My Escape


My EscapeThis is a true storyWhen I was a sophomore in high school I met this girl huddling next to the school building doors awaiting them to be unlocked so she and the others could enter and get out of the freezing cold. It was mid-December and a light snow storm had arrived that morning just before school started. I was cold as well and couldn’t wait to get inside myself. When the staff finally unlocked the doors for us to go inside I moved to the doors and accidently bumped into her. I excused myself and moved on inside. I didn’t think at all about it at that time but I would find myself bumping into her more often. Maybe it was coincidence or maybe she designed it I don’t know. As we encountered each other more a proper introduction was made via a friend of hers. Her name was Diane, she was short, dark hair, brown eyes and extra chunky with a foul mouth to boot. She was older than me by two years and of course two grades higher. By the time Spring rolled around me and her became friends and our friendship grew as I began to have feelings for her. When I had finally had enough courage to ask her out I had found myself officially friend zoned. She would always refer to me as her bestie or her brother. I would do anything for her, fix her car, give her money, buy her things and even do some of her assignments she had in college while I was still in High School. Nothing would work. I was around so much that her family treated me like family. I was stuck, not even her mom could help. I watched her date and go out with guys that would have the same features of myself. It was like she was teasing me with my worldly twins but never would date me. Many times when she would return to the university after summer break I was always asked to help move her belongings into her dorm. The drive from her house was no less than two hours, so being in a vehicle packed with her junk, her parents and of course me and her was not a comfortable ride. I was treated like a bellboy when I moved her stuff from the car to her dorm. This one and last time I did it, I had just finished unpacking all her things and finished setting up her computer, I went outside to investigate the campus. I must have been gone for an hour or two and looked around and found many beautiful girls, and seen one that really caught my eye. I started talking to her, having a general conversation. Within a few minutes I almost fell in love with her. Then it went south. Diane had caught up with me “There you are, we have been looking for you, mom and dad thought you got lost”. I gave her a strange look but kept quiet for the moment. “I see you went looking for some candy huh Bobby?”, “No, just looking around and I….” she had cut me off. She directed her attention at the girl I was speaking too, “This is my little brother, he snores, stinks and umm still wets the bed”. I was pissed. I began to argue with her that instant, the girl had excused herself and walked away. After that we didn’t speak for a month but somehow things went back to normal, me and her being friends. I was fucked, I was doomed to be her friend forever and I fucking hated it. Until….I was in my first year of college, Diane was still taking classes at the university but I was taking classes at the local college to save myself some money and the burden of massive financial debt before I even graduated. It was spring break and of course I was home and so Diane. It was common for her to bring a friend from school home with her and this was no different this time. Her family had arranged some events that I of course was more than welcome and willing to go to. This one particular event was a party of her older sister’s wedding engagement. Proper attire was required so I shaved clean only keeping a patch of my beard so I wouldn’t look so young. I was already twenty at the time. When she came home from her spring break only for a few days a friend had come with her to stay the term. I never met the girl until that day, and the last time she brought home a friend she was ugly as hell. Her parents left earlier in the morning to get things ready at the community party place and it was planned that I would pick her up from her house and meet them there to help finish setting the room up. I called her phone telling her I was on my way but I didn’t get an answer. I decided to drive over to her house instead unannounced. I pulled into the driveway and waited for a few minutes. I called again and like the last time no answer. Her parents gave me a key to the house years before that so I decided to go inside and see what was holding them up. I got inside and looked around, the place was eerily quiet. I went looking around in the basement, no one. I came back to the first floor and started to look in the different rooms, still no one. I thought to myself maybe she was still sleeping. And as she had done before when she was home a slept late it was a norm for her mom to send me to her room and wake her. Without even thinking I went to her room and opened it up. I was not prepared for what I was going to see nor ever expected it. Before me in the corner of her room was her bed, I only had my head in the door and what I saw made my chin drop. I opened the door more to see her friend’s ass in the air nude. They were so involved that they didn’t hear me come up the stairs. “are you guys ready or what” I asked curiously. They both jumped and raced to grab something and bursa escort anything