My Loud Neighbor


My Loud Neighbora real story..CATEGORIES: non sex, amateur, neighbor, mom-son, petting, masturbation, voyeurism, I live in a house with 7 apartments, on 4 different floors. It’s a quiet area with not much around, some italian restaurants nearby where working class people like to hang out in the evening with some wine and pizza. then a retirement home full of old people, almost no k**s playing on the lawn in summer. Mostly singles in their later life stages. Most boring place on earth.I have this neighbor, a thin brunette with short dark hair, with traces of silver in it, probably late 40s or even early 50s. She lives with her daughter, she’s divorced, and generally behaves like a puss-in-boots when you see her enter or leave the building. Sometimes she’s normal, sometimes her answers are outright barking and in a very unfriendly tone. Probly its the lack of cock that does that. but in the country I happen to reside, people can generally be barky, its normal to them. Only if you’ve lived in america you will find it odd, and it will get your blood flowing. but anyway.. I never had much to do with this woman, or her daughter, which i only spoke to shortly one time in the last 4 yrs, when the daughter stood outside the porch, smoking a cigarette, probably she can’t smoke in the apartment, or the balcony was out of use, what do i know.the daughter doesn’t look spectacular, thin, probly 170cm, with average face, nothing special. I can’t even describe her cause haven’t seen her in such a long time. she’s into horseback riding and still goes to school. One time her mother locked herself out, and needed help. so she rang my doorbell for a phonecall. looking very ashamed. unwilling to come into my apartment, she pranced up and down outside like a hungry leopard, waiting for her dude to pickup her daughter from the horse ranch so she could have the keys and get back inside her apartment. I brought her a cup of orange juice out, which she happily drank, and later put it back next to my door with some chocolates. too bad she doesn’t know i hate chocolates, since I havent worked out in years and each time i eat chocolate it now immediately turns into belly fat within minutes. I’d rather have eaten something else LOL but I guess with that shrew, its more likely for me to fly to the moon than get ‘that’ sort of candy.Anyway I’m late 30s, not married, no GF, no money for hookers, so I watch lots of porn. Its great relaxation for me. The primeval state of being, floating in the nirvana ocean of sensuality like a foetus. my family is religious and i don’t have friends, so getting laid is impossible. So porn is the way to go. I normally watch on a laptop with sounds cranked down almost completely, cause I have earphones and really good ears. However, I suspect sometimes during bahis firmaları some videos where the audio is generally mellow but then a woman will scream really damn loud, you can probably hear it in the staircase. But you know what, i couldn’t give a hoot. Next door lives an old woman with crazy wild hair, also religious, we only talked once when i introduced myself after i moved in, since then i just see her come and go through the spy hole in my door.Then there’s the cleaning ladies, first a polish chubby mommy type in her 50s, but last couple weeks it was a black african woman, late 20s from ethiopia, who clean the whole stairs top to bottom every one or two weeks. they always bang their mop against my door, so I hear when they are there.. and sometimes watch them through the door spy.. As they bend over to wring out their mop.For the last 2 years I ordered lots of stuff cause I got great deals for several products on a domestic classifieds page, and they ship mostly with two diffrent central european services, hermes and DHL. DHL is always a friendly dude, probly early 50s. and i always sign my name when the other folks are out the house, and he has a delivery, so he can put the parcel to their door, or i take it in and give them later.. the Hermes chick is a polish skinny woman, short hair, very fit, probly 165cm, looks a bit like syd blakovich from ultimate surrender. definitely jack-off material. Unlike living in a metropolis, in this provincial area you can live for years without seeing or hearing anyone have sex.I’ve never heard anyone in the house have sex in the 3.5yrs that I live here, only the senior retiree, a fat man early 60s, with whom i watched regular TV or movies couple times and socialized. One time i entered his apartment He just flipped off a porn movie on his big television saying “we don’t need to watch that right now”.. and we continued as normal..then very top apartment was a 40yr old bachelor working in the nearby city as event manager for a large company, making good money. he had a nice apartment with a big buddha statue, and once we smoked dope and drank asian tea on his sofa, which was really legit. he said he’d drive all the way to holland to get his dope. thats 500km. He said he had no GF right now, but once flew in a chic from brazil, and the sex was incredible, until they again split, cause they were only throwing things at each other and fighting. LOL. When I was plastered, lieing on his sofa, since he was single and fairly good looking, I asked him “but honestly dude, aren’t you at least a bit bi ?” it was an honest question, cause I’m not gay and had no interest in any sex, just wanted to know.. he then started laughing uncontrollably, and said “no”. and each time we met afterwards he would tease me and say “dude, kaçak iddaa aren’t you at least a bit bi?”