My Girlfriend’s Ass


She was asleep on the couch, she was just laying there, beautiful as ever. I stared at her, like it was the first time I had seen her. Sometimes she just looked so vulnerable and so innocent. I ran my hand down her face, sometimes I just wanted to corrupt it. I got on the couch holding her in my arms, and kissed her neck. Even from behind I could feel her smile.

“Hey baby,” she yawned.

“Hey,” I kissed her, “How was your day?”

“Fine honey, just need something to take my mind off all this damn work.”

And thus my brilliant idea came to be, I wonder if she was wearing a bra.

“Guess what I wanna do.”

She turns around to face me, kisses me with those soft lips…she’s so innocent…so unsuspecting, “What?”

“Close your eyes, and I’ll be right back.”

She sat up patiently waiting with her eyes closed. I stood far enough away she couldn’t hear, I wasn’t going to let her in on anything. It was better if she had no idea as to what was about to happen. I unbuttoned my belt, and through my pants sprung my 8″ erection. I just loved ruing it over her cheeks, seeing it all over her face. I wanted to see my cum all over her face…but that will come in due time. I looked over in her direction, I could tellshe was eagerly waiting for me. Dick in hand, I approached her, and to finally ease her anticipation I poked her nose with my dick.

“Poke.” I laughed.

She smiled up at me, and I began to rub it all over her face. Her tits looked nice from up here, complete 36Ds. I pulled it away from her face and stuck it between her tits, and I began to move it up and down.

“I like fucking your tits,” the shirt was starting to annoy me, “Take off your shirt.”

I loved how she always looked up at me when she did things, because she wanted my approval. So as she took off her shirt she looked directly at me. And her tits jiggled underneath without the support of her shirt….her sexy chocolate nipples hard as rocks. In fact, when she was completely naked, she was kurtköy escort my sexy chocolate goddess.

“Naughty girl not wearing a bra.”

She smiled, I put it to her lips and took her breasts in my hands.


And compliant to demand she took me into her mouth. It was so warm, so wet, and hen she took me into her throat it was tight and milked me for all my worth. Too bad I couldn’t cum like this….I would love cumming down her beautiful throat. I decided to give her some encouragement, and began to pinch her nipples. I loved her reaction, her eyes got wider and she started to move her head closer to my body. Sucking faster, I was only a few inches shy of her throat. I decided I’d help her out.

I took one hand away from her nipples and grabbed the back of her hair. In one thrust my whole dick was in her throat. My baby was good at what she did, she didn’t gag, she didn’t bite, and she loved my dick. Her reaction to my force made me want to be even rougher. I loved being in control. Sometimes she let me take it, other times I took it. But today, I wanted her to beg.

I brung myself don to her chest. I took one of her nipples into my mouth, with one hand I rubbed her other nipple between my fingers and with my other hand I fucked her tight pussy. I watched her head roll back.

“Ooh baby….”


Her trying to stay silent made me want to push her to her limits, I wanted to hear her beg for it, I circled my tounge around her nipple and sucked it like a baby.

“I want it…” she moaned.

That wasn’t good enough for me, I took my fingers out her pussy and stuck them in her mouth and she them hungrily, I continued to tease her nipples with my tounge.

Damn, her panties are still on.

“I want it.”

I looked up from her chest, “Beg for it.”

So I bit down hard on her nipple and pinched the other and watched her gasp. “Baby….” She moaned, “Fuck me.”

I came up from her boobs, pulled her hair back and shoved it malatya escort back in her mouth, “That’s it, take me don your throat.”

Her throat felt so good….so warm…so wet….I fucked her face to bring myself closer to, and when I was there I looked down at her. “Swallow.”

I slowed my pace for a short while, then pulled out. I wanted her ass front and center, “All fours baby.”

She eagerly obeyed, and I watched her lower her face onto the couch, and lift her ass into the air. I wanted it. She didn’t know what I was gonna do, and I liked it that way.

“Spread your legs wider.”

For what I was gonna do, I needed her to be silent, and for her to have limited mobility…at least for when I started. I took a string from the kitchen drawer and tied her hands, “Keep your head down.” While she was in this position, I figured I might as well get her wet, I took her tit into my mouth and bit it.

As silently as I could, I walked to the bathroom picked up the Vaseline, and started coating my dick, thinking about how it’s gonna feel in her tight ass. I never understood how a small hole could swallow such a big dick, but it did, and she loved every minute of it. Upon returning to the living room, I saw here exactly how I left her. I smiled. That’s my girl

I positioned myself at her hole and started to push the head in, I was just getting past her first anal ring.

“Baby…” she was gonna tell me to stop, but I wasn’t going to let that happen. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up, “Don’t make a sound.”

1 inch….2 inch…2½ inches…

“Baby that hurts…”

“I said quiet,” I slammed her face on the couch pillow then shoved all 8 inches in.

It felt so good…warm and tight….I heard her muffled scream, but because she was bearing it, I knew it didn’t hurt her. I started to pet her hair, “Good girl, take all my dick up your ass.”

I grabbed her hips and began to work. First slow, then fast, in a matter of minutes I was furiously ramming my kayseri escort dick up her ass and he was taking it.

I could hear her gasps and moans, she was enjoying it as much as I was, possibly even more. “How’s it feel baby?”

“Soo…so good.”

On cue I started pulling out and slamming back into her. “And you’re a very…very…bad girl aren’t you?”

“Yess…yes baby.”

I was close to cumming, “Dirty naughty girl.”

Watching her ass bounce underneath my dick made me wanna smack it, she began bucking underneath me, pushing her ass backwards to meet my thrusts. I lifted my hand, and brought it down with a hard smack on her ass…over and over till my hand was sore.

“I like your ass red…your big sexy chocolate ass.”

She was close, I steadied my pace and brought my hand to her nipples. I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I was cumming and so was she. For a second we both paused in catch our breath. I pulled out, but I still wanted more, and her ass was now gaping, a big hole waiting to be entered. I laughed, she still hadn’t recovered from her orgasm. “Its dripping out your ass.”

I turned her on her back and lifted her face up towards my dick, “I want it dripping out your mouth.”

I shoved it back in, “Suck it, just like that.”

She swirled her tounge around the head, and sucked me like a popsicle. I pulled out before anymore cum got in her mouth. Once again I positioned myself at her ass, only this time her legs were on my shoulder. I smiled at her. Moved the hair from her face. Then kissed her, and let our tounges dance. Then I kissed her forehead, then her dimple.

“One more time beautiful, just let me have you one more time before the night is over.”

She nodded curiously, “Yes love.”

I kissed her then pushed for into her, and watched her lips form a perfect “O”

“You feel so good baby…”

I wasn’t lasting very long, within minutes I came again and pulled out limp. I released her from her binds. I looked at her beautiful face and kissed her. I smiled stripping her down to nothing, and she smiled as she did the same. I grabbed a blanket and put it over us, then wrapped myself I her warmth, and kissed her. “You are so beautiful.”

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