My Grandmother Teaches Me About “Life” Ch. 09


This is the ninth in a series of chapters of how my grandmother and her friend/ friends instructed me on the ways of PLEASURING older, oversexed, ladies. I took these lessons and applied them to many of the sex ladies I met in later life and along the way. All people / charters in these stories are older than 18 and younger than 75. Any resemblance between real people and ones in these stories is just a coincidence.

A partial List of charters for this chapter;

Grandmother Dee, age 63 (average build for a 63 year old lady with 42DD breasts) 5′ 3″, she is always horny, with a hairy(unshaven) pussy and arm pits. (Love those “hairy areas” on her and her over “friendly” friends).

Myself / Grandson Larry (Dee call him Herman – get it her “man”), age 21 (for the time of these chapters is 1971) 5′ 11″ in tall and 195 pound. Penis = 10 ¾” long {8 ½”hanging when soft} and 6 ¾” in circumference.

Mother Cheryl, age 45 (a little over weight with a set of jugs to cream on) 5″ tall with a set of 38 F’s and nipples that look like they want to be sucked all night long.

Sister Sheryl is in this chapter in all her “suckable” radiating glory.

Geri, A friend of Dee’s, who has gone through two husbands due to a divorce and the other being killed in India on a business trip. Standing 5′ 1″ tall and weighing only 104 pounds she is a very sexy 59 year old lady. She has a small bust size of only 34A BUT the sexiest PUFFY pinkish red nipples I have ever seen in my many years of life, and a very trim rest of a figure. She lives in a city near Dee called Cottonwood and has about 600 acres of land that her first husband purchased to lease out to nearby ranchers for grazing of cattle before his ill fate business trip.


As a reminder, Granny and her friends are “casual” NUDISTS and when they are in each other’s house, they sometimes run around naked and “letting it all hang down” as the wording goes about sexy old ladies and their pendulous breasts.

Chapter Nine;

If you recall this is how the last chapter ended

The next morning Dee got a phone call and jumped up and down with excitement. (Her pendulous, swinging boobs flopping up and down with her every movement.)

She hung up the phone and turned to me and said, “Your problem of not having a car for school is over.”

I looked at her and said, “What do you mean?”

Dee replied that a friend of hers had a car that her late husband had purchased 18 years ago “new” and she wanted to sell it.

We were to go over to her place in Cottonwood to look at it and see if I wish to buy it.

I asked what kind of car in was and all Dee could remember that it was a Chevy convertible.

(This part of the story is completely true, just the timing is changed, as I did get this car from a friend of Dee’s, and I still have it and drive it every Fourth of July parade in Prescott.)

After breakfast of pancakes, sausage and scrambled eggs Dee called to make sure Geri was going to be home around eleven and told her we would be there to look over the car and see if I wished to purchase it.

Dee did not tell me or make it known that she had already paid Geri for the car and we were just going to pick it up and take it to Dee’s mechanic to have him go over it and repair anything that needed to be done.

I went out and hooked up the trailer to the truck and with Frank, Dee’s hired hand; we three took off for Cottonwood.

As we were driving I keep asking granny what kind of car it was and whatever else she knew about it.

All she told me was it was a convertible and had a three speed manual transmission. She said it was usually the hit of the Fourth of July parade when Geri and her husband drove it in it.

She said it most likely needed some work as it had been sitting four about five years but Herb had put it in storage with the utmost of care before he got sick and passed.

We got to Cottonwood a little late because of an accident on 89A on the way. When we got to Geri’s house she had lunch made and on the table for us.

We eat lunch, and then Frank and I backed the trailer up to the shed where the car was stored. (Frank was in on this surprise for me all along)

The gals sat on the porch talking and giggling as if something was going on.

Frank took the key that Geri had given him and handed it to me to unlock the sheds doors, as he put the ramp down on the trailer.

I unlocked the door and as I open them I could not believe what I saw.

It was covered with a tarp and all dusty. Other then that I knew what it was as soon as my eyes ot adjusted to the darkness in the shed.

I closed the doors and said, “NO FUCKING WAY,” is that what she wants to sell me.

Just them Geri and Dee walked up behind me and told me to open the doors and look at MY CAR as she had already paid Geri twice what she was asking (Geri only wanted $500.000) for it.

