My husband spreading my legs


My husband spreading my legsOne Friday night after dinner and a few drinks in the kitchen with my husband. My daughter fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie. My husband soon became horny and decided he was going to strip my pants off and place me on the kitchen counter. He spread my legs and went down on me, muffing my pussy. He licked my pussy lips up and down, sticking his tongue in and out my pussy as well as stimulating my clit. I was soon moaning from the pleasure of the oral sex he was giving me and soon my body tensed up and I started to orgasm. After I finished orgasmning I told my husband that we should take this to the bedroom. I quickly picked my pants and G string up off the floor and ran upstairs while he went to pick up our daughter and carried her to her room and tugged her into bed. He soon met me in our room where he got elazığ escort undressed and then made his way back between my legs. His tounge once again met my pussy lips and he started licking me up and down my pussy. He soon started stimulating my clit again with his tongue causing me to moan from the pleasure. I soon reached and grabbed his hair and pulled him up. As he reached my lips and we started kissing he entered his hard cock into my wet pussy. Our lips aparted and he started fucking me with deep hard thrusts. I moaned each time he thrust deep into my pussy. He thrusted 10 to 12 times before pulling out of me and turning me to be on all 4s. He then again first ate my pussy, sucking my pussy lips and clit before kneeling behind me and entering his cock back into my pussy. He gave me deep long hard thrusts into my erzincan escort pussy in doggy style. After each thrust I gave off a moan of pleasure and soon my man quickened up the pace. He was soon fucking me hard and rough and soon he started moaning and shot his cum into my pussy. After he finished his load inside of me he pulled his cock out and turned me to lay on my back once more. He then laid down on top of me and gave me a passionate kiss with a lot of tounge. Once our lips aparted I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. Thereafter I returned to the bed and made my way into my husbands arms. We soon fell asleep while watching tv and the next morning I woke up rather early. I turned to lay behind my man’s back and placed my hand onto his cock. I started rubbing his soft cock and he soon woke up. He turned escort bayan onto his back and he slowly started growing hard. I move down and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking him. I stopped after deepthroating him for a while and then climbed on top of him and lowered myself down guiding my pussy onto his cock. I said morning and then started to ride him back and forth. He placed his thumb onto my clit as I road him. He stimulated my clit while I fucked him, riding him rough and fast back and forth. My pussy soon tightened around my husbands cock as my body tensed up and I started moaning as I reached climax and started to orgasm. After I finished orgasmning I climbed off my man and laid on my back. He made his way between my legs spreading them again and entered his hard cock back into my pussy and started making love to me with deep hard thrusts. I moan as he moaned as he drove his cock deep into my pussy and shot his cum out his dick. I pulled him deep into me while he came and after he finished cumming our lips met for a passionate good morning kiss, and ending a wonderful two love making sessions.

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