My First 3 Sum And End To Dry Spell


I was now up north and living with the woman I had mentioned. She was a beautiful woman with nice tits. And a pussy that was sweet as honey. Our sex life was good. We got along great. She didn’t work and was on medical disability from work. We spent a lot of time together. We both loved to cook and would help each other with dinner. We made a killer pizza from scratch.

This was a year of a dry spell from men and cock. Even though she was beautiful and excellent in bed there was still that desire. The need for the feel of a hard cock in my mouth. And mine in another mans mouth. But it was not to be.

We would go on trips to places of interest. Being the area was heavily wooded with State Forest we would go for walks in the woods. One day on a walk through the woods we stopped and kissed. I slid my hand up under her blouse and started playing with her tits. She started moaning and rubbing my cock through my pants. It wasn’t long and she was squatting and undoing my belt and my pants. Within seconds she had them and my underwear down around my ankles. And a few seconds later my cock buried in her mouth. She could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch as the old saying goes. She sucked me for a few minutes than stood up. She walked over to a tree and dropped her ankara yabancı escortlar shorts and panties and leaned up against the tree. I waddled over and put my hard cock up to her wet pussy and slid it in.

“Yes”, she said. “Fuck me hard.”

“This is so wild doing it in the woods,” I said.

“I love you so much,” she said. “Love that you will do things like this with me.”

“Anywhere is good Baby as long as it is with you.”

I was silent after that. So was she. We concentrated on making it the best fuck we have had. And it was. Being in the woods and not knowing if someone would come by was exciting as hell.

She was moaning loudly and I knew she was close. So was I. So I started pounding her hard and fast. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she let out a loud moan. I knew she was cumming and the grip her pussy had on my cock drove me over the edge. I started shooting ropes of cum into her hot wet pussy. Pounding her until I had unloaded every drop.

“Oh Honey.” “That was wonderful,” she said. “That was my first time ever doing it in the woods.”

“Mine too.” I replied. “It was so hot Babe.” “It won’t be our last.”

Unfortunately it was. After about 8 months together I realized she still had the hots for an old ankara yeni escortlar flame. A younger man from her past. It became obvious when she hired him to do work on the roof. I could tell by her actions when he was around. We ended splitting up and the next few years were pretty much uneventful. There was a few more women in my life over the next few years but nothing ever worked out.

I had met a few women online and even moved to Texas for a bit to be with a woman. That is where I had my first 3 sum. Her and I split up as she was the super jealous type and I got tired of being accused. So I moved out and got my own apartment. I had my computer hooked up and started placing ads on Craigslist and searching ads. Shame they stopped allowing sex ads. I got contacted by a couple who lived in the same town. We exchanged emails for about a week then decided to get together.

They were about my age and about the same body shape. We were all a tad overweight. They invited me in and we sat and talked for a bit. Then once we were all comfortable we moved to the bedroom. We proceeded to get undressed and get in the bed. She had a nice set of tits and he had a nice cock. Here was my chance to have again what I was so missing for several years. sincan oral yapan escortlar A hard cock in my mouth. It started out with her laying on the bed and him licking her pussy while she sucked my cock. After a bit he lay down and she rode his face and I got my first taste of cock in several years. I was in heaven.

I took his whole cock in my mouth and savored the taste and feeling. I was bobbing up and down on his cock like a kid with a new lollipop. We decided it was time for him to try sucking mine. This was his first time. She slid down and buried his cock in her pussy and I positioned myself beside his head. He took my cock in his mouth and took a little of it in. He was inexperienced and wasn’t sure if this was what he wanted. After a few minutes he decided he couldn’t go any further so it came to an end. At least I got to feel my cock in another mans mouth again.

We didn’t get together again during the time I lived there. I heard from them again some months later but I had already moved back to Michigan. He wanted to give it another try. I would have if I was still living there. But my Dad got really sick in 2004 so I moved back to help my Mom take care of my Dad. That takes me to the time where I moved up north again after my Dad was able to take care of himself again. The company I worked for was building a new store in Tawas City so I put in for a transfer and got it. Got an apartment and this is where I got back into enjoying what I was missing. Sucking cock. Watch for my next tale to come soon.

Thank you for reading.

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