What I saw was a 1954 White with red interior corvette convertible.

Yes! That is what Geri had sold to Dee for me to have.

Dee told me that this zeytinburnu escort was a SPECIAL present for me being such a gentleman and lover to all her “FRIENDS.”

Geri’s husband had bought it NEW and driven it only in parades and the annual rodeo they have in Prescott each year.

I was told that we could not start it till Dee’s mechanic check it out as it had not run in six years.

Frank and I opened the hood and saw a six cylinder dual holly’s, on a baby blue engine with the name tag of “Blue Flame.”

Granny said we needed to get back as she had a business meeting and I would be back next week to thank Geri properly with a big smile.

Frank was already in the truck waiting as Geri came up to me and planted a long, tongue in mouth, kiss on me and groped my crotch with a long squeeze. She whispered to me that she could not wait to be alone with me for a couple of days as Dee had promised.

I just smiled and responded, “I will be back and I promise to “be GOOD.”

Dee gave Geri a kiss and a hug and jumped into the middle of the seat and off we went with my prize in tow.

We pulled it onto the trailer with the winch and tied it down for the trip home.

You should have seen the looks we got as we drove thru Prescott to get to the garage.

Bill was there waiting for us and assisted in unloading it and told us it would be about two weeks before he would be done with it. He had known what Dee was up to, so he had ordered all new belts, hoses, tires and such to put all new on it.

He also promised to do a special clean up to the fiberglass and wax it. Remember they did not have the types of paint we now have and the clear coats to protect the cars.

So that is how I can to acquire the car that I still have; only the names and cities were changed.

When we got back to Dee’s house I was so overjoyed with what she had done for me.

As we pulled in the drive and Frank dropped us off at the house and took the truck and trailer out back and then headed home, we walked into the house to the sound of music playing.

I looked at granny as she looked at me and said, “More surprises for you “HERMAN.”

I walked into the living room and there sat mother and Sheryl, my older sister.

They jumped up and ran to hug and kiss us both in a big three way scene.

Dee asked them how the train ride to Flagstaff was and had they had supper yet.

They said they were waiting for us to get back before starting supper.

Dee then told me to tell them what we had done today while she got some steaks from the cooler and started dinner.

I told them what had happened today and what grandmother had bought for me as a present for being such a gentleman with all her “friends” (I left out the lover part) but both smiled and had a look of “we know” on their faced.

Mother looked at me and said, “I bet you have taken good care of these “FRIENDS” and enjoyed every minute of it haven’t you.

I just smiled back.

Sheryl looked at me and reached out and rubbed my crotch and said, “Hope you did not wear it out as I need some of it tonight.”

Mother spoke up and said, “I do also.”

Just then granny walked back into the living room carrying a tray of drinks and asked, “What is going on here, as you all still have all your clothes on and I am the only one naked.”

We all started to disrobe each other that very instant.

Mother and Granny headed to the bedroom hand in hand as Sheryl came over to me and reached out gently lifting my cock and flipping her finger across its soft purple tip.

Sheryl looked into my eyes and then at the pool and motioned with her eyes that we go out and enjoy each other as the older gals were going to do up stairs.

Mom and Dee looked so happy together as they climbed the stair to the master bedroom.

I could see granny grabbing mom’s ass and as mom got a couple stairs ahead of granny she paused and with one leg on a step higher, granny slipped her hand between mom’s legs and all we heard was a moan of OH YES!

We then heard,

“Let’s get up there and use your special toy you bought. I love that thing,” Mom suggested with excitement in her voice.

“You do like that thing don’t you?” Dee agreed.

The two beauties rushed the rest of the way up the stairs. Within minutes they were in granny’s bed with their favorite dildo.

The crazy looking thing had three fake cocks attached to it.

Dee had one cock in her pussy and Cheryl had the other two in her pussy and ass.

Dee was on her back with her legs pulled up as Cheryl fucked her with the fake cocks.

Both women would take turns with toy and enjoy multiple orgasms that afternoon.

Sheryl and I got out to the pool and decided to just lounge in the hot tub for a while.

Sheryl led me by my semi hard cock as we stepped into it and eased ourselves to the seat away from the jets.

The next Sunday morning I got in to grannies truck and headed back to Cottonwood as promised to be with aksaray escort Geri for a couple of days as these three rest up from a long weekend end of trying to wear me out.

