My first prostitute…… when I was 16yr old


My first prostitute…… when I was 16yr oldI have always had yellow fever. I love asian women. Anyway when I was 16 I went on craigslist because I was horny and curious. I saw a bunch of escort ads on there. At that point in my life I fucked many black females. I fucked A white girl. I hadnt fucked Asian or Latina women yet. After a few minutes of contemplation I summoned the nerve to call an escort ad number. I didnt really know what to ask but I got a general location and a price. $200 for an hour service. The place was in Manhattan somewhere. I had $100 saved and got the rest from various relatives. The day after I called I went to the location and called again to figure out where I needed to really go. After walking a few blocks I found the place. Had to call again to figure out what bell I had to ring to be let into the building. When I got to the apartment that I was supposed to be at I knocked anadolu yakası escort on the door and an old asian lady answered. I thought I had the wrong place. She asked me why I was there and If I knew what they did inside. I told her what she wanted to know and she let me in. She let me to a room. After 5 minutes a cute asian woman walked in. She was skinny like I like women. She asked me what I wanted and I told her 1 hour and gave her the $200 for it. She left the room and after like 3 minutes she came back but she was only wearing a a bikini. She told me to get comfortable and undress and I did. She took me to a bathroom and she gave me a quick wash. We started talking in there and I found out that she was 23yrs old and Korean. I forgot her name. After the shower we went to the bed. we kept talking she asked me my age. I told her I was ataşehir escort 18. She got real quiet then told me she couldnt serve me because I was too young. I guess she figured I had to be 21. I tried to persuade her but she wouldnt give in. She left the room and after 2 mins the old asian lady walked in the room where she also told me that I was too young and gave me my money back. I tried to persuade her too because I REALLY wanted to fuck that younger chick but I failed. I got dressed and I left. I was pissed. When I got outside I called another place and they told me the price and location. It was only a few blocks away so I walked there. I called again to figure out the real location and everything. This time when I got to the apartment a young chick answered the door and she let me in and led me to a room. She asked me what I wanted and I told her 1 hour ümraniye escort and gave her $200. She put the money in her sweatpants and started to undress. She told me to get comfortable so I undressed. I asked her how old she was and she told me 22. I found out her name was Mimi when I asked her. She asked me my name and age and I told her the truth. I told her I was 16 and she didnt give a shit!!! There was quick wash this time. She just stripped and layed down on the bed I asked her if I could eat her pussy and she let me. When she started to put a condom on me I asked her If I could fuck her raw but she said no. She put the condom on and I got on top of her and started fucking her. After about 10 minutes I we changed to doggystyle. In the transition I did a ninja move and broke the condom. I slid it to the base of my dick. Then I fucked her raw like I 1st wanted to. After like 7 minutes I came. I didnt pull out. She jumped when she felt me cum. When I pulled out I took off the condom and showed it to her. She said “fuck you” to me and told me to leave and that I couldnt come back. I did leave. I went back 2 months later and did the same thing to another girl who worked there but she didnt care. I gave THAT girl a tip…..

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