My Friends House Part 4


My Friends House Part 4I could see that she started moving. I tried to hide by the foot end of the bed. It got quiet again. I’d better try to get out now. I came to my senses and it was enough now. I tried to take my clothes off that I had borrowed from his mom. I took off the jacket, and was just about to take the wig off, when I heard her moving in the bed again. Now she was facing towards me, but I thought she was still asleep. I was standing in his mom’s white pantyhose, in heels, bra, and her wig. My cock started to move again.‘No!! Not now!’I pulled my cock out and started playing with myself in front of her. I thought she was asleep, but just then I heard her say…“You Better Keep Going Pulling On That Sissy Cock!”I collapsed and started crying.“Sorry! Sorry! I’m so sorry!”My body was shaking like hell and I felt so ashamed of what I have done. She got angry and took me by my arm firmly. She stood me up and said “You better keep going!” She had this angry look on her face.I took my little cock in my hand started playing with it. I kept crying; this was so humiliating.“Did you know all the time?”She took a leather whip. And she looked me in the eyes. “Get over here, bitch!”I walked over to her.“Turn around!”I turned my ass to her.“Now you better bend over çanakkale escort and pull up my skirt that you just took without asking me!” She was kinda yelling now.I must confess I was pretty scared. I bend forward so my white pantyhose ass was sticking out. She laid her hand on my butt, and stroked it nice and soft. Oh, my cock was pumping like hell! She took her hand away, and I knew what was going to come next was going to hurt! But never imagined the pain would be so powerful! I screamed in pain like a little sissy I am.“You never ask the questions around here, I DO! Got it?!”I screamed my lungs out “Yes yes…I’m so sorry!”She hit me again. I could feel that she was not holding back.“Now listen. You call me ‘Mistress’, and nothing else. Now let’s start this!”I tried to hold my tears back and behaved as a good sissy. It was hard though.“Stand up and look at me, bitch!”I stood up and tried to look her in her eyes – it was tough. She just stared deeply into mine. Never ever have I felt so small in life before!“Did you cum in those pantyhose in the bathroom yesterday? I found them this morning all filled with cum!”I looked at her eyes “Yes, Mistress!” I looked down and wished this had never happened.“Stick both your hands out and ısparta escort let me see the inside of your hands!”I turned them around and she slapped me across my palms. I really tried to keep my hands steady, but it hurt so god-damn much. I could feel my tears building up again.“Never do that again without asking me, bitch! You like wearing my clothes?”“Yes, Mistress!”“So you like dressing up to be a little slut?”“Yes, Mistress!”“Does my son know you are being a sissy?”“Don’t think so. But I think he saw me through the keyhole while I was in your pantyhose masturbating, Mistress!”She kept staring at me with this look on her face.“You think he likes you?”“No…I just think he is curious about stuff!”I got another slap over my hands. I hurt so bad, and it felt like they were burning.“Good! I don’t want him to be a sissy like you!”I felt like something was wrong with me, and there probably is! She threw me on the bed, blindfolded me, and tied me to the bed.“Now you stay right here and I’ll go and get myself a coffee! First, I need a shower though!”I was too afraid to saying anything. I lay in the bed and could hear her taking a bath. I got aroused by the whole situation! I heard the shower stop, and she entered the room again.“I see that sivas escort you are getting stiff again with that tiny cock! Ha-ha!”My body was shaking all over. Right then, she whipped me on my feet. I screamed like a girl. But then I could feel something else – I got turned on when she slapped my pretty little girly feet! I arched my foot, feeling all sexy and humiliated at the same time! She could hear me moaning and I arched my feet.“Ohh my, you like that, don’t you? Laying there in mommy’s sexy pantyhose…Sissy girl!”She then began to hit my feet again and again. And now my screaming was beginning to be more moaning.“Do you want mommy to keep going, slut?”“Yes, mommy!”This time I got hit hard. I could feel that I was tearing up again.“Yes What?”“Yes, Mistress!”“We are done for now. I’m going for a coffee!”I did not say a sound while she put her clothes on, but I heard her putting on pantyhose – I always remember that sound. Then I heard her in the bathroom taking a piss. She came back. The next thing I knew I could feel was that she was standing in the bed. She seated herself on my face with her cunt open.“Now clean me, bitch!”I did as I was told and sucked her dry after her bathroom visit. MMMmm! Wow! The taste of sweet pee and her wet pussy. Again, all off this was too much for me, and I came. I felt my cock just pumping the cum out, and felt it running down my cock. I felt her stand up again. I heard her putting on her clothes back on.“Stay here, slut!”“Yes, Mistress!”And heard the car start outside, and she was gone.

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