My First Time Interracial, the Story of “N&qu


My First Time Interracial, the Story of “N&quSo back to the future my friends, 2003, the Story of “N”!So, “K” and I became separated in October of 2002 and I was dating within six weeks after that. My first conquest was with a co-worker. We were attracted to each other and friends at work and she went out with me a few times, eventually ending up in bed with me for a marathon sex session. It had been a long time that I was without female companionship and I was anxious to get on with my life, especially that part of my life. As I stated in an earlier story, it was not meant to be with her. I had issues that I needed to work out. I had to rediscover myself; I was “single” again. Trying to jump into a serious relationship to soon was a mistake. I think she knew that and was really just trying to help me move forward. She broke things off with me in January and I am very grateful for that. She also introduced me to a very popular dating web site and told me how it worked. (I will be forever grateful for that!) I joined it and created my profile then started dating again. I went on several dates and had sex with 3 different women in the span of three months. One girl was just a little crazy, jumping my bones with her young ones just outside the door, not cool, and I had enough of crazy for one lifetime, so I didn’t see her again. The next was a lady who was very nice and quite normal. She said after we had sex that her legs were shaky from climaxing so much. We had a really nice time, but she was ready for a serious relationship, and I was not, so she moved on. The third was a young lady in her late twenties, blonde and five foot one or so with blue eyes and a nice figure. She lived in the same town I worked in and we hooked up twice for sex. The second time we were together she had multiple orgasms and she didn’t like how out of control that made her feel, or how I enjoyed how out of control she was, so she broke things off with me to find a guy she could manage I suppose. Sometime later I bumped into her at Walmart and got the “I’d like to have sex vibe” from her when we said hello and chatted for a few minutes. But I had moved on by then. It was during this time, early March that “N”, who happened to live in the same town as I did, sent a “Hello” message to me in the dating web site’s chat room. I responded “Hello”, and we commenced chatting on line. She was divorced, alone and lonely and I was lonely as well, so I opened up her profile to see what she looked like and saw she was an African American woman. Where I’m from there are not a lot of African Americans, maybe ten in a city of more than thirty thousand. I had a friend in high school that was African American, we played dungeons and dragons together and that was the only black guy I ever knew. I had never even had a conversation with a black girl before and I was instantly intrigued. I said as much in so many words to “N”, and asked why she reached out to me? She said she read my profile and thought I looked nice. I invited her to my house and offered good company, conversation and a game or two of darts if she liked. She agreed and within 15 minutes was knocking on my door.“N” was 7 years younger than I, in her early thirties, an inch or two taller, with short black hair. She was fit with breasts that filled out her shirt very nicely and had long legs and a nice round ass. She was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans with sneakers. I found her very attractive, more so than the bad profile picture she had posted, obviously taken at her work place by a friend. She seemed shy and anxious. Smiling and letting me shake her hand hello. I thanked her for coming over and offered her the usual host offerings. “Something to drink or eat? Can I make you something?” We talked as we played darts. She was originally from a large city in the mid-west. She had married right out of high school and divorced soon after. She eventually met and married a guy from this area of New England and resettled here. After a number of years she was again divorced. Her first husband was black and her second was white. I asked her what differences she noted between dating and being with white guys compared to black guys? I was truly curious, never having had an interracial relationship. She said she felt that white guys seemed to try harder and black guys seemed to take more for granted. They felt more entitled in her experience/opinion. After a game or two of darts and more conversation “N” was more relaxed and comfortable. She asked me about my life and situation. I told her what I did for work and about my separation and the events leading up to it. I was trying to get divorced but it was proving to be a very difficult and drawn out process (In the end it took three years.). We eventually ran out of words and I could sense she didn’t want to talk anymore (Getting that, “So what now?” vibe from her.), so I asked if she’d mind if I