My fantasy


My fantasyI needed to do some research for a project that was coming up. I went the university library I got a arm load of books and took them back to a table. I sat down and started to got through the books I had. After about a half hour or so I hear some commotion across from at the next row of tables. I looked up and there was a beautiful young black lady. I started to read through the books but I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I always had fantasy about being with a black woman. She had on a tight skirt and a shirt that shows her perfect size tits. They were small round and firm. I caught myself looking up at her. She was preoccupied in her studies. As she going through her books I noticed she was bouncing her legs apart I would get a glimpse at her panties.Then she stop bouncing and left them spread apart now I got a great look at them. They were white cottons ones I thought to myself I can’t believe my luck I loved when my ex wore them. I could see her fat pussy clearly. I can see crease where they slightly split pussy lips. I went back to doing what I was there do. I was still thinking about her. I feeling a little excited as my pants started to bulge. I looked up just at the right time. I seen her slide her hand under the table as she was reading and started to scratch her inner thigh which exposes her soft looking pussy lip. About that time she looks up and catches me looking at her. She stands up and walks back to the sleeves to grab another book. When she comes back I stand up and walk over to her. I’m still hard so I try to cover up my excitement as I walking over. I ask her if she wants to go get a drink. To my surprise she says yes. We go campus bar. After we had our first drink I ask if she would like to play a game of pool. halkalı escort She said sure I’m not that good and she takes off her jacket. She is wearing a white tee shirt I can see her nipples are like little marbles. I went up and got us another drink. Walking back I look over at her and she is sitting on her stool with her pool stick between her legs pulled against her chest with one tit on either side. I went ahead and broke the rack. She went to take her shot she put her knees together and bent over. I was a little disappointed I was hoping to get another pantie shot. I went up and got us another drink this time I got us a shot also. When I got back I could see she was getting a little drunk when it wa her turn this time she bent at the waist and there it was the pantie shot I was hoping for. Her pussy looked so nice from behind. I can see a small wet spot right in the middle. I She won that game I was so occupied watching her bend over the table I couldn’t make a shot.I was sitting on my stool and for the first time she walked over and spread my legs and slid between my legs and started to flirt with me. I thought If I’m ever going to have my fantasy it will have to be tonight. I suggest lets play a game. She said ok. I said lets make it interesting winner gets to do whatever they want and the other has to agree no matter what. She quickly agreed. She had no idea what was instore for her. My fantasy was to verbally and physically abusive. She broke the rak and made a ball. then another. I started thinking I hope I get a shot. She finally misses so I start my turn I made 4 balls she got back up and made the mistake of knocking in the 8 ball so she lost. I say with a little olgun escort glee in my voice I won the bet. She goes what do you have in mind? I said don’t worry you lost so I get o do what I want. Thats when she tells me that she is a virgin. I grab her jacket and I help her put it on. I said lets go we are going back to my house. She reluctantly puts her jacket on and we leave. When we get back to my house she said what do you want to do. I don’t say anything and I walk over take her jacket off and start to softly kissing her She starts kissing me back. I can hear her start to breath a little harder. I reach down grabbing the bottom of her shirt and I raise it up and over her head as her small tits bounce back into place. I continue kissing her. I reach around and I undo her skirt and it falls to the floor and she steps out of it and slides it over. I start to slide my tongue in and out her mouth. I take my foot and separate her legs running my hand down her firm ass them move to the front rubbing her pussy I can feel her pantie starting to get moist s I slide them to the side. She starts to moan a little so now I have her. I start to slowly move my hand up massaging her tits. She starts to moan a little loader as I keep moving my hand up and I gently wrap it around her throat. Now I have her against the wall with her legs spread apart holding her by the throat. Just then I knee her right in her sensitive pussy at the same time I hold on to her throat just a little tighter. Her eyes bulge and she is asking what are you doing? I said shut up you fucking whore I won the bet and yo will endure what I’m going to do to you then I şişli escort spit in her face and told her if you open your mouth Im going to spit in it. I’m guessing she didn’t believe me because she started to say something so I squeezed her throat and I spit in her mouth like I told her I would. I started to kiss her again. She tried to push me back this tine I pulled back and punched her in the stomach feeling all of her wind come out of her body and into mine. She let out a whimper as I let her slide down the wall and to her knees. She looked up at me and I could see tears staring to form in the corner of her eyes. I looked down at her and said why are you doing this. Now I undo my pants and take them off and say I won the bet and I wanted to beat a black whore then I spit in her face again. Taking my hard cock and forcing it deep in her throat. I can see she is starting to gag so I hold it there and dont move it. I moved toward the back of her. I reached around and grabbed her nipples and pinched and pulled them She let out a scream so I grabbed her by her mouth putting all 4 fingers in and pulling up so he was having problem making any noise. I raised her up to her feet again. With the one hand Im squeezing her tits with my other hand I reach around and grab her by her pussy pulling and twisting. by this time she has tears running down her face. I lean her over the back of the couch. I knee her again in her pussy then again. I can feel her knees starting the get weak. I grab pulling her head back making her raise her ass up. I slid my hard cock in her she lets out a scream of pain she yelling I’m a virgin why are you doing this. I keep fucking her her screams of pain turn to moans of enjoyment. She now is pushing back against me as I go in deeper. She says cum in my mouth I want to be your whore. I pull out and release her. She turns and drops to her knees grabs my cock and starts to suck on it taking it in deep i can feel my cock start to twitch then I explode in her mouth as she drinks every bit of my cum sucking every drop out that she can get. Now this black whore is my wife and now she goes out and picks up woman for us both to abuse.

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