop up some of the jiz off my chest and I put my finger above my ass hole. I could see Lacey looking over with her cock in her hand rubbing slowly and watching in amazement. I had never received anal or even masturbated with a dildo in there, I had rubbed once or twice while rubbing one out, but that was it. I lowered my hand against my ass hole. I could barely fit my finger in but I could feel the jiz helping it get in. The pain as I got deeper got more and more intense, I could only imagine the face I was making and what it did for Lacey. I winced as I pushed deeper. I could feel the jiz running drying up on my finger and I knew I needed a lube. I pulled out and felt the relief, but at the same time I felt the lack of sensation and instantly knew I wanted it back in. I took the same hand and got to finger soaking wet by letting them slide on my pussy. I went back to inserting them but this time I included the second finger, which ultimately made me shriek a bit in pain but I continued. I heard Laceys voice from behind me, she asked if this was my first anal experience. As I tried to reply the pain made me cry out for a second and I knew that was my answer for her. I got both my fingers about half way in when I opened my eyes to see Laceys dick straight up and resting in her hand. So I pulled out and turned around. I thought it was a good time for my favourite move as I took the position that drives most of my partners crazy. It took a second but I managed to get both my feet behind my head and kept them there with my arms. I guess mom güvenilir bahis putting me in gymnastics paid off finally. Lacey didn’t need to be told what to do next as she walked over stroking her dick. It worked out well as the position I got my self in had my hips tiling upward allowing Lacey to stand straight and still slide in with ease. So she did, as she took a firm grip of the base of her dick and placed her other hand on my pelvis above my soaking pussy, She started slow when pushing in then forced the rest of her shaft in with force.In that moment I had never felt anything so amazing. It was one thing to have a plastic or glass dildo in there, or a girl with a strap on doing the same thing, but it was a different story when I could feel every part of her beautiful dick pressing up against every wall of my vagina. The veins pressing as they pulsed, the tip rubbing my labia every time it went in and out, I couldn’t stop my self my screaming in ecstasy as the excitement of both having something in me and the excitement of knowing it a girl with a penis doing it. I became hypnotized while watching Lacey’s breasts bounce up and down every time she thrust; I became hypnotized by the sound of her pelvis making contact with my thighs as she pressed her warm flesh against me making that slapping noise I was falling in love with; I was hypnotized as I could see the base of her shaft meet my vagina then peel away only to meet it again a split second later. At this point I was moaning endlessly and shrieking in excitement each time her tight ball sack collided with my exposed ass hole. I was completely at the surrender of my body has I would twitch, shake, and screaming as the sensation of her flesh filling my insides would run through my whole body.She was going quickly, and was not stopping, I was watching every part of her as she laid into me with everything she had. But the pace began to waiver and she pulled out and took a step back. I released my position and was sitting back against the couch when we slipped her arms under my back and placed her hands on my shoulders. With one swift movement she picked me up and placed me on the ground, with neck and head holding me up and my legs bent back towards me I was at her complete mercy. With my asshole pointing to the roof she place her legs to either side of me and helped me gain balance by pressing her inner thighs against me. He took a quick rub of my pussy to get her hand wet then spat on her fingers. She stroked her dick once then started lubing my asshole. I wasn’t expecting this, at least not so soon. However, I knew she was experienced and I let her do what she wanted, I knew I had lost control of the night every since I first took a hold of her raging hard on. She started by rubbing her tip on my anus, this excited me and my anus invited her in. already worked from before it was not as tight, none the less I was not prepared for the sensation I was about to feel.I felt the penis push further in to the point where my fingers got to, it wasn’t so bad, but she didn’t want to stop there so she continued to push, slowly, but consistently. I could feel the pain coming back I first felt, and it was followed by an even more intense pain as it got in further. I could feel a tear rolling from my eye as I was holding in the pain. I was unable to stay that way as she finally reached a point where the pain was unbelievable. I let out a scream and I could feel more tears running down my face. Finally she managed to get my rim to the base of he dick, and I was getting used to the pain. I started to scream less on each thrust but moan even more. The sensation was unforgettable, the feeling of having that pulsating shaft press deeper and deeper into me, into a place I had never explored; and doing it with a penis I never would of expected. I finally felt the sensation I was waiting for as Lacey’s hard work pays and my legs lose strength as I feel my orgasm course through my body like a lightning bolt, and the sensation repeated four or five more times. I could feel my body getting weak from the intense climax but Lacey continued on.After what seemed like an eternity, an eternity I would never want to end, Lacey slowed her pace and pulled out. She tells me through breaths she was going to cum. She wanted me to rub it out. I took a firm grip of her penis and starting pumping hard and fast, I could see Lacey’s eyes shutting and could feel her butt clenching, I started directly at her Penis and continued to pump my hand. Without any warning she let loose as her load took flight and landed mostly in my hair but catching me on the nose and cheek as well. I kept pumping until she pushed my hand away. She collapsed on the couch and I quickly cuddled in beside her. We looked each other in the eyes and shared a passionate kiss to finish night.Ever since then me and Lacey have been seeing each other regularly, and we have made the events that took place that night even more regular. I’m happy to say I’m still a lesbian but I happened to find a girl with a little extra.

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