My Ex-Girlfriend’s Mom #2


My Ex-Girlfriend’s Mom #2I still couldn’t believe all this was happening! I had just met up with my ex girlfriends mom randomly in a bar, found out she had a dick, (a big one at that), came home with her, given my first blowjob, received my first load of cum in my mouth, got caught doing so by my ex girlfriend, and found out she had a dick too! This had been one crazy night, to say the least! And it looked like it was about to get even crazier!Jill looked amazing. Even better than I remembered. She must have had a boob job, because I remember her only having about a B cup. Now she had to be at least a D cup, probably DD. She stood about 5’6″, like her mom. She had long blonde hair and a rocking body. She wore a tiny pink T-shirt and pajama pants. A real sexy “girl next door” look. She must have been getting ready for bed when she got the call from her mom.She looked down at me and said, “So, how ya been, Bobby?”, with a grin on her face.I was a little embarrassed. So I awkwardly stood up and said, “Been pretty good, I guess.”, as I stuck my hand out for her to shake for some reason.She gave me a funny look and shook my hand. She kept shaking it while she looked me over. “Pretty good, huh? Looks like you’ve been having some fun!” she said while staring at my crouch.I looked down and realized my hard on was tenting out the front of my boxers and my precum had made a huge wet spot. I felt myself blushing.”I forgot how cute you were when you were blushing!”, she said as I looked back at her pretty, smiling face. “And the white stripe just makes it that much cuter!!”I had forgotten about the stray jet of cum going from my mouth to the outside of my eye, left there by her mom. She still had my by the hand and pulled me in close to her. I was expecting a kiss, but as soon as her lips touched mine, she stuck out her tongue and licked all the remaining cum off my face and swallowed it. “Mmmmm, she tastes good, doesn’t she?”, she said smiling seductively at me.I thought it was a little weird that she had just licked up and swallowed cum that had been left by her mom, or dad… I guess. I was looking back at Lana, who was now standing a little ways behind Jill. I must have had a strange look on my face. And as if she could read my mind, Lana said, “Don’t worry! We’re not actually related! It’s a long story that we can tell you later. But for now, I think I’ll just let you two get reacquainted.” Then she headed to the bathroom as Jill grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a passionate kiss. With her other hand, still holding on to the awkward handshake, she guided my hand down slowly to her pajama pants. When I felt the bulge on the back of my hand, she let my hand go and moved her hand around and grabbed my ass. I instinctively started rubbing and squeezing her cock through the material of her pants and panties. It was flaccid izmir escort and tucked under, I guess to hide it. At this point it was still difficult to judge, but it felt like it might be just as big as Lana’s… maybe bigger!With my other hand, I reached up and got a handful of tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were hard as hell. I had forgotten how good she was at kissing and how much I had missed that about her. But she finally broke the kiss when she pushed me towards the bed and pulled her T-shirt off. “What do ya think of ’em?, she asked, with her hands on her hips, looking down at her huge fake tits. “Very nice!”, I replied. They were the biggest, nicest shaped boobs I had ever seen in person. “Thank you! I had them done about six months ago.”, she said.Then she grabbed the sides of her pajama pants and slowly pulled them down as she wiggled back and forth. Somewhere around her knees, she let go and they fell to the floor. Then she kicked them to the side and joined me on the bed. Her panties were black with lace around the edges. She laid on her back with me next to her on my side and started making out again. I only had one free hand. As much as I wanted to play with those perfect tits, I had to get my hand back on her cock. I started at her flat stomach and slowly slid my hand down and under the waist line of her panties. I didn’t stop until my finger tips reached the tip of her dick. I massaged it a little before pulling it from it’s tucked away position until it was facing upright. She let out a soft moan when I started stroking it slowly. Her hands were all over me and she was getting more hot and heavy with the kissing. Her cock was getting hard. It kept growing and growing. It felt very long, thick, and hard now. With Lana’s cock, when I wrapped my hand around it, I could just barely touch my thumb and middle finger when I squeezed. But on Jill’s cock, I found no part of it where I could touch my thumb and middle finger.I had to get a look at this monster! I broke our kiss and looked down at it. “Holy Fuck!”, I said as I pointed it towards the ceiling. It was beautiful! Thickest in the middle with a perfectly shaped helmet. “I thought your mom had the biggest dick I’d ever see, but this thing is fucking amazing!!”, was all I could say. She just giggled and asked, “How long do you think it is?””I don’t know, ten inches?”, I replied, knowing it was bigger than that. Lana’s was ten inches.”Higher!”, she said.”Eleven inches?””A little higher!””Twelve inches?!””Uh huh! Five dollar foot long!”, she giggled”Five dollars, huh? I’d pay five hundred to eat that foot long!!”, I saidShe began pushing my head down towards it and said, “Prove it!!”That was all the incentive I needed! As I got closer and aimed it at my face, I saw a big drop of precum on the head. I paused for a second, smiled, and licked it up. escort izmir I think I was addicted to that tasted now. I licked all over the head for a