kissed her. She smiled and said, “Sure” and we kissed. We sort of fell into each other at that point, following the kiss to wherever it led us, down onto the carpeted floor in front of the dart board. She helped me pull her shirt and bra off without bothering to undo it and her large silky brown breasts spilled out revealing darker firmly erect nipples defying gravity, demanding my attention. I spent a few minutes applying some oral attentions to them, sucking and lightly biting as I undid the belt and top button of her jeans. I then unzipped them and I pulled her pants and panties off of her hips. “N” helped by lifting that delightful ass of hers so I could continue striping her naked. Her legs were amazing; dark, long and muscular. Everything about “N” was exotic and different to me. Not just the color of her skin, but the way she spoke and carried herself. Her body structure and facial features were so unlike anyone else I’d ever been with. Even her scent and the taste of her were not similar. I was very turned on to say the least.Once her jeans were out of the way “N” propped herself up on her elbows and watched as I removed my shirt and pants. She was nude except for her white ankle socks. Her brown ankles were a stark contrast to the white bahis firmaları cotton. Her chocolaty legs were long and muscular ending at a triangular curly patch of black hair. She smiled and laid back as I slid my left elbow under her right calf and lifted her leg, bending the knee and bringing my mouth to the inside of it. Lightly biting and tonging my way up her smooth inner thigh to her pussy. Slowly, I wanted to enjoy every inch of her dark silky skin. By the time I reached her clitoris her hands were already wrapped around my head, pulling me in. I remember noting the taste was unlike anyone else’s I had ever been with. There was a kind of tanginess to it that was just, different, and I liked that a lot! It didn’t take “N” long to climax, holding my head between her hands as I slithered my tongue all around her clit and in and out of her pussy in a rhythmic fashion that produced ass clenching convulsions leading to a sustained pelvic tilt that kept her clit in my mouth. I vigorously licked “N”’s clitoris as she came, “OHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH!, AHHHHHHHHHHH!”. I continued until her grip around my head subsided. I then wiped my wet mouth and goatee off on her vulva and black pubic hair. After sliding a condom onto my rock hard cock, I slid the tip of my penis over her clitoris and labia, rubbing and teasing it until she grabbed my waist and shoulders and pulled me into her. I fucked her hard and fast, “N” moaning and gasping out in rhythm with my thrusts, her hot breath on my cheek, clenching my back, Cumming again as I drove myself in and out of her, “AHHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHHH!” Grabbing her ass in both of my hands, lifting and squeezing it as I approached climax, she held me tight around the shoulders in a passionate embrace. Getting closer, allowing it to happen, I announced my orgasm, “I’M CUMMING!!!” “AHHHH, AHHHH, AHHHHH, AHHHH!”After we recomposed and dressed ourselves I thanked “N” very much for joining me that evening, and said I hoped we could see each other again soon, maybe for dinner and a movie? She flashed me a demure smile and said, “That would be nice, I’d like that. Thank you for having me over.” The next time I invited “N” over, a few nights later, she came wearing a trench coat and clear plastic stiletto heels, a black lacy bra with matching panties and that was all she was wearing. Sitting at my kitchen table, we chatted and laughed about her choice of attire as I lightly ran my fingertips over her naked thighs. This was a very bold move on “N”’s part. It must have taken a lot of courage and sexual desire to make such a move, being only the second time we met. I said, “I was planning just a normal get to know you better date. Out somewhere for dinner, perhaps a movie….” I watched her tension and anxiety level ramp up. Then I leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips which brought that lovely demure smile back to her lips as I lightly ran my fingertips up the sides of her ribs, stopping at the black lacy bra the retuning to the waist band of the matching panties. As I leaned back in my chair I ran the fingertips of my right hand across her flat belly just above the panty line which provoked a little abdominal muscle flutter, and I smiled back at her. “So, what did you have in mind for tonight?” I asked. “N” giggled and lied, “I don’t know.” “Well, why don’t I show you my house?” I replied. I imagine it was not the plan of action she expected. I knew this; I wanted to build up her anticipation. We stood and I relieved “N” of her trench coat, laying it over the back of her chair. Looking her over, up and down, I commented, “Very nice.” That brought the shy demure smile back to her lips and she said, “Thank you.” And then we commenced the