My First Night Intruder

My First Night IntruderI have always leaned toward a submissive side. My curiosity was building. I had a fantasy to have someone enter my apartment while I was sleeping and take me. I couldn’t get this fantasy out of my mind and finally I decided to make it happen. I posted an ad on a local website. The ad read something like Submissive Bi-Curious Male looking for someone to sneak into my apartment through an unlocked door while I sleep and have your way with me. In my gut I knew this wasn’t the smartest thing to do or try, but I couldn’t help it.A few days later only one person responded to my ad. We exchanged a couple of emails and I detailed what I was looking for. I wanted to have an experienced male who knew what he wanted to come to my apartment some night and enter the apartment through the unlocked front door. He would then sneak down the hall to my bedroom where I would be sleeping. He then would have his way with me. I told him when I was aroused anything was possible. I also told him that I was still very inexperienced.After a few back and forth emails, we decided to chat about it on the phone. One Friday night he called me. He had a pleasant European sounding voice. We talked in great detail again about what I was looking adapazarı escort for and any limitations. We both wanted to feel safe, how did he know I wasn’t setting him up. How did I know he wasn’t an axe murderer and the only one that would get pleasure out of my fantasy was him?After several minutes of discussion and contemplation we both agreed to go for it. The plan was for him to enter my apartment sometime tonight between 1am and 2am. We hung up and I began to mentally prepare for what was about to take place. I had run this fantasy through my head many times, but know the unknown was in the hands of the stranger.At about Midnight I began to get ready, I took a shower and decided to put on my favorite fetish wear, a pair of black colored lycra leggings, short white ankle socks and a long t-shirt. I loved dressing like this because it stimulated me. At about 12:45am, I walked to the front door of my apartment and unlocked it. I then turned off all the lights and returned to my bedroom and laid down on the bed. My heart was racing.As the clock approached 1am, I became more nervous and yet excited. I almost wanted to lock the door and pretend I wasn’t home if there was a rattle of the door handle. I fought the urge to adapazarı escort bayan call tonight off. Soon I guess I fell asleep. I was awaken by a hand on my mouth and one on my stomach pressing me against the bed. I couldn’t move. The voice told me to say nothing. For a moment I wondered if this was really someone who had found my door open thinking maybe he would find a female inside sleeping, instead he found me. I did as I was told! His hand came off of my mouth and began to feeling its way down my body toward my rapidly hardening cock.While one hand continued to hold me to the bed the other reached down and slipped my socks off one at a time. Then he worked his way to the waistband of my legging pulling them toward my ankles and feet. I raised my ass and hips to help the fabric move past my ass and thighs. Then he removed my shirt. I was finally naked. It was lit just enough in my room I could see a silhouette of a man, but no detail.His hands were all over my body, up my thighs to my cock, then my ass and his mouth sucking and nibbling on my hardening nipples. I felt his tongue enter my mouth as his kissed me. He rolled me over onto my stomach and spread my legs as wide as he could exposing my bottom to anything. escort adapazarı As I lay there I felt the warmth of his breath on my ass, then he began to slowly kiss and lick my ass, running his warm moist tongue down my ass crack and probing my asshole with his tongue. He rimming felt great!After a few minutes of rimming my butt, the rimming stops. I am waiting for him to lift my hips or move into a doggy position and penetrate my ass. He then uses his fingers in my ass and I can feel a slickness, like he is lubing my hole for penetration. Next thing I know, he is getting on the bed. I feel his weight by my side and then he lays on my back and pins me to the mattress with his weight. He nibbles on my ear and tells me to relax. He owns me now and I feel his cock starting to penetrate me. It is hard and thick and he just keeps the steady pressure until he pops past my tight ring. He is in and he begins to fuck and move. I know now that it is too late to stop him. He is going to make me his pregnant slut and he is going to have his way with me. He gets hot and starts to sweat. His sweat is dripping on my back. His breathing gets harder and he is moaning. He is really enjoying this. Then he stops and his left leg begins to twiver. I know he is enseminating me and making me his cum dump.My visitor lays on top of me for a few minutes, catching his breath. He then kisses the back of my neck, gets up, dresses and tells me not to follow him. He disappeares in the night as fast as he appeared.

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