My Latest Dream

My Latest DreamYou were already in bed with the covers pulled up under your chin. I got the lights out, and crawl into bed with you. “Do you mind if I snuggle up next to you?” I ask. “I’ll do it after I’m asleep anyway.” This was not quite-so-standard in the “slumber-party/girls-sleeping-over” model I had in my head, but you are so beautiful. You have a wonderful, innocent air about yourself, and I’m being ridiculous to even suspect that you would be fine with this at all. You told me of course that it would be fine, and so I moved over against you while you lay on your back, dr****g my right arm across your waist, my right leg over your leg, and pillowing my head in the hollow of your shoulder. My heart was definitely beating a bit faster than usual, but I tried to relax, shut my eyes, and go to sleep. “Do not,” I sternly warned myself, “even think that she is interested in you! You’ll piss her off if you suggest it and possibly ruin what could be a very nice friendship!” The internal lecture was in full swing, when I couldn’t help myself and began stroking my fingers down your side, back again over your ribs, across your breast, and down again. I groaned silently, hoping that you wouldn’t notice my tension or arousal… “She’s half asleep, you are NOT going to respond to this and scare her off!” I told myself angrily. “You’re being ridiculous!” But my hand continued its teasing glide over your body, and every few minutes my fingers would trail across one hardened nipple, driving you mad with the electric jolt of arousal that shot straight into the growing warmth in your loins each time I did it. Finally you caught my hand with your own. You looked up at me with an inquisitive look. Hoarsely you told me, “If you keep that up, you’re going to be in trouble…” My answering grin could have lit a güngören escort football stadium, “Maybe I want to be in trouble!” It felt like the wind had been knocked out of you. “Oh.” was all you could manage, and now my teasing fingers had become more enticing, and you sat up, looked at me, all the while grinning in obvious pleasure. It was my thoughts that have caused me to be so slow on the uptake. It was simply that you are so utterly beautiful and graceful, I felt like a mortal honored unduly with the presence of a goddess. And right now that goddess deserves stroking tight little circles around her nipples, causing them to crinkle down into hard peaks, which my fingers rubbed and tweaked and pulled. I don’t think I have ever been so aroused before. I pulled you to me, meeting your lips with mine, and kissing you was like drinking honey wine, sweet and intoxicating. I pressed you back against the bed, telling you that you should lay back and enjoy what you deserve, you should feel indescribably sensual. I undress you making you lift your hips so I can slide your panties down over your ass, then lean down and kiss you, pulling you up into my soft embrace so I can slowly remove your shirt. The velvet softness of your breasts was unabashedly sensuous. My arms are around you stroking your back and sides while our lips stay locked together, our tongues battling silently in their own satin caress. I push your back again against the pillows, and kiss you softly on the lips, the cheek, then nibble at your earlobe for a moment before I outline your ear with my hot wet tongue while I slightly suckle. You moan, as my hands continue doing wicked and wonderful things to your nipples and my tongue traces intricate patterns along the soft skin of your throat. Soon my lips fastened on one hard nipple, escort güngören though the other was not neglected either, being rolled between my strong fingers. My tongue, which had seemed so soft against yours while we were kissing, now became a hard, demanding instrument, flickering in fast circles around the nipple, tracing the aureola, my lips nibbling the hard peak, sucking gently then firmly. Your breathing was coming in hash, ragged gasps, and I could hear you moaning as you neared orgasm solely from the wonderfully wicked things I was doing to your breasts. I was well aware of your situation, though, and suddenly the air was cold on your wet nipples, and my warm lips were seeking their way down the arch of your ribs, across your sides, ticklish… I grinned you another wicked grin, then I plant a kiss above the triangle of Venus. I wordlessly encourage you to pull your knees up, as I station myself between your legs. My voice was a bit ragged too, when I instruct you to reach down and part the wet folds for my tongue. A shock of pleasure rocks your body as my lips softly touch your clitoris like a gentle kiss. I bend my head, just teasing with the tip of my tongue, dipping first deep into your well, and then running it up along the slit, meeting your clitoris again. Now I press my lips tightly against you, the pressure of my kiss holding the hood of your clitoris back, exposing the sensitive head to the searching, flickering dance of my skilled tongue. You can feel your back arching as if each touch of my tongue wound you tighter and tighter, a spring coiling to a level of unbearable tension. “Let me…” I whisper, pausing from the alchemy I was working to look up and twine your fingers with mine, holding your hands tightly above your pubis in my strong grasp, before bending my güngören escort bayan head back to your center. My strong grasp has your hands pinioned, my arms encircling your hips and holding you down against the bed, while I lick and suck and stroke and flicker… the orgasms start very quietly, slow gentle waves of pleasure rolling through you, until I let go of one hand and suddenly plunged my fingers into your pussy causing you to gasp, to buck, to cry out as the real orgasm hit you like a tidal wave. You scream with the release, barely hearing the noise over the pounding of your pulse in your ears, and your vision starts to tunnel down, grayness blacking out the edges of your vision. You close your eyes and lose yourself in the experience. The orgasm kept happening, and each moment you are amazed again as the strength of it increases. Your legs trembling, you could feel your hips moving involuntarily, restrained from in-and-out bucking by the grasp of my arm around you, both of your hands gripping my one like a lifeline, holding on in mingled terror and exaltation. Then I take my fingers out of your pulsing pussy, just for a moment, before sinking them back into you… lashing your clit again with my experienced tongue, fingers pumping in and out of you, and you continue to cum, continue to scream, you could feel tears rolling down your face, you can’t take anymore, you can’t sustain this level of stimulation… You can’t take it, oh no, no, oh god……. Awareness comes back to you gradually, like the quiet stealing advance of dawn across the dimly lit twilight hours. You don’t know if you actually fainted or whether your brain just couldn’t process the data anymore. I am now kissing and softly licking your clit, no longer directly on the exposed head, my fingers inside you still, but motionless. You could feel your muscles clench upon my fingers as occasionally small waves of pleasure would ripple through you, like aftershocks after a earthquake, the tide behind the tsunami. Oh, how I love the satisfaction that you have just endured.

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