My Lovely Chemistry Miss


My Lovely Chemistry MissFirst of all hats off to the site owners for maintaining such a wonderful site. This is truly an awesome sex site, for someone who likes to read erotica more than watch porno.The best part is the fact that there are no pop up ads and virus programs when you visit the site and almost all the content is free. I really like the good work you are doing.My girlfriend and myself read the stories all the time, and we just love the way various real people write their real stories and fantasies. I am disgusted by the i****t stories and never read them, but since they are clearly marked, I don’t care a whole lot about them. I’ve been thinking of writing one of my own experiences, my first one in fact,but had been just putting it off.Finally, I think I should contribute something back by telling you this true story…This was when I was in ninth standard. I was sent to a posh private school with CBSE Syllabus and more emphasis was given on extracurricular activities than on education itself. I was about 16 years old and like any adolescent boy, I used to be very horny all the time.Our town was still very conservative and we used to have very little interaction with girls. The best we can do is to masturbate in the bathroom fantasizing Sridevi or some other movie star, and sometime about our class girls. Other than that, there is an odd porn book my friends used to get their hands on. That’s pretty much it. None of our friends are into eve-teasing bullshit, and we just used to watch pretty girls from far away and enjoy without causing them any discomfort.So things were pretty normal until the middle of school year, when interesting things started happening suddenly. It was just after the pongal vacation which is usually the middle of January. The winter weather is making our already active hormones even more active. One day I was walking in the hall way when I saw a number of young girls seated in the meeting room. They were slightly older than me at the time, probably fresh college graduates. I didn’t know what they were doing at our school, but I was just looking at them to see if there is anyone hot.I saw one particular good looking girl and what made her strikingly different was her very very smooth skin and a nice think body. She was wearing a punjabi dress and her boobs are nicely standing in them providing a beautiful view. There are not big at all, but almost like tennis balls, very round and very firm. Her face is very cute like an angel and her color is a beautiful mix of black and white. The girls were all reading some document seriously and they haven’t noticed me watching them.I was staring intently at this girl and my cock has gotten rock hard just by staring at her. That’s the age guys, what can I say. I put a hand in my pocket to hold my cock to avoid anyone seeing it make a tent in my pants. But the problem with that is my hand automatically started rubbing it through the cloth. It took a lot of effort for me to control myself. The girl suddenly raised her head and noticed that she was being watched by me. She made eye contact for a brief moment and went back to her paper.A few minutes later she is done with the paper and arched her back relaxingly and finally looked at me. I didn’t know what to do, but she actually gave me a smile. It was like a beautiful flower blooming in the full of early spring. I meekly smiled back at her and ran back to my class. I couldn’t focus on the class anymore that day and I ran straight to the bathroom when I went home and masturbated happily thinking of that girl. It was one of the best cums I had at that time. I had to jerk off a couple of times more before going to bed that night.In spite of that, I had a dream about this girl and I came again in my sleep. Days passed by and the girl gradually faded away from my memory.Then one day the next week, we were told that we are going to have a new Chemistry teacher as our current one has resigned. When the new teacher walked into our classroom my heart skipped a beat and then started halkalı escort beating violently. It was the same girl that I was watching the other day. Apparently they were all taking a test for this job.She introduced herself to the class, her name is Renuka and she just finished B.Sc Chemistry and she will teach us Chemistry theory and practicals. I was very excited about the fact that I get to see this girl everyday but also a little worried that she might treat me harshly for staring at her. Some of the boys were also looking at her, but for some reason she didn’t respond to any of their looks.She just gave me mischievous look for a split second and then moved on to teaching the class. While teaching, she has a habit of walking through the rows of desks so that she can make sure everyone is paying attention. I always sit in the last bench and when she is walking back I had a great view of her cute ass swiveling from one side to the other. (At this age in my life, I didn’t develop an admiration for the hips and waist of the female body. My eyes and my thoughts were only focused on boobs, face and navel).She used to ask us questions randomly. Whenever it was my turn, my voice will tremble a little bit and my words would stutter as I am preoccupied with my thoughts of her being naked in my lap. At first, other students in the class laughed but Renuka scolded them for laughing at me. At this point, I