My first sexual experience – with an older man


My first sexual experience – with an older manI had just started working, not yet old enough to drive and still a virgin. I used trains to go to and from work, and one afternoon I was waiting for a train and I just happened to be standing near the male toilets. It is an old station, with buildings made of bricks, but very little in the way of seating. So I was leaning against a wall near the toilet entrance when I noticed a man in his mid fifties looking at me. He was well dressed in a suit and he carried a brief case. It has always struck me since that I knew he was checking me out, even though I was dressed normally and showed no outward signs of being gay – which I am not though I experiment occasionally. As with most young people, my hormones were raging, and I began to get quite excited that this guy, who was not bad looking, was checking me out. tuzla escort I don’t know why, but I lifted my leg and placed my foot against the wall in the way a street girl might attract a customer. At that moment a train arrived and I decided not to board, but I began to return his gaze. He began to board, changed his mind and returned to the platform. When the train departed we continued to gaze at each other, and soon another train arrived and went, and then another. By the time the third train had come and gone, we had been gazing at each other for about 20 minutes. I don’t know why, but I decided to make a move so I walked into the toilet (which I knew to be empty) and went to the urinal. He followed me only a few seconds later and stood next to me. By then I had a raging hard on, so I pulled out my cock and tried to pee, sancaktepe escort but was unsuccessful. I looked sideways at his face and noticed he had eyes only for my hard on. It was then that I went into a cubicle. The doors had long ago had the locks removed, so there was a ready made peep hole. I sat on the seat cover and pulled down my trousers, and when I looked up I could see his eye gazing through the hole. By now I was so horny that opened the door and waved him. He entered, closed the door, put his suitcase on the ground, knelt down and simply devoured my cock. This was my first ever sexual experience and in less than a minute I exploded in his mouth. He continued to devour my cock, and when his mouth was full my juice seeped out of the side of his mouth. My cock stayed hard and once I finished my orgasm he continued üsküdar escort to slide his lips up and down and in a few short minutes I came again; and again he did not stop, and soon after I came for the third time. It was then, exhausted and drained, that my cock softened and he finally lifted his head. My juice was dripping from the side of his mouth, and he too was panting. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, wiped his mouth and gave me a huge smile. I was now terrified as I was in a small enclosed space with a stranger that has just devoured my cock and juice for 10 minutes and I began to feel trapped, not knowing what would happen next. But he gently rubbed his hand against my cheek, thanked me (yes he did!), and stepped out. When I eventually got home, I went to my room and wanked for 30 minutes, until I had no juice left to expel. I looked for him over the next few weeks but I never saw him again. Over the next 3 decades I have some some wonderful oral experiences, mostly with women, but very occasionally with a guy; but nothing will ever exceed the joyful memories I have of my very first time.

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