my fantasy of a great time watching my wife in the

my fantasy of a great time watching my wife in theMy wife Amber has often claimed that she doesn’t particularly like sex often, but uses it just to play. When you see her, you understand why it is so easy for her. Amber is about 5’7’’, has big brown eyes and long gorgeous legs. Her large breasts are tipped with unusually large nipples that get very long when they are hard. She knows the effect of those breasts and always hard nipples, especially combined with her size 4 waist and perky butt and always wears clothes that exhibits her attributes well. She especially likes to wear tight blouses that hug her breasts and when her nipples harden, it is hard for any man to take his eyes off her chest. The whole thing is a game for her and she always wins.Still, she acts as if the game is all she wants and that sex itself is something she would live with or without. Occasionally, though, she is betrayed by her sensuousness, which sometimes takes over, and this story is a perfect example of her loss of inhibitions. If I had not been lucky enough to be there and witness this, I would never have believed it of her.It all happened about six months ago, after we had both gone to bed. It was warm enough for her to wear her regular nightgown, which was thin but not particularly revealing, as long as the top buttons stayed buttoned up. Even in something as innocuous as a flowered nightgown still looked good on her. Actually, everything looks good on her, but when she is ready for bed and wearing anything from a t-shirt to a nightie, her large breasts sway as she walks and her nipples are obvious, even when she is not aroused.We had just gone to sleep when we heard a commotion at the front door. Her college-aged son had just arrived home from a night out with his friends and he was pretty drunk. He had also brought home a friend, Robby, a old high-school friend, who was also drunk. Robby was absolutely trashed and had fallen somewhere outside before he had come in inside. Ambers son just stumbled into his bed and passed out, u*********s, but Robby was a mess. His shirt was torn and he had dirt and blood all over him. His blue jeans were also torn and one leg seemed to be blood soaked. Amber, who had known Robby since he was in fifteen years old, was alarmed at the sight of him and between the two of us, we half-carried him to the couch in the living room.In his inebriated condition, he could not answer any of our questions, tell us where he was injured, or even what happened. He lay on the couch and grabbed my wife’s hand pulling her towards him so that she was leaning over, looking into his face. He kept apologizing to her while she tried to gently pull away, but his grip was tight and while he was blabbering, he had a straight shot down my wife’s nightgown, looking at those large aerola globes, her nipples just out of sight.“We should call an ambulance” she told me, pulling away from the drunken college boy. “He might be hurt bad.”“It could be nothing” I said. “It looks like he has some cuts on his face, maybe on his head, but those things look a lot worse than they are. Face cuts bleed like crazy.”“We need to clean him up and check him.” she said. “Honey, put him in the shower. Just look him over and make sure he’s ok. I can’t sleep if he’s out here and something serious is wrong with him.”“Oh no.” I said. “I am not showering this 21 year old punk .”“You have to do something.” She said.“Then call 911 if you want,” I said. “But he’s just drunk and got sc****d up.”“You don’t know that for sure,” osmaniye escort she told me, glaring at me.I just shrugged and went back into the bedroom. A few minutes later, I saw her come walking into the room, with Robby hanging on her shoulder. The weight of him on her had pulled the nightgown tight enough so that one of the buttons had popped open. She kept half pulling, half dragging him through the bedroom and into our bathroom, which is pretty tiny.“Now what?” I asked her.“I’m just going to check him and make sure he doesn’t have any major wounds. For all you know, he got stabbed someplace.”That didn’t seem very likely to me. I have been a cop for years and pretty much know how a stabbed person reacts, but I didn’t say anything. She sat him on the toilet lid and started pulling his shirt off over his head. He was completely out of it, or so it seemed, and as she pulled on the shirt, he fell forward against her, his head on her chest. This was actually starting to look pretty funny and I was wishing I had put new batteries in my digital camera. The sight of her struggling to pull a t-sort off an u*********s k** was hilarious. During that little event, I noticed that another button had come unbuttoned.