My first climax.

American Dad

My first climax.My mother passed away when I was a p*****n. My dad, in a fit of misguided sincerity, determined that my brother and I, “…needed a mom!” Therefore, a year later he married the worst possible choice: this woman had already been married at least twice (maybe 3 times?) before Dad showed up and was widely considered to be the poster c***d for White Trailer Trash. Nice lady though. She had a daughter who was about a year older than I was, tall, slim, with a nice rack for her age but a little buck-toothed. At this point in her life she was taller than me, probably standing 5’5” or better, and she was definitely proportional.She and I got along ok, and after a year or so of them moving in with us she and I were on good, even friendly terms. One evening after the parents and my brother had gone to sleep we sat in the living room and watched TV. Our living room had a door at each end, with the front door in the other wall. I was wearing normal bedtime clothes, shorts with tightie-whities underneath and maybe a T-shirt. She was wearing a pretty nightgown that went from her ankles all the way up to her neck, but it had buttons on the neck to allow it to be undone and reveal a surprising amount of cleavage.As we watched TV (back when you had basic cable when it was first introduced) we were both getting a little bored, but neither of us wanted to go to bed just yet. At some point one of us, probably me, got up and closed both doors into the living room for some reason. I probably came out of my T-shirt at this point. I’d been having erections for quite some time, and as we raised cattle and hogs knew the basics of the birds and the bees, but had no idea what to do with this thing that kept popping up between my legs other than rub on it once in a while and note that it felt better when I did that. At this point, I hadn’t had a wet dream (and still haven’t) or an orgasm.She eventually mumbled something about a back rub (or I imagined this, it was 40 some years ago) and so I hopped up and got behind her chair and proceeded to try to massage her shoulders. She didn’t object, and made enough encouraging noises that I continued on. As I worked on her shoulders, I noticed if I leaned forward, I could see partway down the front of her nightgown. I was struck by how deep her cleavage was, with each breast protruding out of istanbul escort the nightgown nicely, full and round and milky white, with the blue veins visible in some areas.The longer I stared, the harder I became. At some point I stopped rubbing her shoulders with one hand, and used it to trail my fingers down her neck and to the top of her chest, losing my nerve at that point. She would giggle, and tuck her head in to try and stop me tickling her, but never told me to stop. I got braver and braver, to the point my fingers would move down almost to her cleavage before moving back to her neck, which I started pretending to choke her. She didn’t object to either the fingers or the pretend choking, so I kept that up for a few moments, the shoulder rub now forgotten and my poor erection straining my underwear.Predictably, it happened: after a pretend choking session, my fingers trailed down towards the front of her nightgown, but instead of stopping, with no input from my brain, they moved INTO HER CLEAVAGE and stopped, cupping a full, firm warm breast that had to be at least a full “B” cup, if not a “C”. I was shocked my fingers had done this on their own, and tensed up, expecting all Hell to break loose. Instead, to my surprise and relief, she simply sighed and continued to sit there quietly. I released my little piece of Heaven and moved my hand back up to choke her again, and she giggled as I carefully placed my hand on her neck again and gently squeezed. Confused, but emboldened, I repeated the process of dipping my hand into her cleavage, this time grasping the other amazing breast. The result was the same; a simple sigh from her, she continued to sit quietly, and my poor ignorant dick was screaming to be let loose and touched.I removed my hand, and moved in front of her, getting down on my knees quickly so she wouldn’t see my erection, though a raised eyebrow on her part hinted she had. I leaned in between her oh-so-long legs (still covered by the nightgown) and gently put my hands on the top of her cotton-covered thighs. She gave no response, positive or negative other than to continue to quietly look at me. I got brave and let my hands slide up her thighs, slowly moving up them to her waist, then sliding over to her arms. At this point I stopped avcılar escort my left hand and let my right-hand continue to move up to her shoulder, then over to her neck, where I repeated the choke/squeezing trick, if