My friend Jerry returns


My friend Jerry returnsJerry and I had been friends since we were nine or 10 years old, we played together, and learned about girls together over the next couple years as we started puberty. Whenever we were alone together we would talk about girls and get so horny and masturbate together. I don’t remember exactly when, but at some point we both became curious and began to wonder what it was like to touch another guys cock and so it began as we explored each other. We both found it very exciting to touch and play with each other and before long we were giving each other blow jobs. I really liked taking Jerry’s soft cock into my mouth and sucking it, feeling it swell up as it grew hard. His cock was about 3 inches long when it was soft and grew to nearly 5 inches as I sucked him making him hard. My cock was just a bit bigger than his, 4 inches when soft and grew to be 6 inches long when I was hard.When we were 14 years old, Jerry’s dad was transferred fethiye escort to a different location and they moved away. Two years went by before Jerry and his family moved back into town. We soon started getting reacquainted and talked about our early years. One afternoon we were alone in the house so I got out my stash of girly magazines and we began looking through them and getting horny. As Jerry sat on my bed looking at the magazines a bulge began growing in his shorts and it looked to be much larger than when I last saw him. My cock was growing hard and begging for some attention, I asked Jerry if he still enjoyed masturbating with a friend. He said “Of coarse I do, let’s get naked and play like we used to.” I said that was a great idea and stood up sliding my shorts down to my ankles setting my cock free. When Jerry stood up and pushed his shorts down I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw his huge cock. It was incredible how much he had escort fethiye grown in two years. His hard cock was now over 9 inches long and it swelled up nice and fat. I could barely take my eyes off of him as we sat stroking our cocks.He smiled seeing me staring at his huge shaft, “What do you think of my cock, it’s gotten quite a bit bigger don’t you think?” I said “It sure has gotten bigger, it looks fantastic and I’d love to play with it and try to suck it.” He leaned back on the bed and told me to go for it. I quickly leaned over putting one hand around his massive cock and slid my lips over the tip of it. I couldn’t believe how big his cock felt in my mouth and I could only get about 4 inches of it into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his hard shaft as I stroked it with my hand and soon it tasted the first drops of pre-cum. I sucked and stroked him faster and soon his body stiffened and he arched his hips upward as he exploded, squirting fethiye escort bayan hot thick streams of cum into my mouth. He made his final squirt and I sucked up every drop and swallowed it. I sat up and said “Damn Jerry, that was great. You sure did cum a lot.” He pushed me back on the bed and said “Now it’s your turn, I’m going to suck you like you never been sucked before. I’ve gotten a lot of practice over the last two years.”He leaned down and slid his mouth over the tip of my cock and all the way down my 7 inch hard shaft with ease. He worked up and down the length of my cock giving me the most incredible blow job ever. He teased and fondled my balls as he sucked up and down on my cock and soon I could feel my load building up. As I lay there enjoying the intense pleasure he was giving me I felt my load begin its way from my balls and up through my cock squirting hard into his mouth four or five times and I was finished. He sucked my cock clean and swallowed my load of cream. I sat up and said “You were right Jerry that was the best blow job I’ve ever had, I’m so glad that you’ve moved back here. We are really going to have fun making up for the time we’ve missed together.”

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