My Girlfriend… The Fluffer! 2


My Girlfriend… The Fluffer! 2So I sat across from Shona at the restaurant table, supposedly having a lovely meal on our weekly date, and even though this pale white girl, with long blonde hair, looked very lovely and enjoyed talking to me, all I could see was the big hard cocks she had been sucking on just a few days earlier.And I wanted to talk to her about it, but how could I? How could I tell her, I hadn’t trusted her, so I followed her and saw what she did for a living?I would end up being the bad guy here, so I just sat there and made polite small talk instead until the date was over.”So i’ll see you later in the week, or at the weekend?” she asked at the end of the date.”Sure! Yeah” I replied casually.”Okay!” she replied before she gave me a peck on a cheek, and then turned and left.I watched her leave, and still wanted to say something, but I didn’t and instead she climbed into a taxi and was gone.The next day I sat at work thinking it over, and over, and then just as I came to the decision to just end it with her, because I just couldn’t see a girl like that, I then thought… what if that was just a one off? What if she had just done that the once, and normally she really didn’t get involved in the physical stuff?I had to know! So, the next day, I called in sick at work, and early on in the morning, I sat outside her house in my car waiting for her.Then around ten O’clock she emerged dressed in a knee length summer dress and ankle high work boots, with her hair pulled back in pony tail, and then a taxi pulled up and she got in before it drove off.I quickly followed it, and a few minutes later it pulled up outside a warehouse in the industrial area, and then Shona got out, paid the guy, and headed towards the front door of the warehouse.I watched her then go inside, before I quickly parked up in the street a few meters away, and as I quickly moved towards the big metal building, I began to notice a lot of cars parked in the car park outside of it.There was clearly no windows to peer in, just big high metal walls, so I hurriedly began walking around the outside of it, eager to find hopefully, a back door or something.As I made my around the building, I did in fact find another door, a fire exit, and two guys smoking.”Hey!” said one as I nervously approached.”You here for the shoot?” he asked.”Err… yeah!” I replied nervously.”Come on! Their nearly ready for us!” replied the man.Then these two guys, who were a lot older, in fact they were basically grandads, with grey hair, moustaches, and fading tattoo’s, then led me inside, and I followed them through a collection of crates and boxes, until we emerged into the middle of the building, where the shoot seem to be happening.There was a large rug, with a king size bed on it in the middle of the room, and bright filming lights were around it, and many guys were all casually standing around chatting, and amongst them all I quickly spotted the long haired, heavily tanned director, that had fucked Shona at the end of the other shoot.I quickly stepped out of his eye shot and made my way around behind everyone until I was stood amongst some boxes on the far side of the room, and from there I could see everything, and then I noticed Shona, wearing a set of headphones, and stood with what looked like two cameramen checking their equipment.Now, I was kind of relieved because clearly she was doing the sound engineering job she said she was doing, but also a little concerned because there seem to be a lot of guys, mainly older ones, stood around doing nothing at all, why?Then two young girls, one blonde, one a red head, in little half t-shirts that barely covered their perky tits and showed off their slim flat stomachs, came strolling out from another room.In their tiny t-shirts, little colourful knickers, and high heels they smiled eagerly as the guys began to cheer excitedly, and then the director began to talk to them, and I noticed the cameramen quickly turning on the cameras and beginning to film.Over the next few minutes the two girls stood together, posing in various positions as the director took photos, then he invited the guys to stand around them, and he took more izmir escort photos, and I quickly began to realise, this was going to be some sort of old timer Vs young girls gang bang film.And as I started to realise what was going on, the guys began to strip off their clothes and get naked, as the two young women began to kiss and caress each other.I have to admit, I was beginning to feel a little turned on, as these two girls got it on, while at least twenty or more older guys stood around them naked, stroking themselves eagerly.Then after another minute or two, the director invited the guys to get involved, and a few quickly stepped forward and began touching, and fondling the two young women, and eagerly the girls took hold of their hard knobs, and began stroking them.I was now keen to watch, and hear, as the girls touched these old hard cocks around them, and then even more as they began leaning over and sucking on them.This was so hot, watching live, two young women, probably barely twenty, sucking and fondling many hard dicks around them, as two cameramen and photographer did their best to film it all.It wasn’t until a good few minutes later, I realised I couldn’t see Shona, and had hoped maybe she was monitoring the sound levels from a booth maybe, somewhere else, but as I glanced around, I saw to my dismay she was kneeling down in front of about five or so guys, eagerly stroking a couple of them, while trying to suck on another one.I couldn’t believe