think, she was beginning to enjoy that someone is actually infatuated at her that much. I can see a hint of pride in her eyes. I come from a farming family and I used to work in the fields on my off-days.So, even at that young age my body is visibly stronger and muscular than all the other boys in the class who are all rich and pampered. Add to this fact that I am a first rank student in the class, it improved my image in the eyes of Renuka.One day, we were doing chemistry experiments in the lab and as usual Renuka was walking around observing us and giving us tips and instructions. I am almost done with my experiment and was way ahead of other students.She reached my table and was surprised to see me finishing up. She congratulated me on being the first to finish and asked me a few questions about the experiment. I gave the right answers but again my voice got shaky and my hands started shaking. She gave me a heartfelt smile and said “why are you getting like this in my presence? What’s the matter?”. I know she knows the answer but she was just teasing me.I just looked away and muttered something and she came closer to me and took a test tube in her hand. Then she started talking to me slowly, but it looks to others that she is explaining something about the experiment. Then she said to me, “I know you find me attractive. There is nothing wrong with that. I am only just a little older than you and I know how it feels. We should become more of friends, then you would be more comfortable with me.” I said Ok.At this point I am pretty sure she has no feelings for me. She was just finding it cute that someone 5 years younger than her is obsessing with her. .Soon after this conversation, just before walking away from my table, she did something very strange. She probably wanted to give me some sort of reward or pleasure or whatever, but she gently bent over the table to pick up some books from the drawers.I couldn’t control myself and looked down to find a nice view of her ripe firm breasts nicely held in their place by a white lacy bra. She was looking up to see if I am looking and gave me that naughty smile again. Then she stood up slowly, but she purposefully brushed her entire chest area to my chest while getting up. The feeling of those beautiful balls slightly touching my young body was one of the finest feelings in my life.How I controlled myself from grabbing those boobs, god only knows. But the moment those boobs touched my chest, I noticed that her expression changed.Her face showed a mix of lustiness şişli escort and surprise and she asked me If I got the gym. I said “no, but I work in the filed in my free time.” Then she touched my biceps and said wow, you are like a body-builder. That compliment made me really happy and my chest increased another inch.She walked away to attend to other students but from that day onwards she started making eye contact with me more and started touching me for some reason or the other. She would ask me to carry books to the lab and so on so as to just talk to me. One day while she was walking in front of me, I was following her with a few books in my hand. As we reached the lab and walked inside, she suddenly stopped for no reason.I didn’t notice her stopping and continued to walk and bounced into her from behind.Needless to say, my cock was already hard and when it hit the soft and firm buns of her ass it felt like heaven. For the first time in my life, I noticed that hips are a very sexy part of females. However, at that time, I got scared and started apologizing. “sorry ma’m, I didn’t see you stopping”. She said it’s ok, you don’t have to apologize. But tell me why is your thing so hard? She used the word thing instead of saying cock. I said “no reason mam. It is always like that”. Then she looked me in the eye and asked me, don’t lie to me. I know that it is not always hard.Tell me honestly, Did i make it hard? I lowered my head and nodded agreeing to that. Then she came very close to me and lifted my head with my chin. Then in a low whispering tone, she said it’s ok. I am happy that you get hard looking at me. It makes me feel good. At this point she is almost touching my body. My cock is slightly brushing against her waist and ger face is breathing on my face.She moved closer to me and slowly put her lips on mine. It felt like a 1000V electric shock hitting my body. I slowly started responding and my lips parted to take her lips in my mouth. We smooched each others lips for about 5 minutes and then her tongue came into my mouth. Then we opened our mouths completely and our tongues started exploring each others mouths. That is a heavenly feeling for me.Our hands are holding each others face and this was a very passionate kiss. Then she stopped the kiss and with trembling voice asked me how it was. I replied that it was beautiful. Then she took me into her office and closed the door. She can’t lock it because if someone comes it looks bad. There is long gap from the lab to her office and one can hear the foot steps, so we get time to stop in case someone is coming. Once we are in the room, she took my hands and placed them on her breasts.She is wearing a bra, but I could still feel the weight and the firmness of them. While my hands are on those, gently feeling their softness, she returned to the kiss, this time only more passionate. I started squeezing those oranges very hard and I tried to insert my hands