My Friend 1


My Friend 1One day in maths i was sitting there with my good friend. She was amazing funny, cute and hot. Perfect! But this story doesnt revolve around her. This day she told me something, two friends girl and guy who were going out. She had sucked his dick and told another guy and that guy told this girl who i was with. The guys dick was 3 inches, we laughed and made about him then i thought poor her she had to settle for that. So i went and saw her ;)I walked over to her and simply said “i heard about it”. She had a puzzled look on her face. “heard about what?” “His tiny cock”, I say with a smirk. She looked embarrassed and i did honestly feel sorry for her. I then asked her to come over to mine later. She accepted.’Knock, knock’ “hey there”, I say with a smile and a hug.”why did you ask me over””well i had heard about your small cock encounter and i felt a little bit sorry for you” I say in hope that she will catch on to what im getting at.” yeh i probably shouldnt canlı bahis have told anyone but it was just that small i didnt know what to do with one that small” she says.By this time my cock is getting hard at the thought of what is going to happen and from what i have heard she is very open to getting in a guys pants.” yeh it seems like it would be hard to use a cock that small, i dont have that problem” I say confidently. She smiles as she reaches for the growing bulge in my pants. “well i can see why you have no problems”, she says. Now my cock is really starting to throb and im rally getting ready to give her what she deserves. As she slides my pants down, I pull her tight singlet up revealing her firm breasts. She gets my pants down and says with a smile on her face, ” well looks as good as it feels so much beter than my boyfriends”.Then with out hesitation she takes my cock balls deep then slowly eases it out of her mouth and gasps for air. Then gets it straight bahis siteleri back in there. She tenderly strokes and sucks my cock enjoying every single inch of it. My cock is shining with juices and saliva, rock hard going in and out of her soft mouth. Lips wrapped around it tightly. my dick throbs in her mouth and i tell her to stop and i get her on my bed. I slowly slide her shorts down and kiss her thighs before pulling off her cute little panties. I said i was going to get her wet and it looks like she already is. As i go to lick her pussy she says ” dont worry about licking my pussy just fuck me!”. I do as i am told and get right in there. I feel her tight, wet pussy squeezing on my hard throbbing cock. Her pussy is so soft and weyt my cock slides in and out with ease yet still feeling the tightness. I tell her to flip over and she sits on top of my cock. This girl is not taking her time she goes balls deep straight away. her pussy engulfs my cock, not one inch güvenilir bahis is sticking out. As i lay there watching her ride my cock, she bends showing off her beatiful ass to me. I squeeze it making her pussy even tighter around my cock.I could not believe she was this good or this open to fucking a guy while she was in relationship but with that tiny cock waiting for her everyday how could she resist. She then gets off my cock and sucks it fast, then strokes it a few times and tells me to stand up. As i stand up she gets on my bed and bends over, slaps her ass once and rubs her pussy. With no hesitation im up in her pussy fucking her from behind. Now that weve been going for a while i am almost ready to cum. I feel the warmth rising to the tip of my cock. Pull my cock out. “down on the floor” i say to her. She gets on her knees and i ask ” where do you want it?” She replies ” all over my tits”. She grabs my cock impatiently and strokes and sucks it, hard and fast. The cum is right at the tip and she feels it and lets go of my cock. She pushes her tits together and i squeeze all the cum out in a burst all over her tits. “thank you” she says “no one is to know about this!” I say firmly

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