tour. Wearing only her stiletto heels and sexy under garments I showed “N” each room of my big old house, It was built in the late 1800’s, there were a lot of rooms 😉 Running my hand over her low back and lace covered ass at the door way of each room as I introduced her to it. I imagine she could feel my eyes admiring her long dark muscular legs and sexy ass as she carefully climbed the stairs in her stilettos, to the second, then the third floor. The tour eventually ending at the master bed room and by then, a very turned on “N”.Once there, I removed my shirt then took her in my arms. Grabbing that nice ass of hers in both of my hands, squeezing it hard and pulling her lace covered tits tight to my bare chest. This resulted in an open mouthed gasp from “N”, which is when I inserted my tongue into her mouth, kissing her deep and passionately. She responded in kind as I undid her bra strap allowing the large silky brown breasts to fall free. Breaking our embrace to toss the bra aside, I again pulled her close, to feel the warm abundance of her big boobs against my chest. After a minute or two I applied a light downward pressure to “N”’s shoulders with my hands which she instantly responded to. Smiling and dropping to her knees, she undid my belt and top button, zipped down the fly of my jeans and pulled my pants and underwear down around my ankles, my erection bobbing up and down as the clothing was removed. She smiled and looked up at me. Taking my very hard white cock in her dark right hand and lightly cupping my balls with her left, “N” started to blow me with avid attention and skill. Licking the shaft from the base above my balls to the tip then swirling around the head, taking the head lightly between her teeth and sucking it, sliding it in as deep as she could take it, face fucking my erection as I played with her hair. I let this go on until I felt close to cumming, and then stopped her. Lifting “N” to her feet by her shoulders, I backed her up to the bed and she slid onto it, dropping her shoes off as she did. Nude, I climbed on top of my dark skinned lady friend and removed her panties. Then starting at her mouth, still moist with saliva and my pre-cum, I kissed, licked and lightly bit my way down to her clitoris, lingering a while at each erect nipple. After a few minutes of oral attentions to her already wet pussy and clitoris “N” climaxed, “OH GOD! AHHHHHH, OHHHHH, OHHHHH!” (If I remember right ;). I then had her lift her kaçak iddaa ass up so I could shove a folded pillow under it. (I learned long ago that a folded pillow under the ass of a lady friend will allow for optimal stimulation to her G spot from the head of my cock as I fuck her.) And after donning a condom, I slid my cock into “N”’s lake like pussy. She moaned and convulsed, as I worked my hard cock in and out of her. She caught my eye when I looked up from watching the color contrast of my pale cock sliding in and out of her dark pussy. She wanted me to see her as she licked the fingers of her right hand, lubricating them, then spreading her pussy with the fingers of her left “N” started working her clitoris, hard, looking right into my eyes, watching me and my reaction as she vigorously stimulated her clit as I fucked her. I smiled and taking the backs of both thighs in each hand I changed my tempo, fucking her slow and smooth, in and out. Looking into each other’s eyes all the while, when I could tell she was getting very close to cumming I said, “That’s my girl………good girl……….good girl….. Cum for me!” as I said the words she convulsed in orgasmic bliss, moaning in lust as she came all over my hard cock. I had smiled because I understood “N”’s intentions. She wanted to impress me. “Shock and awe” me with her sexuality and how uninhibited she was. She wanted to rock my world arriving at my door dressed for only one thing, sex. Masturbating her clitoris as I fucked her, watching me as I watched her do it. Not just so she could cum, but so she could cum, “for me”. And I smiled because; she really didn’t know who she was dealing with. ;)After “N”’s orgasm subsided I pulled out of her and reached over the edge of the bed, to under my bed, and pulled out my toy box. All sterilized or replaced between visitors, I decided to see if “N” had ever met the “Eroscillator”, an expensive wand like sex toy that resembles an electric tooth brush. Unlike a vibrator, it oscillates, on high speed at 3600 oscillations a minute, in a deep, quiet hum. A few minutes of stimulating “N”’s clitoris with that as I continued to slowly fuck her and she was convulsing and moaning out another orgasm, bucking her wet pussy up and down on my cock. “N” seemed to be enjoying my company very much this evening. So after I fucked her to yet another orgasm, her ass still up on the now very wet pillow, her brown silky skin glistening in the low light of my bedroom lamp. I introduced her to the Hitachi Magic Wand. The Hitachi is so far the best vibrator I’ve found. Vibrating on high at 6,000 RPM’s