. that was kinda funny.So that’s about the place where I lived last couple years. very quiet, pretty boring place.The other night as I lay on the sofa in the living room, reading something, I clearly hear moans and high pitched screams through the wall. I’m like WTF. normally on that wall i only hear the weird esoteric or worship music from the old lady next door. so I’d never heard that before. But it continued, always with breaks. then again and again. Somebody was clearly either getting fucked like crazy or having a ball, riding a sybian or big dildo.. Or was the neighbor lady getting eaten by her daughter ? I don’t think a young girl would scream that loud, more like the voice of a mature woman. So I knew which woman my money was on…It was funny, I was watching porn literally every day, seeing people of all nationalities, body size and age fucking each other, but now hearing it in RL felt so different.. Where I live, people keep up a good facade, always formal, always pretending to keep all rules. and getting in your face for the most silly stuff, like putting your garbage into the container the wrong way, for filming their car, apartment or license plate. using a hand drill on sundays. they only know: work – eat – sleep – go to work, type-of-thing.I don’t know how long the moans continued but it was at least 15min, half hour. I thought, damn, might also be the romanian neighbors, senior couple mid 50s, with two adult sons living next building, they have girlfriends and friends-with-benefits, so might be in the ballpark, but i thought probably not.. i just couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from, and don’t have a stethoscope in my apartment..So that was probably a week ago or so.. but yesterday was when it went absolutely apeshit.i was lieing on my couch again. it was like 9PM, not crazy late at night. and the moans started again, but this time a lot louder. it was not muffled, but clearly a mature woman, screaming out her pleasure very loud, with interruptions in between. Sometimes almost violently as if she needed an exorcist. Pauses in between were sometimes only few seconds, sometimes like 10 or so seconds.. I don’t think anyone in this house owns a sybian, so probably she was using a dildo? I’m pretty sure it’s the woman i described before. I know her real name, it’s a roman name, but I don’t wanna tell on here. and don’t wanna use a fake name either. it doesn’t fit the story. I’m just writing it down as it happened…The moans continued for at least 10 or 20 minutes. i had put away what i was reading, cause this was so outstanding. in 3.5 yrs, i had never heard any lovemaking. not a single time. never. and here she was, moaning out her kaçak bahis frustration with such abandon, the entire house could hear. Whatever she did, it must have made her cum so hard that she completely forgot her name, or not even give a shit, cause normally, this house is dead quiet. I then got up from the sofa and walked the 10m to my apartment door, peeking through the door spy. but there was nothing. then it hit me like a hammer cause the moans continued, it was rather screams, strong and high pitched, like she wasn’t even trying to muffle it with a pillow or something. just letting it all out. i then opened my door a bit, just to be sure it was coming from one of the apartments of our house.. and when I had the door open it was even louder..! crazy loud.. it was ridiculous.. doors here are not too heavy, and don’t seem to be so well isolated. I know cause I once turned my radio up and went outside to listen, and you could hear it very very well.I left the door open for another few minutes, just to hear the moans. then i went the few stairs up, and tinkered with my mailbox. i took my mail out really slowly, reading all the sender adresses and everything, and closed my mailbox again. and while being in the stairwell, just by the front door, (only 5-6m from her room) the moans were so loud you could easily hear them in the entire house. it sounded like anneliese michel getting an exorcism.I thought to myself.. “See, you’re human after all, the game face you wear all day is nothing but a stupid facade. you need love like everyone else. you can’t fool me…” then I went back into my apartment, closed the door. went back to my laptop, put on my headphones and went about my daily business. preparing some movies for my youtube channel or pictures for my blog…——————————————————-I actually thought many times, damn, this woman would be the perfect fuck, she’s mature, divorced, defo in need of cock, those fallen-in-eyes, with that sad and neglected face. If she was in porn she would be one of those slim sluts with short hair and small tits that go all the way, with gapes, and lots of anal, tit torture, piss drinking etc. you know the drill.. thats the type i would suspect she is.. but I would never ever bring it up myself, cause I have a big disdain for the people of this nation, and I’m not gonna crawl to them.. I don’t look for hookups with neglected MILFs or GILFs either, cause i grew up in this place, and if i do anything, talk is all over town and my famly will get wind of it and start talking shit. on top of the shit they already talk. so I’ll keep it at that..——————————————————–But next time if that happens again, I should probably get the condenser mic to the door, with the really long cable, and record it all and upload, so you guys can listen as well.. Since I didn’t reveal her identity it’s probably even legal. what do i know. anyway. that was the story. of my loud neighbor. i hope you enjoyed.

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