to cover themselves. “What the fuck Rob, don’t you knock, Get the fuck out!!!” Diane screamed at me. I was calm in my response “Well we gotta get going… Never mind I will let you finish. Wait until I tell your mom that you were up here eating your friend”. “Get the fuck out, she won’t believe you anyway” she sassed back. I noticed her friend was getting nervous now “Who’s that, is he your brother?” I heard her whisper. “Nah, that’s Rob, I told you about him. He’s a fucking dork” She said just enough to allow me to hear. “huh, dork you say” I snapped back. “Yeah a stupid dork, now get the fuck out since you ruined it”. I was just about to do what she said when her friend asked her something. “What are we going to do if your mom finds out”. I saw this as my chance “Yeah what if your mom finds out?” I jokingly replied. Diane was getting mad, she was already mad but more, her voice began to tremble “You aren’t going to tell my mom shit”. I laughed “What do I get if I don’t” as I implied and pointed my fingers at both of them. “You’re such a perv”. I could tell Diane was not having fun with this but I was. “How about I show you my tits, is that good enough?” her friend asked. I thought about it for a second, I wanted more just to see tits but I went with it. “Sure” I said. Diane’s friend got up from the bed, covered her lower self and walked toward me. My heart was pumping hard as she took each step closer. Her breasts came into view. Beautiful they were, perky, salmon pink nipples and I would have to say around in the upper D bra size. I smiled and she returned one back, now she was directly in front of me. “Ya know you are the first guy to see these”, she held her breasts up closer to me. “Wow, why hide such beautiful tits” I said. My mouth got dry, I tried to say more but only went hoarse. Diane made a gagging sound in the background. I didn’t pay her no attention, her dark haired, big breasted friend was keeping me occupied. By this time my cock was straining against my shorts. I so badly wanted to break it free and jerk off on those large jugs that she had. Just as it started it ended quickly, she covered her breasts with her hands and moved away. “W…what?, that’s it” I began to protest. “That’s it” she said back. Here I was hard as hell, my cock strained to its limit and she was just going to leave me here. I was disappointed very much so. Diane then chuckled “Hahaha, you got him all worked up and Boom!, you shut his ass down”. Now Diane was teasing me. Suddenly I pulled out my cock and held it in my hand, “Come on!!” I screamed. “No!” Diane shouted. Her friend turned around and seen my fat cock pointing right at her. She became mesmerized by the sight of my cock and stared at it as Diane was yelling at me. I didn’t know it at the time but this was the first time she seen a cock in person. Hard to believe but I found out later her parents kept her sheltered most of her life. “Julie!, what are you doing. Rob!, put your nasty dick away” Diane shouted. Her friend Julie was still looking at my cock, in shock and not knowing what to do. I turned my head to Diane and gave her an evil stare, just as I turned my head back toward Julie she was inches away from me. I didn’t notice her moving closer and it gave me bit of a shock. “Can I” she asked breathlessly. I nodded my head. She took hold of it and started rubbing, feeling the texture, she was giving me a full eye and hand examination and she was so gentle. She pressed herself closer to me, leaning in for a kiss and at the same time she brushed the head of my dick on her underwear, hard enough for me to press into her slit. Instantly pre-cum leaked out of the tip and was now deposited onto her panties, I then felt my cock slide off to the side of her crotch as she had it rest in the crease of her leg and pussy. She broke our kiss, and again Diane was protesting behind her about what she was doing. Julie and I were not paying her no attention. Julie looked down at my cock and the wet spot that my cock had made on her. She grinned and relaxed her grip until my cock was on its own again. I was anticipating more as she turned around then began to pull down her underwear slowly. Diane shouted at her but it did not stop what she was doing. Her ass stuck out and one leg was removed and then the other. Julie tossed her underwear right at Diane which landed on the pillow of the bed. Julie then turned around and gave me a full frontal view, her little tummy and her bald chubby pussy made it all the better. I began to stroke my cock and it was my intention at that time to blow a huge load somewhere on her plump body. She got down on her knees where my cock was exactly at her lips, she blew on gently causing it to twitch. My cock was now back in her hand as she had wrapped her fingers around the base and started to examine it again. She sniffed it and commented on how good it smelled and how shiny it was. Her fingers slide down and stopped just under the head “I’ve never done this before, so…” just like that my cock was now entering her mouth. She kept it there for a second before I started to thrust a bit into her mouth. Diane by now had gotten up from her bed naked and stomped over to her trying to pull her away. “You are not going to suck his dirty dick, my pussy is still wet and I need your tongue”. I took my attention off of what Julie was bursa escort bayan doing and said to Diane “Shut the fuck up, can’t you see she wants the real thing”. Again Diane