My first CD/TV experience

My first CD/TV experienceHI my name is Lilith, i am a crossdresser/transvestite. Well really i have no idea what i am considered but all my life i had grown up as a man. Secretly i used to fantasize about sucking cock as a k**, i dreamed of the day that i could. that day came when i was around 13 with a friend down the street, he was a year older than me. It started with wrestling, moved to dry humping and then soon i has rubbing his cock. We were so incredibly nervous the first time when i said ” that looks good enough to eat.” refering to his hard member in my hand. he told me to suck it if i want to, as we laid next to each kırklareli escort other i sat up and leaned over. I nearly came all over my self when the tip of his cock touched my tongue then pass into my mouth. HE commanded “come on man, deep throat it!”, i complied and could feel his pleasure as his cock expanded and throbbed. we wasted the cum the first few times as we weren’t up for the shot yet. Eventually i talked him into fucking me, THe first couple of times were aborted. Once we finally got it in me i found a feeling i’ve never known. I relized at that moment that i wanted to be his slut, but more kırklareli escort bayan than that i wanted to look the part. HE never was into the idea….Much later in life after i had a c***d and a girlfriend i found the internet. i got on craigslist and put out an add for someone who wanted to fuck a crossdresser. It took months to finally get an opening, my girlfriend and c***d were gone for the weekend and i had a guy ready to come over. I dressed up in what you see in my photos and covered over them with butch pjs incase anyone stopped by unannounced. THen he arrived, i was excited beyond belief. escort kırklareli I let him in and had him wait while i went and took off the pjs revealing the sexy cd underneathe. HE was instantly aroused by my presence, i got on my knees and pulled out a thick b**st. i sucked it like id never see dick again….. then i presented my pussy, he lubed me up and slipped it in bare. he took me at first from behind, i was on the couch facing the back as he was standing on the floor. THen i made him stop, i rolled over on my back and pulled him towards me with my thigh high legs. He jammed it right in as i screamed like the whore that i was. HE fucked me fast right away, i squirmed and panted. “OH,Ahhuh yess” in my skankiest screaming voice I begged for my first missionary creampie, he happy complied. after he left i PLeasured myself to the thought of what i had just done, and dreamed about my next encounter….

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