My first time (femboy)

Big Tits

My first time (femboy)It happened 4 months after i became 18. I’ve only given a blowjob before this. I met Neil on a local kik group he really loved the pictures i shared and messaged me saying that he liked them. We talked alot over week or so and asked me if i would like to meet up and maybe hook up i hesitated at first but agreed later on cause he was really cute and tall. He said this would just be sex and nothing else and if we both liked it we could get into some real stuff and so came thursday. i was all ready. He called me and said hes here i ran down and went out and I got in his car we talked for a while i was really feminine for guy and i had busty hips that a boy wouldn’t have but apparently he likes that alot and we talked about how we could make this a long term thing and on the way over illegal bahis he grabbed my thigh slowly which i really loved got me al, horny. we got to his house. He was a bit older than me so he was living alone and had the house all to himself. We got to his house and went upstairs to his room. He was sitting on his bed and i was standing up near his dresser i was short 5’9 he was 6’4 when he sat down his face was still on the same level as mine. We started looking at each other and i had to make the first move so I got closer and put my hands on his neck and kissed him he placed his hands on my hips which is a really big turn on for me. I could feel his hands going down and grabbing my ass slowly. After kissing him i put my hands on his buckle and removed it. Then i unbuckeld them and pulled it down he was already hard his cock illegal bahis siteleri was huge and white my hands couldn’t grip the whole thing it was girthy as well i got on my knees and slowly gripped it. I was licking and playing around with it and i felt him leaning back with his hands on the bed. I trained alot with a toy i bought recently so i was able to go really deep without hesitation. He put his hand on my head and kinda oushed it deeper untill i deep throated him i could hear his moans slightly. After i came out grasping for air “stand up and turn around” i obeyed like the little slut i was. He pulled down my jeans “damn there’s those chocolaty cheeks” he said while grabbing my ass. He stood up and turned me around to the bed ” bend down now” i put my hands on the bed and bent down arching my back. He removed my canlı bahis siteleri jeans fully. I could feel his cock on my ass slapping it. He slipped his cock between my cheeks as i let out a moan and bit my lip. He started slowly teasing me till i begged for it he placed his hands my hips and started fucking me like i was his on little toy. He took his cock out flipped me over grabbed me and pulled me closer and held my legs up in the air he started kissing me while fucking me im my tight little hole. He said he was close to cumming so i jumped down and got on my knees with my mouth open and tounge out he came on face i could feel it warm on my lips as i licked it around swallowed some he grabbed me by my head and made me suck is cock untill i took in all the cum he wipped his cock on my face and i loved everybit of it the warmth of his cock the warmth of his cum.. we spooned for like half an hour after “we can do this everyday” he whispered in my ear. A chill ran thru my body which felt like a mini orgasamIf you guy liked it leave a like. I’ll put out a part 2

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