it became immediately apparent “N” had never met the Hitachi. Placing it on high against “N” clitoris as I fucked her wonderful pussy she came for a very long time, multiple times. I had never been with anyone who could cum like that for so long. Most women I had been with could multi-orgasm maybe three at most four times before they were hyper sensitive and needed to recover before they could resume having sex. “N” just kept getting off, over and over.After sometime I needed a change of position. So I pulled out of her and laid on my back, stretching out, at which point she slid down my body after kissing me and went down on my hard cock with her avid mouth and tongue, fucking me with her face and trying to suck the cum out of my balls. A few minutes of this and I was getting close to wanting to cum. So I stopped her and pulled her up so she could slide onto my cock and fuck me. I liked the view very much as she worked, sliding her pussy up and down my shaft. It was apparent by the way “N” was fucking me that she had not had enough orgasms for one night, so I obliged her by sliding the Hitachi between her clitoris and the top of my pelvic. I then flicked the switch to high and enjoyed the show. “N” immediately started bearing her clit down onto the vibrator, moaning and fucking me. I then instructed her. “Squeeze your big tits for me.” “N” complied, mashing her big dark knockers into her chest, pinching her nipples between her fingers as she worked her pussy up to yet another long stream of multiple orgasms, my cock buried in her pussy, the Hitachi vibrating her clitoris, moaning as she continued climaxing, soaking my cock and balls with that tangy pussy juice of hers. Eventually she slumped forward, still blissfully convulsing.I slid out, and from under her. “N” lying face down on the bed, I instructed her to arch her ass up for me. She did, placing her palms face down on the matrice, arching her low back and offering her ass and pussy to me. I grabbed her haunches I pulled her back and up, sliding my hard white cock into her wet pussy. I fucked her hard and fast doggy style. “N” arched her ass up further and worked to match my rhythm, fucking me back, moaning and saying my name as I fucked away. “Good girl…that’s my girl…. whose girl are you “N”?”……….”Are you my girl “N”?” I asked playfully as I fucked her. “N” responded to my question, (as I knew she would) physically and verbally, climaxing yet again yelling out “YES! I’M YOUR GIRL! I’M YOUR GIRL! AHHHH! AHHHHH! AHHHHH!”Then pushing her forward, laying her flat face down on the bed, I had her bring her legs together as I continued fucking her pussy. Squeezing her dark silky boobs with my hands and pinching her erect nipples with my fingers from behind and on top of her. Breathing hot into her ear, I instructed, “Arch your pussy back and fuck me!” She complied, her mouth open and gasping out, “UH, UH, UH, UH….” In time with my thrusting cock, she arched her ass and pussy up and back, taking me as deep as she could as I climaxed, “GOOD GIRL! THAT’S MY GIRL! I’M CUMMING! “I’M CUMMING! AHHH! AHAAA! AHAAAA! AHAAAA!”The next day or later that night I asked her to pose for me wearing her heals and black lacy bra and panties, which she happily did. Positioning herself as I instructed, allowing me to “Capture” her image. The next time we had sex, she was fine with my photographing that as well. And after that, on occasion, I started video recording our sex. I’ve always enjoyed pornography. And eventually I decided with “K” years before to start making our own “dirty movies”, capturing the kaçak bahis moment/event of our love making. I’d often rather watch us getting off over some strangers. And I found first with “K”, and then with “S” and now with “N”, consenting and “submitting” to being “captured” in photographs and on video was a turn on for them. Knowing the image and video would be a permanent record of what they did, making them in some way forever “mine”, and not just for the moment. At least that’s how it feels to me, and that turns me on. I would sometimes play for “N” one of the videos we made together. For her to watch as I licked her pussy, or dildo fucking her with the Hitachi on her clit. “N” would orgasm as she watched herself climax on the TV. I would comment as well. Pointing out her pre-climax tells, “Look, see how your ass is clenching? Now watch your stomach muscles, you’re about to cum.” “Oh, see, you’re doing it right now. Good girl!” And she would announce her orgasm or I would spank her bare ass ten times on each cheek. Those were the house rules. She liked those rules and she liked breaking them on occasion as well, so I would spank that fine ass of hers. Once I played a video of “S” and I together for “N” to watch as we had sex. I was curious as to how she would react, and she tolerated it fine. But I could tell she did not like watching me fuck another woman, so we did that only the once. “N” was a true sexual submissive. To be happy she needed to