I got there about ten thirty in the morning and saw that Geri’s garage door was open and her car was gone.

I was going to head to the gas station to fill up as she pulled in with her ’67 GTO.

She got the car into the garage and motioned to me to park inside next to her.

I pull in and as I got out of the truck she closed the garage door and walked around her car to greet me with a kiss and a crouch a gentle but firm squeeze.

We got the bags of food out of her car and headed inside to cool off and get a drink. She said she had been shopping for food for dinner this evening with a couple of gals she used to work with and had not expected me till tomorrow afternoon.

I told her that I wanted to “CUM” early and surprise her and properly thank her for the car.

Geri said that I being here for tonight would be all the more fulfilling for all.

We talked a bit and she told me about the two gals coming tonight. One was named Nancy and was 6′ 2″ tall and just divorced and the other name was Carol who had never been married but loved to “mess” around.

After a while I say, “I guess I should get my bag from the car and throw it in whatever room you wish me to use.”

She told me to put it in her bedroom and get ready to go for a quick dip in the pool and a little sun bathing.

As I was to turn around and ask her when the towels were as I was leaving the kitchen, she walked up behind me and said with a big smile and not words at first.

Then her reply shocked me, “Can I suck your cock before we go out to the pool?”

Not one to turn down a blowjob I replied, “Yes.”

She knelt down in front of me and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zipper down. I lifted my ass and she slid them down below my knees. She lowered her face to my cock and started licking it to erection.

Cupping my balls in her hand she started working her mouth up and down my hardening cock. Soon she pushed the fat mushroom head back into her throat taking it deeper with each thrust.

She sucked with enthusiasm going deep every few strokes and licking the head with her tongue when she comes up. I could tell she enjoyed giving head.

I relaxed back onto the couch letting her do her thing with my cock in her mouth. She continued for about twenty minutes.

My cock was throbbing hard and I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. “I’m warning you if you keep that up you’re going to get a mouthful.” I said.

Without taking it out of her mouth she replied, “Please do, I want to taste your sweet, thick, and youthful cum.”

I relaxed and let her continue sucking me. Before long I could feel it getting ready to erupt. My body was starting to stiffen and my toes were curling up.

She noticed it too and picked up her pace.

She was deep throating it faster and deeper till it exploded in her mouth, hot cum was squirting into her mouth.

A drop was escaping from the corner of her mouth and she licked it up and back into her eager mouth. She licked my cock clean and got up smiling.

I asked her, “Do you like to suck cock and swallow cum?”

“Yes I do, I have loved the taste of warm, sweet semen going down my throat my whole adult life.”

She then took my hand and we headed for her bedroom instead of the pool.

When we got to her massively large bedroom, she turned to me and asked me to remove her clothes, as she like to be stripped naked by her lovers.

She spoke, “Come, Larry… Feel me… Feel what it will be like to play with these small boobs instead of the massive ones all in your family are blessed with.”

I reached over and cupped them and pinched he nipples ever so gently.

Geri sighed and moaned as I bent over and sucked on each nipple like a baby trying to nurse.

She quickly reached for my right hand, and guided it to her dripping pussy. The smell of her aroused sex began whipping around the room, driving me mad with arousal. I forced myself to pace my breathing as I felt my fingers brush skin and juices of her pulsing vagina; if I hadn’t calmed myself, I would’ve came right there.

She spread her legs, and sat on top of my chest. She felt heavy to me at first, but I paced my breathing as much as I could. She reached behind herself, and grabbed my cock. The sweet juices of her pussy dripped all over me, and its scent made me dizzy.

I felt her tug, and I moaned loudly. She grinned mischievously and positioned my dick as upward as it could go.

Then, she lifted herself upwards, and down over my cock. I took a breath, and took a moment to admire her cunt again. She was shaved (not like all he women in my family) making her “details” that much more noticeable. I felt my cock twitch in her grip.

Then, I stared her in the eye, and she stared back. I took another breath, and then asked, “Ready?”

She stretched ataköy escort his arms quickly, and then said, “Yes, I am. I’ve been ready for a long time now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.”

I smiled, “Geri, I love you so much.”

I braced myself as she lowered herself slowly. She continued raising my cock upwards towards her hungry cunt. Then, she got low enough that my cock tip entered her vagina lips.

