My First Penis


My First PenisI was in my early 20s when I first put one in my mouth. My teens were spent watching straight porn, and I loved it, but I always fantasized about cock. Big cocks, small cocks, hairy, smooth, cut and uncut cocks–I found them all fascinating and sexy and I wanted one in my mouth. It was after a long relationship with a woman who was homophobic that I started exploring my sexuality. I became more open-minded with porn and started watching videos with transwomen, crossdressers, and eventually an array of sexy man videos. I bought dildos, plugs, and lube, and played with my butt, alone, still too shy and scared to find someone who’d ‘accommodate’ me. I put cock on a pedestal, worshipped it, and fantasized about pleasing and being objectified by men. This happened for about a year before my best friend came out to me.I suspected he wasn’t entirely straight throughout high school, but we never talked about it. I wasn’t surprised when he told me and I remember how instantly excited and nervous I became. “ilikesomanythings,” he said, “I’m gay.” As simply as that, he let me into his private little world and I was its first visitor. I beamed and asked him about everything, exploring his sexuality as much as my own, until I was comfortable enough to ask: “So,” short awkward pause, “have you ever thought of me that way?” I said half-jokingly and looked down to my sweaty palms, clasping them.”Yeah,” he said, still smiling. “A lot, actually.” I had never bahis firmaları gotten so horny so fast in my life. I told him I’m not 100% straight either and now he began to beam as though we’d reached a tacit aggrement.You could describe the feeling in my gut as anxious butterflies. The feeling in my pants, however–. I was hard and leaking precum into my underwear, but still nervous at the prospect of being intimate with a man. I stood up and put my hands in my pockets, highlighting my left-leaning and obvious erection. It was aggressive, but well-received and I motioned to my bedroom while asking “so you wanna . . . ?” He nodded, still beaming, and followed.We walked to my bedroom and sat, he at the computer, me on the bed. We had zero idea how to start. “Can I see it,” I asked and he shrugged shyly and stood. He was hard and when he pulled his boxers over his cock, all seven inches sprung to attention. I kneeled, stared at it, looked at him, at it, then wrapped my fingers around it lightly, stroking long and slow. “Can I put it in my mouth,” I asked with clear desire and he nodded. I put it to my nose and smelled it, taking in its musk. He had had a long day and the scent drove me crazy. I squeezed a little precum out and rubbed it on like lipstick. I was delighted by the saltiness. His cock jumped and throbbed in my hand. I licked more, running my tongue in circles around the head, under his foreskin, and eventually down his shaft to his balls. kaçak iddaa I sucked on them one at a time, unable to fit both at once, and stroked him faster. I became wild for his cock, enjoying every second of pleasure that I had it in my hand and mouth. I was so hard and horny I was confident I could cum by rubbing myself over my jeans. I did and started moaning with his dick pressed against the back of my mouth hoping he would feel the vibrations. He moaned louder and louder each time and started thrusting into my mouth. “Stopstopstop, hold on,” he said, and I did, immediately, assuming he was about to cum. He was breathing hard and bracing himself against the desk. Unable to help myself, I caressed his hairy bare thighs with my fingertips and kissed his pelvis softly, occasionally licking, occasionally brushing up against his hard pulsing cock. “I would like it if you came in my mouth, please,” I said. “Are you sure?””Yeah, very,” I said, and started licking again. It quickly turned to sucking and stroking and, before long, he started moaning again and his body started tensing. His cock got harder and he said he was almost there. I deep throated him again, this time taking his entire cock in my mouth. I gagged, but the smell of his pubic hair was intoxicating. He started repeating I’m gonna cum as though it caught him off guard. I barely had time to pull back and wrap my lips around the base of the head to create a light seal in hopes of saving kaçak bahis all of his cum. I kept my head still and my lips wet, and he took over stroking himself. He was frantic and desperate to cum, his hand pushing against my lips, the roughness of it all turning me on even more. The feeling of warm cum shooting at the roof of my mouth and into my throat surprised me. I was overcome with ecstasy and I felt my body relax with his as though I were sharing his orgasm. The taste, smell, and sensuality of it all was overwhelming. I savored every drop of cum he left me before I swallowed.I stood up and he thanked me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I thanked him in return, assuring him that it was my pleasure. I leaned into him, rested my lips against his shoulder and kissed while rubbing his stomach and running my fingers up and down his butt. I’d never been so horny before. I could feel a lot of precum in my underwear. “Do you want to here,” he asked and squeezed my butt. It made me tingle and I stifled a moan.”How about next time,” I proposed not having had the opportunity to prepare and clean myself for him.”I didn’t think you’d like it, I thought you would be repulsed honestly,” he said with a little embarrassment and relief in his voice.I laughed, still shy, still hungry and yearning to be bent over and fucked long. I had never wanted cock more in my life. The taste of his cum stayed for a while after he left. I was so hot and frisky but I decided to delay my gratification until the following night when I would finally lose my anal virginity. I fell into a deep, restful sleep fantasizing about cock, relishing all the sounds, tastes, and smells I was grateful to experience.

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