My First Time


My First TimeIt was my 18th birthday and my friend who was 25 at the time invited me to go to a party with him and his girlfriend. So I agreed. We got there and all was well it was a cool crowd. But I was completely blind to how the host was acting. Ok, so I was a bit drunk. LOL. So as the party started to calm down and everyone started to leave. The host pulled me to the side. at the time he was 35. He asked did i know if he was checking me out through out the night. I started to back up a bit. He told me to relax he wasn’t going to force anything on me if I rejected his approach. He then asked me if I ever had thoughts of being with a male on that level. I told him no. So he asked if I wanted to hang around after everyone left and just drink a bit and watch a few movies. I agreed as long as he agreed not to try his hand. He said I might try my hand. but also said, if I really felt uncomfortable by his advances he would chill out. So everyone left and him and I start talking and drinking. He went you know, you’re a cute light skinned shorty. I went I’m not a shorty. He basically had all due right to call me a shorty though. The guy is about 6’4. I’m all of 5’7. So I can see why the shorty title was used. He went. I know you got a sexy body. I asked him to chill. He said ok ok. Sorry about that shorty. But, I just know a bubble butt light skinned bottom to be when I see one. so he discontinued the comments and compliments and we continued to relax and drink. About an hour later. He asked did I like porn. I said what human being on Earth doesn’t like porn? He asked if I wanted to watch some with him. So I said sure, no problem. I was always use to watching porn with my friends. We would discuss the sex appeal of the females that were on the movie. So he puts the porn on. Time goes by. It starts to get really late. By that time I’m fucking horny because I spent time watching porn with him. Watching the beauty of the female body. So I asked if it was cool if I took a shower because I was getting tired and was ready to go to bed. He said sure no problem. Showed me where all the stuff was that I would need. you know.. body wash… wash cloth. towel. etc etc. lol. so i take a shower all went well. I come out and go to the spare room to relax. I put headphones on and started to listen to music. I didn’t hear the door open. I remember I was laying on the bed on my stomach dick still hard from the porn. Really fucking horny. He came up behind me and started to rub my shoulders. I told him to chill out. It wasn’t my thing. He said I knew you had a shape. Look at that tight bubble butt. He asked if I was mixed. I told him my mix. His eyes got big for some reason. I went what? you’ve never seen a Black/White/Rican mix before? He went that explains why that ass is so plump round and PHAT! by that time I gave a look back just to see what he saw and when I looked back he went now you see what I see. Which I actually kartal escort did. I saw the bubble butt that he saw. But never really took time to take a serious look at it before that night. So he asked could he give me a massage. I finally agreed and let him give me one. One of the best massages of all time to be honest. lol. He then asked if I ever had the small of my back licked. I went no never. I only mess with chicks. He said I bet you’ll like it. By that time he was starting to get me curious. So, i turned about around and placed my headphones back on so he could finish giving me the massage. He then started to move his hands to the middle of my back and down to the small of my back. I jumped a bit. He said are you ok. I played it off. I went thats a ticklish spot.. But in reality the strength in his hands started to feel really good. He then started to go lower and started to massage my butt cheeks. I started to relax more. He then finally licked the small of my back and at first i freaked out. Tried to get off the bed but he said that jump you did wasn’t a scared jump shorty. Quit playing. I said I’m not playing. He went oh ok so you’re not playing? I went no I’m not. He went oh ok so then this probably wont turn you on. He then smacked my ass with his hand and i jumped and bit my bottom lip. He said look at you. You liked it… I said yeah I liked it but it doesn’t mean anything. So then all of a sudden he spread my legs apart while i was on my stomach and grabbed both my ass cheeks. I was caught up in so much shock I didn’t know how to react. No ones ever really started to have their way with me in that manner. He then said to me look at that pretty little virgin hole. I said i told you I don’t get down with dudes.. and before I could even say my next words I felt him start to kiss my butt cheeks. By that time i sorta started to go limp. He went that’s right shorty. It’s ok. I’m gonna make you feel really good. I said one more time with a soft voice. Can you stop. He said are you sure you want me to stop.. I said yes.. but before i could get the E and the S out. I felt his tongue slide down over my asshole and i lost it. He went there you go. relax. so i just relaxed and then i felt him grab the very center of my cheeks by my ass hole and spread it. forcing my hole open. He went you’re a clean one. I said thanks.. he then let all his saliva just run down the crack of my ass into my hole.. then he proceeded to eat me out. 30 minutes into it he stopped and said I thought you didn’t get down. I couldn’t say anything but it feels so good.. He asked did i want him to continue. At first I didn’t answer. So, he asked again. I didn’t answer. The third time. He went shorty. I’m talking to you and smacked my ass just enough for it to sting. i jumped. He went yeah look at that you want it. so he pulled me close to his face and started to lick around bostancı escort my asshole. Going back and forth from biting my cheeks to licking my asshole. He then started to suck on my hole really hard and