while and then stuck it in my mouth as far as I could from that angle. She was running her fingers through my hair and moaning softly. Lana’s cock felt big in my mouth, but with Jill’s cock, I felt like I really had to stretch my mouth open as wide as possible. But at this angle, I couldn’t get it in my mouth very far. I know she was enjoying it but wanted to go deeper because she was pushing in the back of my head and thrusting forward slightly.Finally, she pulled my mouth off her cock and moved us into another position. She pulled her panties out as far as they would go and repositioned her giant cock so it was sticking out the side of her panties. She had me set up and lean back against the head board. She was standing up, straddled me with one hand on my head and the other holding that massive cock at the base, pointing it right at my mouth. “Open wide!”, she said as she stuck it back in my mouth. When she knew I had it, she let go and moved her hands up to her big tits and gave them a good squeeze. Then brought one, then the other of her hard nipples up to her mouth and gave them each a good sucking and licking. This was an awesome sight. Then I looked straight ahead at the other awesome sight that was sliding in and out of my mouth. She was slowly fucking my face while I just sat there taking it. After a couple of minutes, I had slid down a little and she had a better angle. With each slow thrust, more and more of her huge cock was going into my mouth and down my throat.”Are you sure my mom was the first cock you ever sucked?”, she asked.”Mmm Hmm”, was all the sound I could make and slightly nod.”Well you’re a natural then!”, she said and thrust in a little deeper. She just held it there, not pulling back out for a few seconds. It caught me off guard and I had to catch my breath. Then she stuck it in even further and just kept pushing slowly. It was most of the way in, but it wouldn’t go in any further. This time she held it there for a while just pushing gently. I couldn’t breathe and had to push her back. I started couching and trying to catch my breath. My eyes were watering a little. I looked around the room and saw that Lana had joined us again. She was sitting in a chair on the other side of the bedroom watching us. She was still wearing only her panties and she was rubbing her cock. Smiling at me.Jill apologized and suggested that I lube the rest of her cock with my saliva so more of it would go in. I ran my tongue all over it until it was nice and shiny. Then I stuck it back in my mouth and pulled her ass in towards me. Slowly but surely, her cock sank deeper and deeper into my throat until her balls were on my chin and there was no more to take in. I felt the same izmir escort bayan sense of accomplishment that I had when I got all of Lana’s cock in my mouth. And just like Lana, Jill started fucking my face. Slowly at first, but she soon picked up speed. Taking her cock almost completely in and completely out with each stroke. Her breathing was getting louder and faster. I knew she was getting close to cumming. I wanted her cum really badly. But I wasn’t ready for all this to end. So I slowed her down with my hands on her hips until she had stopped completely. She gave me a look that said, “You Bastard!”, but she smiled at me anyways.Now it was pretty quiet in the room. Except for a strange slurping sound. Still looking up at Jill, I now had a confused look on my face. She knew exactly what the sound was and smiled at me again. Then she pulled her cock away and turned to were her “mom” was setting. After all the amazing things I had seen tonight, I was amazed again. There was Lana, hunched over in the chair, sucking her own dick!!!I just sat there in awe. Jill sat down on the bed next to me and said, “You’ve never seen that before, have you?”I just shook my head, never taking my eyes away.”It’s not that impressive!”, said Jill as she shifted her position a little. Then, like “mother” like “daughter”, Jill put the head of her own giant cock in her mouth and gave it a few sucks. She flashed me a wicked grin and took about half of it in her mouth. The room became filled with slurping sounds again. As these two smoking hot, horse hung shemales were each sucking on their own cocks! This went on for a few minutes until Lana stopped sucking and proclaimed, “Ok, I’m ready to cum again!”Jill followed her lead and said, “Me too!”They both got up and pulled me to the edge of the bed and sat me down. They stood in front of me side by side with hands on hips. I took a cock in each hand and started stroking. Then I started sucking one while I stroked the other. I switched back and forth a few times. I was sucking Lana’s cock, when Jill grabbed my head and turned it towards hers and held it there while I stroked her off. A few seconds later I got my reward. Amazed once again, Jill came harder and in greater quantities than Lana! The first three shots landed on my face, hair, and who knows where else. The rest landed in my mouth until it was so full of cum that I had to swallow or lose some. While I was swallowing, a few more drops fell on my chin. Just as Jill was finishing cumming, Lana started! Again, I opened my mouth, but this time I caught every drop of cum in my mouth. It was all delicious. When Lana was finally done, they both helped me gather up the stray shots on my face by pushing it into my mouth with their fingers. Then Jill reached down and gave my cock a couple of strokes through my precum soaked boxers and I shot my load fast. We all collapsed on the bed, breathing hard and totally satisfied.All I could say was, “You two are fucking AMAZING!”They looked at each other and laughed. Then Lana said, “We’ve only just begun with you!!”To be continued!

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