was trying to pull her off my cock, Julie only grunted and shooed her away. Diane was furious. “We’re done Rob, after today don’t talk to me ever again” as she was screaming at me. That’s when I grabbed her breast and started to rub her nipple, “Come on Diane, we can do this. I want to fuck you both”. Julie hummed on my cock as approval, Diane looked dumbfounded and backed away “I’ve always wanted to fuck you, let me do it just once” I pleaded. Julie began to rub on Diane’s leg until she reached her vagina as I watched a finger disappear into her slit. She let out a slight moan as I pulled her closer to me and massaged her boob. “I want to fuck both of you, but first I want to fuck you” I whispered to Diane. She began to melt right there. We began to kiss as I was still playing with her tits. Julie was deep inside her, Diane couldn’t keep our lips pressed long enough as she was moaning and gasping into my mouth. I used my other hand to keep Julie’s mouth and head in place. Diane broke our kiss and lifted her breast to my mouth, I began to suckle and tried to reach other one but couldn’t. After a few minutes Julie released my cock from her mouth showing a strain of her jaw, while she was resting I started to feel around Diane’s pussy and began rubbing her clit. Diane moved away from me as Julie got to her feet and stood in front. “You want me to give it a try?” she asked shyly. I nodded my head yes. Diane was now on her knees sucking me as Julie took Diane’s old spot and allowed me to play with and suck on her tits. I knew as soon as Diane took my cock into her mouth she was a pro, the way she moved her tongue around it almost caused me to cum right in it, but she would stop just at the right time. I was enjoying myself so much that no one paid much attention to the time or anything else. Diane stopped sucking on me when I was about to cum again. “I can’t Rob, my mouth is hurting so much” she got to her feet “I been trying to make you cum, but god… I would have to suck you all day”. I grinned and chuckled “Well how about making your pussy do the work”. Immediately Diane shook her head no, then Julie stepped in. “Let him watch us and maybe he could jack off” as she made the hand gesture. I wanted to protest but at that moment Diane took me and Julie by the hand and led us to the bed. Diane laid in bed as Julie mounted her and began eating her pussy. I stood there watching and just looking at Julie’s pussy sticking in the air with her big firm ass. “Can’t I eat some pussy too?”, Diane shook her head but Julie turned her head around and nodded, “You can eat mine”. I went right to it and spread her ass cheeks and began eating her pussy with my face buried. My tongue was going wild on her folds and clit, she moaned into Diane’s pussy while she ate it just as I slid my tongue deep into her hole. I kept it there tongue fucking her tight pussy, I moved my chin up and down causing my beard to tickle her clit. Within a few minutes she blasted my face with her juices and causing Diane to cum as well.Both of them had came and seemed exhausted, panting and breathing heavily. “How was it” Diane had asked. Julie responded right after, Julie could only growl and smile as I was rubbing her ass cheeks. I was silent as I began to positioned my cock at her wet vagina. “Julie I want to fuck you right here” I said as I glided my cock inside her slit. Her back curled up as I slid it close to her hole. I pushed in slowly as her body tensed up. I began to pump in and out of her, she was terribly tight, and I was not able to fit my whole length inside her. I was stopped abruptly when Diane figured out that my cock was inside Julie and began to move out from under her quickly. I thought for a moment that she was going to hit me but it was completely different. She crawled alongside Julie to the end of the bed with the look of lustful desire looking straight into my eyes, I knew right there she wanted it. Here it was I had two girls ready to fuck, one of my friends and her lover. I had to make a decision, was I still going to fuck Julie and leave Diane hang or could I share my cock with both, I was in a bit of a dilemma. It was solved when Julie pulled herself off my cock and made a spot laying on the bed in fetal position sucking on Diane’s tits. I was in disbelief at the moment, but I was too far in to give any fuss. I moved to Diane’s open and awaiting gash and began to slid my cock inside her folds. “Come on Rob, fuck me. Don’t you know what you are doing?” she snapped at me. Her mouth still cocky and foul right when I had my cock ready at her. I was going to be gentle but I thought otherwise. Just as I pushed the head inside I thrusted hard and deep, she squealed for a moment as the whole length was in as I felt the tip touch her cervix. I tried to push deeper but couldn’t. She wasn’t all that tight, not like Julie but I was now inside her. I didn’t give her a chance to rest before I pulled it out some and thrusted hard into her again. She was in shock from the instant entry and deep thrusts I made. I smacked her ass a couple times leaving my hand print that later would turn into welts. While I was fucking her hard I had become emotional, I began to curse her name and all the wrongs she had done to me. escort bursa I didn’t give her a chance to speak, each time she tried to say something I trusted deep and hard into her again. Julie’s eyes got big and could just watch and suck from her tit as I vented, taking it