told me don’t resist. So i let go. My muscles stared to loosen up. At that time I was so gone in the head. dick throbbing spewing pre-cum. Nipples hard with just waves of heat shooting through my body that I didn’t even know what he was in reality doing. he was preparing me for my first dick down. And when i say dick down. This guy was a pro. I got lucky to end up with someone who didn’t just give a damn about their dick pleasure. But also the pleasure of my body. so he continued. I started to moan some. He went it’s ok shorty. No one will hear you moan or scream. I said scream? He flipped me on my back right after pushed my legs back and told me to keep them closed and keep my knees to my chest. I did as he said. He went look at that hole. I’ve got it throbbing. I think it’s hungry. I couldn’t even reply. He then asked me. Is it hungry! i couldn’t answer so he smacked my asshole with three of his fingers which caused me to say I don’t know what you mean. He went you’ll see. So then he spread my legs so he could gain access to my stomach. He slapped right above my belly button and said those insides are hungry. I didn’t quite get what he meant when he said those insides are hungry after he slapped above my belly button. Basically that was a heads up and a warning that my entire view on sexuality was about to change. He then said ok time to really make you feel good. He showed me his tongue and let it hang out. I went you’ve got a fucking long tongue! he went I know and its about to go inside of you. I went I don’t know about that one. He pushed my legs back and slide his tongue in. I fucking lost it. i submitted i opened my legs and he tongue fucked me. How long for I don’t remember. I saw stars. he then stopped and said he wanted me to basically go into the bathroom and clean myself out. I pretty much had a damn concept of that though. That in general isn’t a really complex thing to get the hang of. So. I went to the bathroom butt naked butt jiggling along the way. I knew it was jiggling because his comment as I walked out was. You have the ass of a fucking bitch! Look at it move. so soft so round. it just moves. He didn’t know as i left the room i was blushing more red than a dozen red roses. I came back about 20 minutes later. Laid back down on the bed. And he went back to work just licking my nipples, my neck, my stomach, my inner thigh. It’s like he knew where every hot spot on my body was. so he stopped and tapped his three fingers above my belly button again. I said to him. What? you have a thing for belly button smacking lol? He went no. I’m just letting you know where you’re going to feel me at. I went feel you at? He went. YES! FEEL maltepe escort ME. He then went in his drawer and grabbed a condom and the lube and said that butts ready you do know that right? I just looked in a complete daze. After that he laid on his side and slid the condom on and pulled me towards him. I hesitated. He said don’t worry shorty. I’m not out to hurt you.. Not in a bad way anyway. So he slid the condom on. I still didn’t know how big he was in reality. But i should of caught on from how long he spent preparing me. So i start to get a little closer and he went. You’re going to be sub tonight baby! and pulled me into him. My back to his chest. I was still sorta nervous. No matter how good it felt. I was still new to being with a man. So he got me relaxed and then said don’t run. I started to feel him rub the head of his dick from the crack off my ass down over top of my asshole. I tried to jump and pull away. He pulled me closer and said you know you want it. I can feel your hole throbbing. you’re breathing hard. he then said you’re going to scream tonight but before the nights over you’re going to cum so hard you’ll shake. HE then lifted my leg and placed it over his and started to finger me. At first it fucking hurt and then i heard him say wait.. I think i found it. Then all of a sudden this sheer pleasure. I started to moan. He said that’s your prostate. He massaged that and I couldn’t help but get wet. After he massaged my prostate he added more lube and said I got you open now. Its going to hurt but only for a bit. By that time i took a look at his dick. I won’t lie it scared the shit outta me. I said oh god thats not a dick that’s a SNAKE. he laughed and said hold still. He applied pressure to my hole with the head of his dick and penetrated. At first it burned. But , he said relax. Don’t tense up. So i listened the burning stopped shortly after and he was inside NOT FULLY! but he was in. He started to pump. I felt his head bulging and all his veins just contracting against my walls. About ten minutes went by. By that time i was in pure exstacy. And he knew it. He went you gonna let me get mine shorty. i just kept breathing harder and harder.. He pumped faster and faster but not deep just faster and faster. and then i heard him say OMG! I’m gonna cum baby I’m about to cum don’t move don’t move you feel so good. OMG! and then I felt the condom fill up with all his nut. he panted heavily for about 10 minutes. Just rubbing my stomach saying i’m about to light you up. i went HAVEN’T YOU ALREADY?!! He went no that was just so can last longer. He said get in the doggy style position. so i agreed. He then angled my body lowered my back and arched it. raised my ass up and slapped his dick on my hole. I kept backing up on it he kept pulling it away. He went you want it I know you do. So he spread my ass fully and penetrated me. Slow normal strokes at first leading to deeper until i felt him finally PUSH balls deep which caused a yelp so loud. He then smacked my ass and said. Time to give this ass up. After he said that he grabbed my waist. Gripped tight and fucked my brains out. He came 2 more times that night and he made my ass lock up easily 5 times from the orgasm and i ejaculated 3 times that night…

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