I felt a twinge of pleasure when we made contact. I looked and saw a drop of precum escape and flow down my shaft.

Then, I gasped.

Geri bent her legs all the way through, and her body lowered. I grunted deeply as my cock sank into her wet, writhing cunt. I was surprised at how tight it really was.

She cocked her head backwards suddenly, and moaned loudly in pleasure. As she did, I took another deep breath, savoring the feeling of her pussy swallowing my shaft. We both wanted it so much…

As I lay there, she sat on top of me, her ass cheeks flattening onto my hips. She placed her knees on both sides of my body, and held them against my ribs. I put my arms around the lower half of her legs and held her ankles. I bent my legs, and gasped again as I felt her squeeze her walls onto my cock.

At first, Geri took it slow. She used her knees to carry her body up and down my shaft. I groaned as she pumped me with her juicy cunt. She began to moan in intense pleasure.

I forced my torso upwards as she began to gain a bit of speed. Every twinge and flex of her body sent ripples of unimaginable pleasure through me. She leaned backwards onto my sweating thighs for a moment, before going the other way, and leaning forward.

Soon, her moans turned to deep breaths and sighs. I knew that any sort of uncomforting feeling had subsided and she was beginning to feel the true bliss.

She began to prevent herself from sinking on top of me any longer, so as to help herself gain more vigorous motions. I instinctively began to buck my hips in rhythm to her rising and lowering onto my cock. I used my legs to lift myself off the bed and further into her sweet cunt.

As I did this she began lowering her head, and she placed her hands on my chest, and clawed on me somewhat. I took this chance to sit up a bit and reach for her bouncing tits, caressing them and squeezing them with my sweating hands.

I groaned with pleasure as I continued to hump upwards. Using my chest as counter-balance, she began to pick up her pace.

She suddenly began to squeeze her crotch muscles and walls onto my cock in a patterned pace. The resilient working of my cock made me shout out loudly as I fucked her harder still.

Her heavy breathing became louder, and was accompanied by moans of bliss. Her pace became more vigorous, and I felt as if I could take no more.

I kept fucking her tight cunt as she kept squeezing and stroking with her inner walls. My legs stiffened as I pushed myself even harder into her.

I began to breath heavy as her moans began dragging on longer. Hearing her call my name in such a way pushed me over the limit.

She moaned loudly again as she got even faster, still working my cock with her pussy. I began to moan in sync with her, as I flexed my abs and thighs with every stroke. She continued at her new pace up and down my throbbing cock.

I felt all of it upon me, and as I closed my eyes the thought rushed through my head. Geri is now making love with me, not me to her. I looked down and watched my cock dig deep into her loving vagina with every moan she made. She called my name lovingly and gasped repeatedly.

With this, I cocked my head backwards, and moaned again. Geri stopped howling, and began leaning backwards, eyes closed tight. She breathed short, hard, loud breaths that made me realize that she was just as ready to climax as I was.

Her breathing had now turned to drags of blissful yells, was still continuing with massaging my cock. I could feel her tensing up her body; I could feel her vagina go rigid.

“Oh, Larry!”

I opened my eyes, and watched as she called my name one last time before climaxing.

Geri’s breathing became so vigorous and detached that she was having trouble keeping up with herself.

Her vagina walls began convulsing fast and wetly as juices began dripping all over my pumping dick. She then replaced all her weight back onto my cock and she had to hold herself up with my shoulders.

When her orgasm came full swing her muscles tightened severely, and I felt her crotch pump me continuously. She groaned in bliss again, and so did I.

As she lowered her body and allowed my cock to sink ever so deep into her, she squeezed hard. I relaxed my muscles as she grabbed my shoulders, and when she squeezed a second time, I felt my climax become inevitable.

I moaned as loud as I could. And as I closed my eyes, I felt my virginity begin to leave me forever. My balls tightened underneath it all, marking the feeling that triggers an orgasm.

My cock pulsated strongly and got ready to send what I thought would be endless waves of cum into my grandmother. She lowered herself completely onto my hips as I neared my orgasm.

I was in a state of ultimate bliss. I felt nothing but Geri’s tightness around my penis and I forced myself even further inside her. As my climax reared the corner, I opened my eyes and looked at her.

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