“Sweetie, your buttons.” I said.She glanced down and started to rebutton her nightgown, but he started to slide again.“It’s not like you can see anything.” She said. “Besides, he’s too drunk to know if I was naked.”Amber had his shirt off by now and was examining his torso. Being 21 and pretty athletic, he had a great build, but she didn’t seem to notice. She was too busy looking for stab wounds.“He seems okay” she said, “but he’s covered with blood and dirt. Robby, you need to take a shower.” She turned and looked at me. “Please’” she said, “he needs to get completely rinsed off.” I just shrugged.“Robby, stand up, honey.” She told him, trying to pull him up off the toilet seat. She got him in a standing position, turning him so he could lean against the wall, and leaned over to unbuckle his pants. Her nightgown was now so open that he could see straight down the gown and see both of her breasts entirely. He eyes were half open now and I saw that, drunk as he was, he was enjoying the view. As she leaned over more to pull his pants off, he reached out with one hand as if to steady himself, but instead put his hand on her breast on the outside of the nightgown and began to stroke it. She impatiently pushed him away, but she couldn’t keep her balance, keep him from falling, and finish getting his jeans off at the same time, so after a brief struggle, she allowed his hand to stay on her breast, stroking her nipple.She finally got the jeans off and had him step out. He was wearing briefs and had an erection that was peeking out of the top of his underwear. The head was huge and I started to say something to stop her, then realized that I also had an erection. I decided to wait and see what happened. I also noticed that somehow, Robby had pulled open Ambers nightgown, popping all the buttons she had also noticed the erection and had stopped to stare. I could see through her nightgown that her nipples had hardedned considerably, to an extreme lenght. Of course, I thought, he had been touching her breasts and that would be a natural reaction. Surely it had nothing to do with this young boy’s arousal.After a few seconds of staring, Amber turned to the shower and turned it on. She reached in to check the water temperature, which caused the front of her nightgown to get wet. escort osmaniye When she turned back to face Robby, the thin material was plastered to her breasts, becoming semi-transparent.“Come on Robby.” She said “In you go.”“With his underwear on?” I asked, deliberately prodding her. Instead of complaining or asking me to help, Amber turned to Robby and said “He’s right. These have to come off too.”She pulled off the briefs, leaning down to get them off around his feet. As she did, his hard cock bounced across her face. Instead of recoiling, Amber seemed to take her time with the briefs, allowing his huge penis to brush across her lips and eyes. At the same time, I was beginning to wonder how drunk Robby really was. When Amber started to stand up, Robby put his hands on the back of her shoulders, forcing her face into his cock.“Stop it, Robby.” She said, but as she talked, her lips were on his shaft. He finally let her stand up. Her face was flushed and I began to see that my wife was starting to have a control problem of her own.She helped him into the shower, but he slipped as soon as he got in, reaching out and grabbing the front of Ambers nightgown, and ripping it halfway down the middle. She was trying to hold him up, but her right breast was now completely exposed and her nipple was rock hard, pulling the aureole tight into those concentric ridges that were as obvious as the entire nipple of most women.Then she did something even more amazing. She actually stepped in the shower with him, still holding his arm. Immediately, the water soaked her nightgown.“You may as well taker that off.” I told her. “It’s already ruined and you will be uncomfortable with that on you.”She looked at me straight in the eye. She knew I was daring her, and that was the wrong thing to do. She pulled the nightgown over her body and threw it on the bathroom floor. She was stark naked. She usually wears panties to bed but for some reason, she had not this night. Perhaps she had been planning on some recreational sex with me before we were interrupted. Now, her look seemed to say, you lose. Robby wins.Robby was wide-eyed by now. My wife Amber in all her nakedness, is glorious to see. She knows she’s hot and she always carries herself that way. Her nipples extended to their full glory and I knew by experience that they were hard enough to almost leave a mark. Her waist tapered in and then flared nicely into her hips, with a little hollow on the inside of her thighs , smooth and soft , all the way to the black curly hair that