it, I had hoped, as I said, the other day was just a one off, but apparently not, and now she was doing it again!And I watched helplessly as my blonde haired, short, pale looking girlfriend, eagerly tugged on those old cocks, and sucked them, until they were ready, and moved away to join the others.Then over the next few minutes I was split between watching the two young girls sucking and jerking cocks, and my girlfriend just off camera, doing the same.But my attention was soon drawn to the girls, as their clothes quickly began to disappear, and then lying back naked on that king size bed, with their little titties and smooth little pussy mounds on show, they were soon surrounded by most of the old hard cocks, and soon were getting fucked.Eagerly an older guy mounted one of the girls, and another did the same to the other, and soon the room began to fill with the sounds of sex, as they pumped their hard cocks into them.The cameramen and the director, moved quickly around the bed, filming it from all sides trying to catch everything they could, and after a moment I glanced over at my girlfriend, who was stood casually watching and drinking some water from a bottle, while stroking one older guys cock, in her other hand.Then a couple more guys stepped towards my girlfriend and I watched as she seem to happily drop to her knees again, and then start tugging and sucking on them.Over the next half an hour or more, the guys went back and forth, being sucked and fucked by the two hot girls, and then being sucked and tugged by my girlfriend, and I was now caught between absolutely hating it, and kind of wondering if my girl could out perform the two porn starlets?Unfortunately I didn’t have to wait long to find out.One of the girls suddenly stopped, and I heard her say she needed to pee, and so the director gestured for her to go, quickly!And quickly, she jumped off the bed, and headed off out of sight, and the remaining guys, with their hard ready cocks then moved towards my girlfriend, and as they surrounded Shona, who was already sucking on a couple of guys, while trying to tug on another couple, one of the guys got her stand up, and bend over, and I instantly knew what was coming.He then lifted her summer dress up, revealing she had on no knickers, and was as smooth and bare as the two younger women were, before I saw him place his hard old knob up against her pussy mound, and then with a little thrust, he slipped inside of her.Shona moaned slightly, I could hear it from where I was hiding, and then gripping her slim hips he began thrusting steadily back and forth inside of her, while she eagerly continued to jerk and suck on a couple of a cocks.As I watched my girlfriend izmir escort bayan now being fucked by a hard cock, again, I then noticed one of the cameramen had turned to film her, and to my horror, she was now being filmed sucking and fucking, and clearly didn’t seem to care.What was worse, when she noticed the camera filming her, she looked up at it, grinned, and then went back to sucking on cock.Over the next few minutes, one guy after another had a go at steadily fucking Shona’s sweet wet pussy, before pulling out and letting another guy have a go.Then the younger women returned, and slowly most of the guys returned to the bed, for the proper shoot, until only two guys remained, one having his cock sucked by Shona, and one fucking her pussy.After a few minutes the one having his cock sucked, moved away from Shona, and over to the bed, and another guy came to join her instead.I was now really torn, between watching those two younger women being fucked and fondled on that bed, wile the cameramen filmed it, or watching my blonde haired girl, being fucked.Then Shona caught my attention more, as I saw her dress being removed from her shoulders, and her little perky white boobs fell out, and as one guy continued to fuck her, and the other got his cock sucked by her, they both eagerly caressed her boobs.This was killing me now, I wanted to go and stop it, tell them to stop touching my girl like that, but on the other hand I found myself a little turned on, and now couldn’t look away as she was now almost completely naked and being fucked by two older guys.Her breathing was heavy but steady, and I could hear her moaning, as the older guy in her pussy continued to poke her with his hard old cock, and then I heard him begin to grunt and groan clearly getting excited by the second until, I watched in disbelief, as suddenly he pulled his hard cock out and began shooting his white wet goo, all over Shona’s naked bare arse.The director and one of the cameramen then turned and looked around at them, and I heard Shona giggle and say oops! in a playful way, before quickly the director and the cameraman then moved towards her and began filming and photographing the cum running down her bare arse cheeks, and her legs.After a few seconds I heard the director have a casual go at the guy, for not waiting until he got with the pornstarlets, before I then heard Shona say she would get him ready again, and then watched her turn around and began stroking and sucking on the guys soft wet spent dick, trying to get him hard again.As the director and the cameramen returned to filming the two younger women, my girlfriend was busy reviving the lucky old guy who had shot his load over her, while another slipped into her pussy, and began fucking her again.It didn’t take Shona long before she had him hard again, but then she gestured for him to go join the others, and with his cum still running down her arse cheeks, he left her, while another guy continued to fuck her