from a different angle.She gave that little giggle and got a small grin on her face, and taking that as a “Yes”, let my hand fall back into that amazing cleavage. She never moved a muscle as I rose up off my knees to get a better angle to reach into her nightgown. She just looked me in the eye as I grasped her left breast and then gently lifted it up. It strained against the nightgown for a few seconds until I moved my other hand over to pull the neck of the nightgown down, finally freeing her b**st for me to marvel at.I tried the neck squeeze again, thinking to pull the right boob out as well but when I moved my hand back down to her cleavage she sat up a little, making an “Unh-uh” noise in her throat. I moved my hand back to her exposed breast and began to explore it, checking her eyes as I touched her. She sighed again and didn’t move as I ran my hand all around her marvelous breast, carefully checking the weight, firmness and heft. Pinching her hard nipple got another sigh out of her, this time she inhaled sharply when I pinched it, raising the breast and exposing more of it.About this time I realized my dick was putting out a kind of, “I need to pee!” feeling, which was odd as I didn’t think I needed to pee. I decided what my dick needed was more room, so as I was feeling up her boob with one hand, my other hand slipped down to slide my underwear down in front so my hard little dick had some room to maneuver. As it was released it promptly slapped forward, hitting the chair she was sitting in and somehow getting sort of trapped between the bottom of the cushion and the chair. This felt good, and in fact, it seemed if I pushed my hips forward and forced the head of my dick into the gap between the cushion and the chair it felt better, lessening the “I have to pee!” feeling significantly.After I had freed my hard dick, I went back to massaging her amazing breast. The longer I played with it the harder the nipple got, and it seemed her boob got bigger as well. At the same time I was squeezing her milky-white breast, I was thrusting into the chair cushion in şirinevler escort sync with my squeezing. After a few minutes of squeezing and thrusting, I realized the “I need to pee!” feeling was getting worse and only by pushing into the chair cushion was giving me any relief. So as I sped up my thrusting, I also sped up squeezing her amazing breast.A minute or two later, it happened: as I squeezed and thrust a feeling came over me I’d never experienced before, but one I have become familiar with since. I opened my mouth to say something (I didn’t know, and still don’t know, what) and instead out came a low inarticulate groan as I felt my dick expand and then start PULSING! I squeezed her tit hard as I pumped my first load of cum under the space of the chair cushion, amazing waves of pleasure accompanying each pump, my dick swelling up to the point of bursting, my testicles tingling as they worked to pump their first load of semen out.It only lasted a few seconds, but it felt longer. I was shocked, surprised, and embarrassed. I looked up at her eyes to see them glinting and a big, evil grin on her face. I dropped her boob and used both hands to try to yank my underwear up. As I looked down to see if my dick was all right, I saw several large, greenish globs of “something” all over the cushion and my underwear and dick. I pulled the underwear up, and quickly stood up, not realizing now she could see the mess all over me. I risked another glance at her face and she was still grinning, even wider if possible. I mumbled something along the lines of, “Well, good night!” and bolted from the living room. As I opened the one door and stepped out into the hallway, I swear I heard her laughing softly.Once in my room I cleaned up, examining the goo in my shorts, realizing what it was and what had just happened. I went to sleep thinking about her boobs, how big and soft and warm and firm and beautiful they were. I hoped I’d get to see them again someday.The next few days she smiled when I dared look her in the eye, not a mean smile but just a good-natured, “It’s okay!”, kind of smile. Our parents did divorce a couple of years later (surprise surprise) but before then and even after the divorce I was occasionally able to touch her again: at one point she even took a picture of me nude and erect with a Polaroid, but she never let me fuck her. The most she’d let me do is feel her up while I perfected my masturbation skills, and this was only once or twice a year.We became friends on social media a couple of years ago, but didn’t discuss my “education”. I’m hoping one day to work up the nerve to message her and ask, “Do you remember the time…?” because I sure do!

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