My Family Ch. 04


Chapter Four (Getting Even)

I was extremely hurt that my father wanted me to have relationships with other men. I had hoped that he’d want me all to himself for the rest of our lives, I had been so wrong! Everyday I liked my dad less and less, I slept with him a few times since Tom but I really didn’t want to anymore.

I woke up one day and made a conscious decision to cease the relationship with my dad. If he was so eager not to have to take care of me then so be it!! I could have a little fun with this though, couldn’t I?

After all Uncle Ian had done nothing wrong, so I saw no reason to stop fucking him. Hopefully that would drive my daddy crazy and he’d notice what he was missing and what he could never have again!

I executed my plan at dinner that night. I purposefully sat myself opposite daddy and Ian. I crawled under the table half way through dinner and made my way to Ian’s cock. I wrapped my lips around his already swollen head and maltepe escort eased his length into my mouth and began bobbing up and down. It didn’t take too long for my Uncle to blow his load into my mouth (I swallowed every drop as usual), I guess he wanted to concentrate on his meal.

I sat back into my chair and played with the food on my plate. I could feel my father’s eyes on me and I knew he was going to make some comment.

‘Where’s mine, Vi?’ He asked with a smile on his face, probably expecting to get some.

I just smiled back at him sweetly and continued to move around the food on my plate. Once I noticed that Ian was done with his food I walked over to his side of the table. My sisters, cousins, mother and aunt had all left five minutes ago to see a movie, leaving me as the only female in the house.

I straddled Ian and began to kiss him passionately, trying to forget that my father was sat on the seat next mecidiyeköy escort to him. I had dressed for the occasion, wearing a tight tank top and one of my shortest mini skirts (with no underwear to get in the way).

As we kissed I slipped Ian’s cock into my wanton pussy (I hadn’t replaced it after the blow job earlier). Ian pulled the tank top off of my skinny torso revealing my small breasts. I leaned back and placed my hands on the table for leverage. Ian massaged my breasts while pumping his large cock in and out of my teen pussy.

I made over the top moaning noises, just to show my daddy what he was missing. I moved my left hand away from the table (now supporting myself with just one hand) and placed my middle finger on my clit. I rubbed it slowly at first and soon built up to the fast pace that Ian was fucking me at.

We went at it for at least twenty minutes, finally Ian made a loud grunt and his juices merter escort flowed into my pussy. I rested my back onto the table for a few minutes, giving my arms a break from holding my weight for so long.

Ian eventually lifted me off of his cock and sat me onto the dining table. He left the room leaving me all alone with my daddy.

‘Vienna, you’ve been making me crazy tonight. You must really want me to fuck you.’ He put his hand on my thigh and jumped down from the table.

‘Nah, I’ve had enough for tonight. You understand, right?’

‘Yeah, I think so.’

He had a weird look on his face like he thought something other than I meant. I had this voice in the back of my head telling me to get out of the room and stop teasing this man. I couldn’t help myself though.

I turned my back on him and bent over straight legged to pick my top up from off of the floor. I stayed in the position for a couple of seconds and then stood up, hiding my pussy from him. I slipped the top over my small frame and turned to my daddy.

‘Goodnight.’ I smiled innocently and turned to leave when I felt his hand grip my wrist. ‘Daddy, what are you doing?’ I tried to release myself from his grasp.

‘I understand perfectly.’

To Be Continued…

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