pussy.Over the next ten minute or more, the guys continued to switch back and forth from the fucking the two girls, to fucking Shona, and it wasn’t until much later, I realised her dress had just vanished at some point, and she was now as naked as the two girls were, getting her pussy fucked and sucking on hard old cocks.Then I think I heard the director call for the final shots, because soon I heard loud moans and heavy grunts, and the older guys began shooting loads all over the pretty cute girls faces.I was now fixed on them, as one guy after another blew his load, with loud moans and furious tugging on their cocks, and the two pornstarlets faces quickly became a gooey, oozing glazed mess as they took one big wet load after another all of them.Finally the shoot came to an end, and they guys stood naked around those two naked cum covered girls, while the director took plenty of posed photos, before Shona got gestured to join them, and I watched my naked girlfriend, her arse still sticky with cum, and her face wet from all the blow jobs she had given, climb onto the bed, and lay between the two young girls, as the director took more photos.Then they were done, and the guys and escort izmir the two girls wandered off to get cleaned up and dressed, and my girlfriend still naked and sticky, began tidying up the sound equipment.However that didn’t last long, before as my girlfriend was bending over to pick up some cables, the long haired director stepped up behind her, and with his hard cock out, began rubbing it up and down her arse cheeks.She glanced around at him and smiled, and then parting her legs a little, she let him slip between them, and with a groan, he slipped inside of her.Then he held her slim hips and began steadily thrusting into her, and as he began fucking my girlfriend, I saw one of the cameramen step towards her with his hard cock out, and eagerly she reached out for it and began jerking it.I couldn’t believe it, now she was fucking two of the crew, and once again I really wanted to stop it, but also really wanted to watch would happen next.And next she pulled the cameraman closer, and eagerly began sucking on his cock, and now once again she was being spit roasted in front of me.For the next few minutes the director pumped away at her sweet little wet pussy, while she eagerly sucked on the cameraman’s hard cock, and they were all moaning and groaning as they did.Then the director pulled out of her, and got Shona to turn around, as she began sucking on his hard wet cock, the cameramen slipped into her hot little pussy and began fucking her.For another few minutes the cameraman eagerly pumped away at her pussy, making her groan and moan and as she continued to suck the directors cock, before he then sped things up, and really began hammering into her.”Oh fuck! oh shit!” I heard Shona groan as the cameramen pounded her pussy.For another few minutes she continued to take his hard fucking, until he suddenly began to groan loudly and constantly, and then he whipped his hard wet cock out, and with a firm tug, began shooting his wet sticky load all over Shona’s bare little arse.”OH SHIT! OH SHIT!” he cried as he unloaded his balls contents.For a good few seconds he pumped a river of white cum all over her soft arse cheeks, until he was done, and then casually wiped his knob end of her arse, before stepping away completely spent.Then Shona quickly stood up, and moved over to the bed, before the director stepped up behind her, and as she knelt over on the mattress, he placed his hard wet cock against her waiting pussy, and slipped into her again.From where I was hiding I could see her bare pale arse gleaming in sticky wetness, as the director began pushing his hard dick into her back and forth, and my girlfriend moaned loudly clearly loving the fucking he was giving her.Over the next few minutes he pumped into her, pounding her sweet little pussy from behind over and over again, and Shona gripped the bed sheets and moaned happily as he did.Then he began to fuck her harder and quicker, before he leant over and began fondling her perky little boobs, and Shona was clearly getting louder and more excited by the second, until finally I heard the director moan.”Oh shit! Here it comes!” “Yes! Yes! Do it! Do it!” I heard Shona cry.And then as the director continued to pound into her, his moans got louder and more constant, until he gripped her hips tight, and then thrust in deep and hard, and with a loud cry, he exclaimed “OH FUCK YES!”And clearly began pumping his wet sticky seed deep inside of her.”FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” he then grunted several more times as he continued to unload into my girlfriend. Then finally he must of stopped cumming, because I heard him sigh heavily, before he leant forward and I heard him say “You are the best Shona!””You know it!” I heard my blonde girlfriend reply, before she turned her head towards him, and they kissed.Then after staying like that for a minute while they both calmed down, the director then pulled his spent cock from her wet cum filled pussy, slapped her arse playfully and said “I’m going to clean up!””Okay!” replied my girl, before she rolled onto her back, opened her legs wide, and began scooping out the cum, and eating it.That was it for me, I just couldn’t believe how slutty she was being, when with me she was almost saint like!So, I quietly and quickly made my way back through the stacks of the boxes and crates, found the fire exit and left the building, with the same old dilemma, should I say something or not?

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