inside to grab them. She stopped me and said, it would be too risky to take off any clothes. She said she will give me a full view some other day.I reluctantly stopped but put my mouth on those boobs and started biting them over the bra. She seemed to be enjoying it a lot as her face showed an expression of extreme pleasure. After playing with her boobs for a while, she took my hands and placed them on her hips. I immediately started squeezing them. At this point she was in a tight hug with me and he oranges are being crushed by my strong chest. I can also feel a very soft part of her rubbing against my cock.She was making a moaning sound every time I adjust my front part around that soft area. I held her by her buttocks and pressed her hardly against my throbbing cock. All along we were completely dressed and that’s the only bad part of this play.Realizing that I was getting restless, she turned around with her hips to my front. She said “be a good guy and do as I say, I will do whatever you want the next time, Ok.” I said ok.Then sarıyer escort she dragged me closer to her with my cock firmly pressing against her hips. She took my right hand to her fron around her waist area. Within her punjabi dress, she pulled her panties down, while the pants are still on. Unless someone pays Close attention no one can tell that her panties are around her thighs. She then slid my hand slowly down the front of her pajamas, inside.I understood what she was doing and my cock was bulging with energy ready to explode. I said Renuka, can I please take my cock out and atleast jerk it. I can’t take it anymore. Then she said please be patient, I will make it more pleasurable. My hand is now on the beautiful mound of Renuka’s pussy. I don’t know how it looks like, but the feel of it is so amazing. It was slightly wet, but velvety soft.And renuka was using my hand to rub it. At this point I almost unzipped my pants, but she grabbed my left hand in time to stop me. It was like torture to me, a very very pleasant torture. She used my left hand to slide it in her Pajamas from behind, feeling the skin of her hips. She said keep going until you reach your right hand. Soon enough my left hand is also on her cunt. Now she slowly turned her head and locked her lips with me.I was going wild with my hands on her pussy and she was trying so hard not to moan. I was rubbing my pants to the side of her hips while fingering Renuka’s tender tight pussy. Suddenly renuka stopped the kiss, arched her body and made a very contorted expression on her face and looking at that my hands worked even harder. Then all of a sudden, I felt that my fingers have become very moist.Renuka collapsed on my shoulders and didn’t say a word for a few minutes.I slowly took my hands out of her Pajamas and was about to unzip my pants,then renuka said, let me take care of that. She whispered in my ear, I know you want to put it in my pussy or my mouth, but it is not the right place. We shall have a fully fun time some other time, ok. I nodded in agreement. Then she laid one of her hands on my ass and with the other one, she unzipped my pants. She used the same technique on my underwear and pulled it down to my thighs. My cock found freedom finally and it sprang out like bird.It was so full of energy that it was pulsating with my hear beat. Renuka looked at my cock and said “wow, your foreskin is still tight”. I said what do you mean. She replied that For older men, the skin would be lose, but for virgins it would be still tight. I asked her” how do you know that”, she replied that she is a science teacher and they know this kind of stuff. She took it in her hands and slowly started playing with it. She used her nails to play with the tip.She would make circles on it with her nails and this is making me feel like i am in heaven. She then grabbed the shaft and slowly started jerking it. At first they were very slow. Stopping for a second before bringing it back and so on. Then she picked up speed the sensation was getting out of control. I felt my muscles tightening and said Renuka I think i am going to leak. She asked me are you sure, I replied yes. Then she kneeled infront of me and continued to stroke me harder.I was ready to cum and a slight hint of cumm appeared on the cock. She immediately put the tip of my cock in her mouth and continued to jerk the shaft. I came like a fountain, I let out a moan and my cock was oozing that for a full minute.I was watching the amazing act of her swallowing the cumm. After making sure there is no more cum coming out, she put my cock back in my pants and zipped it back up. I looked at her and before I can ask the question, she said,I know I said no oral till next time, but this is our first time together and I couldn’t resist it. I said it was pretty risky, what would you have done if someone came in when my cock is in your mouth. To which she said, that’s why i made sure you are absolutely ready. I smiled and she asked me to go back to class. While I was about to do that she stopped me and put my hands in her pajamas again, this time to pull her panties back up to their original place.I wanted to write the next encounter as well, but both myself and my GF became so horny after recollecting this incident. We are going to do some stuff (you know what it is, Lol) and hopefully write the remaining stories later.-Submitted by AKHIL

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