My Hot Sister-in-Law


Lisa is almost 19, about 5’9”, modest tits, great legs and ass, and a all over rock hard body. Problem is, she’s my sister-in-law and I’ve wanted to fuck her for a couple of years now. Her prom dress was a perfect fit for her last year, and I’ve been dreaming of having her put it back on, just to have me take it off!

We have a pretty open relationship, we flirt quite a bit, and I’ve had many times where she has willingly let me massage her. On a couple of occasions when it was just the two of us, she let me give her massages that were more than what we normally do. After a night out for the two of us, I managed to get my hands all over the inside of her legs, on her tight, and like I said before, perfect ass. This was accomplished as we stood together hugging for what seemed like hours, and as I let my hands wander over her body, her 34B tight tits were pressing nicely into me. I just hope she felt my cock pressing against her. Anyway, it was after this night that I decided she had to be fucked. You see, I managed to get it out of her that she hasn’t had sex yet, and her boyfriend has never brought her to orgasm! My quest to fuck her was completed a few months later, and with great delight.

My wife was out for the day, so I decided to wander over to Lisa’s house where she would most likely be studying her college courses. As usual, she was alone in her room reading away. She looked like she needed a study break, so I moved alongside her on her bed and started my usual massaging. I was getting a little more bold in rubbing this time, and once in a while I would get a slight look, or quick glance from her with a look of wonder and slight disapproval.

I decided beşiktaş escort that we needed to talk about something other than school or work, so I shifted the conversation to sex. She is pretty shy so it took a while to her to open up (conversation wise that is!). By now my hands have wondered up her shirt and were massaging her back while I tried my best to sneak around the front for a feel of those nice tits she keeps flaunting around. This proved almost impossible so I laid her down and got on top and rubbed anywhere I could without getting her upset. She only wore short gym shorts and a T-shirt so it was easy to get close and not have to fight a lot of fabric.

I proceeded to comment on her abs and how hot she was. I told her I couldn’t believe she was still a virgin and that it was a grave loss to not have had an orgasm yet. I continued for what seemed like too long for me, as my cock was bulging and ready to get some of her tight pussy.

I decided to push my luck. I came right out and told her that she needed to have sex to relieve her stress from school and to learn how to give and receive sexually. She didn’t seem to revolt at my comments, so I pressed on. I leaned in close to avoid eye contact and whispered in her ear that I would love to teach her all about sex, all while moving my hands slowly over her stomach and gently around her tits. Her nipples were so hard and she was breathing heavy. I kept up the rubbing while I talked to her, not letting her say anything until she was hot enough to feel the need for a good fucking.

I moved my hands down from her tits, onto her inner thigh, and then slowly I moved under her shorts beşiktaş eve gelen escort and rubbed her pussy through her underwear. She gasped at first and I could feel her ready to stop me so I kept talking to her, reassuring her that it was o.k., and how good it would make her feel. I moved her underwear over and felt her pussy for the first time. Wow was she wet, even though she hasn’t been fucked, my fingers slid into her pussy with ease, and I knew now that we were going to have a nice study break.

I fingered her for quite a while, making sure her orgasm grew slowly inside. I gently moved my fingers over her swollen clit. I knew I had complete control at this point and removing her short and underwear was easier than I ever imagined. Once removed I went down and licked her pussy, paying extra attention to her clit, all while keeping my fingers in motion. I could tell she was near and I almost came myself just listening to sweet Lisa moan and cum all over my fingers and tongue.

Once she came down slowly from her orgasm I instructed her that to take my cock into her hand. She wasn’t as inexperienced as I thought as she knew exactly what to do with a cock in her hand. She worked me over with her hand until I told her to get down and suck me off. She seemed to like the vulgar talk and she did as I said. With a few instructions along the way, she was looking like a pro at sucking cock. Since was already so hot, and since this was blowing mind to have her sucking my cock, it didn’t take long before I felt my cum getting ready to explode. I decided to keep it from drowning and gagging her, so I told her to lay down, beşiktaş grup yapan escort and I pushed her shirt and bra up while I shot load after load all over her tits. She seemed to like it as she watched with amazement as I unloaded on her.

We kissed for a while after, and I she cleaned the cum off of herself, but we both knew it wasn’t over yet. It only took a few minutes and I was ready to go again. I spent a few minutes getting her hot again, teasing her pussy and rubbing her clit with the head of my cock. She seemed ready enough, and I slowly started to push the head of my cock into her tight pussy. I can’t remember when something felt so good, and she winced as I got most of my cock into her hole. I knew she was uncomfortable, so I tried distracting her by keeping one hand on her clit. It helped that she was once again wet as ever, and I kept things slow at first. Gradually she took more and more of my cock. She seemed to be a natural at fucking, and she definitely seemed to be enjoying herself.

I didn’t fuck her too hard, like I’d always imagined, because it was her first time. However, we did fuck for quite some time because my first load was already spent. But once I saw her orgasm building I tried to hold my cum back to be sure she got off during our first fuck. Within seconds she came harder than before, and I knew she would like a second load. I pulled my dripping wet cock out of her tight pussy and shot the first load on her tits, and a second hit her on the face , and I moved up and let the last drops land on her chin. She was a little hesitant, but with some encouragement, I managed to get her to suck my cock and taste my cum.

All in all, our first fuck session was better than I had ever imagined. I do believe I have awoken the sexual side of her, and I’m sure we will fuck again really soon. She has that look in her eye whenever we are together, and I know she is wanting more. I just hope she keeps her slutty desires with me so I can enjoy her all to myself for a while longer.

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