out on her pussy. As I began to wear out from fucking her so fast and hard she finally had a chance to speak. “I’m sorry Rob, I didn’t know that it hurt you so much. Oh…. god your dick feels so good” then she grunted and growled “ I’ll make it up to you. I swear” she cried out. I thrusted deep and hard into her once more “How’s that, huh? How are you going to make up for being such a bad friend and a bitch” and I smacked her ass. “Oww, I’ll let you fuck me all the time. I’ll make your dick mine, be your fuck slut”. I didn’t respond as I fucked her some more. I reached out and grabbed her hair as I pulled and made a few deep thrusts, she turned her head and said “I’ll be your girlfriend, I want to. I want to be yours, your baby. Oh god don’t stop…AHHHHH”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, she was apologizing and then wanting to be my girlfriend. In any other circumstance I would had stopped and made passionate love to her, but I was having fun. A few more minutes passed as I began to feel the end was near, my balls were boiling and my cock was getting sore. “I gotta cum Diane” I shouted. She turned her head back to me once more “cum in my pussy, I want to feel my man’s hot cum inside me, cum deep” she moaned. I knew she was on birth control for some years and wasn’t worried. I bit my lower lip; growled and thrusted deeper inside her, this time I could feel the head of my dick crush against her cervix. She let out a screaming moan followed by a growl “oh god, fuck… Cum inside my pussy. I’m yours…Cum inside me, I want you too” She began moaning some more. “cum in me, cum in me, cum in me” she chanted repeating until I made a final push and began to empty my whole nut bag inside her. As the first wave hit she screamed “Oh fuck its hot, give me more”. I grunted and growled loudly as I must have shot ten times inside her until I couldn’t anymore. As she quivered and shook, I was pumping dry shots with each jolt of her body. Her walls clamped tight around my cock holding me there as I couldn’t discharge more into her. When she did release me I was still hard and pulled out allowing it to flop. Julie by now had stopped sucking on her tits and showed herself to me, as she spread her legs and began to play with herself. Diane’s head and upper body had collapsed onto the bed with her ass still in the air. I grabbed some leaking cum from her freshly fucked and red vagina with my fingers. I wanted her to taste some “Here eat my cum love” I held it to her lips, when she didn’t take it wiped some on her upper lip. Her eyes were closed and didn’t even try to take it, Julie looked at me seductively and immediately took my fingers in her mouth sucking them clean of cum. “mmmmm” she said in agreement of the flavor. She then began to kiss Diane on her lips, I watched as she made sure she cleaned my cum off Diane’s lips as well. I thought right then that maybe, just maybe Julie would be included next time. After Diane had rested for a minute she noticed what time it was, we were late for the party. I was already getting dressed when she got off the bed and looked around for something to wipe herself off with. She grabbed a t-shirt off the floor and wiped her face, tits and her pussy on it and tossed it back down. “Hey… that was mine..” Julie said. Diane wasn’t fazed and continued to grab her clothes and tossed Julie one of her shirts. Julie didn’t look happy but began to dress as well. We all piled into my car and drove off. Diane was in the passenger seat next to me as Julie was in the back. “So Diane I guess we are official” I said. Diane was silent until I nudged her “Yeah we are” she snapped back at me. I looked into the rear view mirror to see what Julie was doing and seen she was silent and content. When we arrived at the party late we were ambushed by her mom, dad and sister and them asking why we were so late. I let Diane do the talking as I made my way to the kitchen. The story she told them was I got a flat and had to call for a tow truck for a new tire, luckily for her I had just put a new one on a day prior. The party continued and was going to with or without us, after being there for a couple hours I made a spot for myself in the back corner of the room after I was asked to attend to the tables by her mom and sister. Julie had joined me for a few minutes before she was called by Diane to join her in the ladies’ restroom. Julie returned by herself minutes later and told me that Diane had showed her that cum was still leaking from her. We laughed about it until Diane returned. “What’s funny?” she asked. I tried to hard to hold back my chuckles “I was told that I filled you with so much love that you can’t contain it” and laughed. Diane was mad, “Yeah so, and for the record I love it. I got what was intended for me” she sassed back looking at Julie and walked away. “I couldn’t let you do it anyway, I’m not on the pill” she commented. I grew silent and she got up from the table. When the party was over Diane, Julie and myself were driving back I took my eyes off the road for a second to look in the rear view mirror and noticed Julie was looking dead at me. I smiled and then she smiled, I put my eyes back on the road for a second and looked up again. She was still staring at me, and then I watched her lips move. “Fuck me” without saying a word. The rest of the drive home was quiet but it was always in the back of my head about Julie.

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