covered her pussy. She took a washrag and started washing Robby down, standing in front of him as if she had nothing to hide and wanted to be on full view. She started with his chest and moved down to his legs, bending over so that, once again, his cock was in her face. This time, as she scrubbed, she kept her lips on his shaft, occasionally moving her face so that her lips would brush the head of his cock. When she stood up again, Robby didn’t even try to pretend he didn’t know what was happening. He sank to his knees and put first one breast, then the other, into his mouth, sucking on each nipple, pulling it with his lips, tracing his tongue over the length of each erect nipple.Amber just stood there, hands on her hips, looking at me in defiance, as if to say this was my fault. When Robby started to move his lips down her stomach and come in contact with her bush, she finally stopped him and pulled him up. Then, taking the washcloth, she began to wash his cock, rubbing osmaniye escort bayan the cloth up and down his shaft.This was too much for Robby and he pulled her to him suddenly. He was a big boy and placing his hands on her ass, which fit neatly in each palm, pulled her up and started to slide her slit up and down over his shaft. I watched her large naked breasts pushed up against the boys bare chest. This was way more than she expected and she tried to push him off, but he held tight, not entering her but moving her as to cause the lips of her vagina to separate and slide down that gigantic cock. Amber was saying, “No, Robby, please sweetie, stop it. Stop it baby.”After a few strokes like this, Amber began to moan and instead of pushing him, started to pull him closer and tried to impale herself on him. I had seen enough and went to the shower. She had lost complete control and needed to be rescued.“Robby, let go.” I said, trying to pry him off. Instead, Amber tried to push me off with one hand, moaning to Robby “Hurry up. Please, do it. Hurry, baby. Just a little more, Robby”I was shocked and started to push in between, but Amber pushed me back hard, yelling at me “Leave me alone!” I was actually knocked back on to the door with the force of the shove. I went to the shower again, just in time to see the head of Robby’s cock go deep into my wife. She wrapped her legs around his back, screaming “oh,oh,oh,oh,oh, yes, yes,yesss!!”My wife and Robby both achieved orgasm at the same time, both yelling out. I stood there, stunned. After a couple of more pumps, Amber disengaged but still stood there looking up at the boy, her inch-long nipples brushing his chest. She turned and looked at me and I recognized contentment on her face, and satisfaction. At 44, she had still made this 21year old lad crazy with lust. I pulled her out, though she tried to hold onto Robby’s hand as long as she could.“Nice going,” I said to her furiously. “He’s your son’s age.”She just shrugged. “You didn’t want to help.” She turned towards the shower and said, “Robby, you need to turn off that water and get dressed.”“Yes ma’am” he said, sounding meek and quite sober. I heard the water turn off and he stepped out of the shower. My wife, keeping her eyes on his naked body and still completely nude herself, pointed to the towel rack, but Robby could not keep his eyes off of her. As i pulled Amber towards me you could see his whole hot load and her juices flowing down her legs and dripping on the floor as she exited the shower. I grabbed her a towel to cover her up and Amber just let it fall to the floor. I was both frustrated and excited at the sight.“Amber, put some clothes on.” I told her sternly. She just stood there, allowing Robby to get a full view, actually stretching a little bit so he wouldn’t miss anything. I finally pushed past her with a towel, and gave Robby a towel to wrapp it around his body, and led him out of the bedroom and into the spare bedroom, then closed the door behind him. When I got back to my wife, Amber was already in bed, and hers and his juices were still visible down her wet cunt. So i took the towel and cleaned my wife up and the smell of of the mixed juices was a fuckin intense odor.I was pissed. I was turned on. I was confused about my reaction. And so all I said to her, as I turned out the lights, was “For someone who doesn’t like sex, you sure jumped all over that.” I could not help myself and I took my sloppy seconds behind that college punk as Amber woke up, but she put very little effort into it sin e she was tired and quite spent.As usual, she got in the last word. “Guess there was a stabbing tonight.” before she finally fell off to sleep, and i once again felt robbed but not totally angry.thanks , hope you enjoy the story

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