feel like she belonged to someone. To really get off the way she could, the way she wanted to, she needed to be instructed and directed. The more control she gave over to her lover, the more sexually out of control she could allow herself to be. Being dominant in my preferred sexual roll, I recognized this and was more than happy to provide it. My only problem, she was African American. I was more than a little uncomfortable asking her, “Who do you belong to?” One of my favorite questions to ask the woman I’m having sex with, just as she is about to climax, it usually results in the lady cumming a lot harder, longer and more than once. I instead asked, “Are you my girl “N”?” or “Who’s girl are you?” The results were comparable, just not the words I like to use. I love the site of a woman wearing the black leather “slave collar” with matching wrist and ankle restraints. I didn’t want to see “N” wearing it, it felt wrong to me. Though as time went on I changed the name from “Slave Collar” to “Sex collar” that was acceptable to me. She enjoyed wearing it and she looked great in it, as she did in the “Tit Harness”. But the ankle and wrist restraints, nope, I couldn’t do it, ever. I had some racial hang ups about putting an African American girl in bondage. I’m pretty confident she would have loved it; she even mentioned her Ex-husband liked to bind her, but it turned me off. Otherwise our relationship and her sexual training went very well. We had sex at least every other night. I would often have her select an adult move to play for visual and audio ambiance as we fucked. When I decided to record the evenings events I would lay out the clothing I wanted to see her in, then she would happily pose for me, and follow my instructions. I’d have her look into my eyes or at the camera as she climaxed, announcing her orgasm, or if she chose not to, I would spank her bare ass. (She knew the house rules 😉 Of course her ass never turned bright red like the white girls I’ve spanked; it did radiate heat quite nicely. “N”was my girlfriend for about thirteen months, we virtually lived together and I was considering a future with her. But I was still not divorced, going in and out of court, separated but not free. “N” made it all bearable; she was undemanding, comfortable to be around, supportive and sane. And sexually, all I could ask for. I cared about her and she mattered to me a great deal. Then one day she professed her love for me, she didn’t say it to pressure me, she just wanted me to know she loved me. I didn’t have the same feelings, and I felt guilty. I would not have a future with “N”. I knew that when she said she loved me, and it wasn’t fair to her, wasting her time with a man who wasn’t going to be, “the one”. So I did one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I ended our sexual relationship, but remained a good friend. I wanted to be there for her if she needed me, as we both went back out into the dating world.The months that followed were difficult. Knowing if I just threw a pillow on the floor in front of me, “N” would happily strip naked, drop to her knees on the pillow and face fuck me. It more than once occurred to me, but that would have been wrong. It would have kept us both from moving on. One time she had a date with a black guy in a city an hour’s drive away. She told me after they had dinner and went back to his car he asked her for a blow job. Being an hour drive from home and her car parked somewhere else; in an unfamiliar city, she sucked him off. I think she told me that to make me jealous or turn me on. I was not jealous, she knew if she ever called me I would come to her assistance. I was annoyed at the guy, coercing sex from a lady. At least that’s how “N” made it sound. (I was a little turned on by the damn story though.;) Almost all the women I’ve ever been with gave me that “Vibe” that let me know they wanted me. When it was the other way around, and I was interested in a woman and wanted her to know it, sometimes they would sway to my charms, and if they didn’t I moved on, disappointed. Because I prefer to be dominant in my sexual roll and hate to be disappointed, I resist chasing after women. Eventually I introduced “N” to a friend. A gentleman who had mentioned he found her very attractive. They started dating; hit it off and in time, moved in together. And we drifted out of each other’s life. I went back to the dating web site and met my wife “T” four months later.Addendum: As a c***d I was bullied, picked on and beaten until I learned to fight back. I don’t like bullies, and racists are bullies. Anyone who feels they are superior to others because of the color of their skin, their religious beliefs, gender or sexual orientation are bullies. I have no tolerance for it. People you take one at a time. You like them or dislike them for who they are. That’s how I live my life; I wish the rest of humanity would do the same.CHEERS!Heatseekerxxx

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