My First Tan of the Summer


It was going to be a great day for sure, I had no doubts about it. My husband was away on a long business trip and it was the first day of summer. The weather could not have been any better then what it was, 85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

I figured, why not, lets do some tanning and get my body all bronzed. I maybe a little older at 42 but I still feel attractive. I’m 5’8, 34d 21 29, tight bodied with a heart shaped ass. I do get some looks still from some men.

So I got my thong bikini on myself and I posed in front of the mirror. Wow I had to say to myself, it didn’t fit this tight in the store when I had bought it. The top made my breasts look a little larger and more fuller. The bottom gave me a slight camel toe and the backing went deep into my ass. I loved how it looked on me.

I grabbed my towel, tanning lotion and made my way to the inground pool in the backyard. I laid the towel on the lawn chair and turned on a small radio to listen to some music as sınırsız escort I laid there.

Just as I closed my eyes I heard the sound of my son’s voice.

“Wow mom! That’s not a bikini a mom should be wearing.” I guess I had his attention.

“Well I’m not that old yet where I need to hide myself am I?” I asked him.

“Well, no you are still quite attractive for an older lady” he said.

“Well then come help an old lady with her tanning lotion then” I said in return.

He took the bottle and put some lotion on his hands and began to apply some to my back. MMMM his hands felt so good on my skin.

I dared to ask him “Please put some a little lower.”

“Um … lower where mom?” he asked.

“My lower back silly.” I responded.

I then laid on my belly, and the sun felt so good on my bare ass. I could almost feel his eyes staring at my ass as he put the lotion on the small of my back.

“A little more taksim escort lower there.” I told him.

“Mom, I can’t do that.” he said.

“Sure you can, I don’t want to get burned there you know.” I explained to him.

He applied more lotion to his hands and started to touch my ass cheeks. The lotion felt so good on my ass. His hands almost felt like they were shaking as he rubbed my skin. I was getting so turned on by this.

Without knowing it, I began to spread my legs.

“Get in between, get it all the way up my legs” I told him.

He began to run his hand up my thighs almost touching the thong material. I was in heaven, my pussy began to wetten right there.

I stood up, almost felt my knees shake. The pool was fenced in and there was no way for anyone to see in.

“Do you promise that what happens in the pool area stays in the pool area? I asked him.

“Yes mom of course. Why do you ask? he asked me.

Without tesettürlü escort saying a word, standing in front of my own son, I untied my bikini bottom and let it fall to the ground. His face had the cutest shocked look I have seen in a long time. I then laid myself back on the chair, face up and told him to get all of me. He curiously began to rub lotion on the fronts of my thighs.

I took his hands and led then to my wettened pussy. Oh god, that almost made me cum on the spot.

“Touch me like you touch your girlfriend” I told him.

He took two of his fingers and inserted them deep into my pussy. I loved that feeling, but I wanted more then that.

“No son, like this.” I ordered him as I grabbed the back of his head and thrusted his face between my legs.

His tongue took little time to probe deep inside me. God it felt so good, I was so turned on to this taboo feeling. I began to tighten up and I could feel an orgasm coming on. I began to hump his face with my hips. Then the feeling come on strong, I was cumming because of my son’s tongue. I felt so naughty by this, it was so very wrong, but it felt to good.

After I came, I thanked him and reminded him of our agreement, and he said no problem. What a great start to a mom’s summer.

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