My First night as a dancer


My First night as a dancerOne night out on the town I decided to try something ‘different’. And by different i mean something that wasnt the same old going clubbing and meeting a few half drunk men who we could con out of anything as long as I promised to ‘give’ them something in ‘exchange’ as my pussy, my panties, or some pictures of me in the washroom. But I like said, that got boring. So it was my idea to suggested that we try something completely new. I had canlı bahis always wanted to try being an escort for the night. If I liked it then I could do it again.Upon arriving to the place there was a male who was in charge of the dancers was found doin a line of coke in his office. Once knocked on the door of his office he popped his head up with powered residue all around his nose and eyes were blood shot. ‘Hey baby! So you must be the fresh meat for the bahis siteleri night, eh? …Well turn around, do a little twirl for me…’ So i started out by letting him check me out, he placed his hands all over my body. My tits were groped and my pussy was violated, but it was all for the night of fun and drinking. So i let the nasty creep get his rocks off by groping me. Although i was hating it my body had other plans, i started to get wet… When he realized güvenilir bahis this he said, ‘oh shit! you gone make me some money tonight! Now why dont you head on to the dressing room, find yourself something to wear and come back to see me? i need to approve ALL outfits.’ He said with a sickening chuckle. Eww, i said to myself. But i did what he said and went to change into a ho-fit. once i got in the the shabby smelly room i found the area where the ho-fits were located. i had to pick and choose between a teeny lime green piece of floss and a girl scout outfit. I figured i would make more tips if i be a girl scout…*Seriously, im going to continue, PROMISE! Smootches!

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