My first time. A true story.


My first time. A true story.It wasn’t romantic, but it was amazing. It wasn’t long, but it was life changing. For years I had fantasies about sucking cock. Even when I was very young, I found cock beautiful, sexual and alluring. Hanging or hard. Watching porn, I’d sometimes imagine myself in the girls position, sucking, licking and pleasuring cock. These feelings and desires increased over the years, which lead me to my first experience.Early, on a Saturday morning, my lust had me driving by an Adult Bookstore. I had heard the rumors of the video booths and glory holes. I had heard they were a haven for gay sex. I was too nervous to go in, “What if someone I knew saw me?” I would think. So horny, I drove around it afew times, not sure what I was looking for or going to do. I saw another car behind me, following me and then pull up next to me. I looked over and he was looking back at me. My heart raced, I sensed he was looking for the same thing I was. Nervous and heart pounding, I looked away. Lust and desire made me look back at him again. He smiled and gestured for me to pull over. He pulled back in behind me and I began to breathe heavy. So nervous, but I wanted it so bad. I needed a man’s touch, and I needed to touch him.I thought I might just drive off, but in an instant, a split second decision had me pulling into an empty parking lot. He followed. It was cool outside and a light fog, gave perfect cover. bahis firmaları I sat, heart pounding as he got out and walked over to my work truck. He was about my age, earlier twenty’s or so, and very heavy. Just average looking and not fit at all, but his confidence and forwardness made him seem very sexy. I opened my door and he stood close. I honestly don’t even remember exactly who spoke first or even what was said. It was all a bit of a light headed blur. I do remember the electricity that shot through my body when he touched my leg. I could feel my cock, aching and throbbing now, straining against my jeans. My nervousness melting away, cock lust and curiousity taking over, I reached over and caresses his crotch. I could feel his glorious hard dick through his sweat pants. Stiff and pointing straight up, I knew immediately that I loved cock. Just stroking it through his pants, I knew. His manhood felt amazing, I loved to touch it and knew I wanted more.He began rubbing my hard cock and pulling open my jeans. I sat in my truck and he stood next to me inside the open door. I was lost to the feelings of his touch and the urges of my cock. He freed my hard on and took it straight into his warm, wet wonderful mouth. Immediately, it felt amazing. Immediately, I knew I wanted to be with men. I felt almost intoxicated. Light headed and lost in the pleasure, his head bobbed up and down in my lap. I could feel kaçak iddaa my orgasm build and my heart rate going up. I began to breathe heavy again as he edged me to cum. His mouth felt so good, he was taking me to an explosive orgasm and he knew it. Sensing I was about to cum, he pulled his mouth off of me just in time to see the first spurt of semen shoot out. My legs shook with the force. He watched that first shot, then with a quiet, lustfull moan, dove his mouth back down onto me just in time to catch the rest of my shooting cum. I was almost panting now, overcome with the pleasure and power of my orgasm. His magic mouth continued to suck and swallow. It was amazing. I was his.I had always imagined I would loss my nerve to suck another man, especially after the urging of my orgasm had been released. To my surprise, the opposite was happening. I wanted nothing more than to pleasure him. To see and feel and taste that wonderful hard dick that I had felt through his pants earlier. To my surprise, I wasn’t even nervous. I just wanted his cock in my mouth. We we switched positions and with him now sitting in the truck and facing out. I pulled down his sweat pants and exposed is hard dick. It looked beautiful, so beautiful. Fat and thick at the base, leading to a smaller, pointed head, half covered with foreskin. I actually felt my mouth water. I leaned forward and licked the underside of his shaft. It felt kaçak bahis soft, almost rubber like, but so nice on my tongue and lips. The taste was unlike anything I had experienced before, oddly wondeful and addictive. I surprised myself alittle at my eagerness desire, taking him deep into my mouth in an instant. His cock felt wonderful in my mouth, natural and fullfilling. I loved how he tasted and loved how he made my lips stretch open wide as they slid further down his shaft. Suddenly, I was struck by, if only for an instant, the realization that I was now a cock sucker. A wonderful, happy, loving, cocksucker. I wanted more though, I wanted it all, I wanted his cum. When his breathing quicken, I was hit by a sense of urgency. I instinctively quickened my pace, instinctively trying to coax his cum out. Without warning, he filled my mouth with his wonderful, warm cream. His cum filled my mouth and senses. I felt a tingle and a warmth, as if transformed by his semen in an instant, for ever changed. I swallowed a mouthful and it seemed as if I could feel his thick fluid slid down my throat. Warm, thick, wonderful and delicious. I continued to suck every drop of his cum out and swallow it down. With the taste and texture of his sperm still in my mouth, I looked up at him. I replaced my mouth with my hand on his cock and slowly, lovingly, stroked him. I didn’t want to let his cock go. I surprised myself yet again, but maybe even surprised him more when I leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. While continuing to stroke his gorgeous cock, feeling his soft but firm girth in my hand, I kissed him again and thanked him.

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