My Lucky Week


My Lucky WeekHello, All – I recently posted my story involving a young guy and me. It was a great experience (actually, experiences). Well, I stopped at a restaurant for lunch yesterday – strictly random, but I liked the exterior of the building, so…..Anyway, I was seated in the dining room, and awaited the arrival of my server. With two minutes, Sarah arrived. Now, often, some servers tend to look like other servers – kind of blending together. Sarah is a totally different story.Sarah greeted me with a great “welcome.” I looked up to her face, and was smitten right out of the chute. Sara is (I found out later) is a 40 y/o single mom. 2 girls – ages 8 & 14. She’s worked at this restaurant for 4 years. Normally a polished individual, I was reduced to a mouth-gaping dunce – simply saying to her “Oh, My God!” She smiled, said, “Excuse Me!” and looked behind herself. Clearly, I had responded to her – nothing behind her. I gathered my poise and dignity, and announced to Sarah how stricken I was by her wondrous aura. She actually blushed, and mustered a “thank you.” We attempted a professional connection, but I was pretty much a goner.Sarah knows every entry on the menu, including ingredients and preparation. I turned myself over to her, and simply said, “M’Lady, feed me!” She smiled again and said “Trust me!” A drink was served, bread was forthcoming, and my order was placed. Each time Sarah came to the table, it was a delight just to see her move. She is about 5’6″ with buxom figure. Blond hair pulled to a pony tail. I loved seeing her walk away, capturing the sway of her fantastic ass as her gait brought her to her next destination.I HAD to get to know her. Fortunately, it was not particularly busy in the restaurant – and Sarah clearly was drawn to me. The amount of time she spent with me was the tell. We spoke of many things, personal mostly. The more we spoke, the more we spoke – and the more drawn I was to her. End result? canlı bahis She agreed to connecting after her shift was ended. We left her car in the parking lot, and she came with me. Sarah has a gentle overbite, which I find very sexy. She said she really wanted to go home and change clothes after a shower, so off we went. She lives in a lovely, though small, home. I asked if she’d like me to stay in the car. She chuckled and blurted, “Yes, like I’m going to make you stay in a car! Don’t be silly!”She left – I heard water running – but did not hear a door close (latch). Odd, but it was her house. I began to check out the house, which was decorated quite nicely. Getting to the hallway near the bedrooms and bath, I could hear her singing – and could see her work clothes on the floor through the partially open door. The mirrors had not fogged up, so she must take warm v. hot showers. Being a bit of a cad, I stood near the open door, and confess to looking into the mirror. The shower door was clear glass, so no opacity at all. Via the mirror, I was able to see it all. She soaped herself heavily, and I admit to becoming aroused as she touched strategic part of her generous body. It was an amazing show, as I truly appreciate “wet.” Suddenly, the water stopped, and I hot-footed it back to the sofa. Ever the courteous woman, she came out in a towel – to announce she’d be ready in a few moments. The tuck of the towel above her tits was bulging, and the bottom hem of the towel was about 4 inches above her knees. She was a vision of loveliness. She disappeared, and I heard dresser drawers opening and closing. I shouted “Sarah, is there anything I can do for you?” She responded immediately with a “Yes, I’m having trouble with a zipper. Can you come here, please?”I glided to the hallway, and there she stood in front of a dressing mirror. The dress was off her shoulders, as the back was totally open. I stood behind her, reached down bahis siteleri above her ass, and grasped the zipper pull. Up it went, with nary a bit of resistance. It appeared the zipper thing was a ruse – and I liked.Sarah finished dressing while I waited in the living room, and out she came. The dress had a great plunging V-neck. Hose finished off the ensemble, along with black pumps. She twirled ( have not seen a woman twirl for years ) and said, “Well, am I worth the wait?” I giggled a bit, and said “Lovely! Oh, by the way, Sarah, there was nothing wrong with the zipper!” I grinned as she blushed, and stammered “O-o-ohhh, Crap. Didn’t think you’d notice! Guess I’m busted!” I walked toward her, and suggested she could have simply said, “Would you like to help me get dressed? I’m a mature guy, and we could have foregone the plot.” With that, I leaned in toward her face, lifted her chin with my fingertips, and gave her a short, simple kiss. She grinned, sighed, and said “W-we’d better go, or else!” I offered my arm, led her to my car, and off we went for a quick shopping trip – followed by dinner. A drink or two, and we returned to her house. After closing the door, she turned and said “OK, Smarty Pants – would you like to help me change out of this dress?” Nothing else needed to be said, and I escorted her to her room. As we got into the room, I stood behind her and whispered in her ear, “Stand in front of the mirror, Sarah.” She offered no resistance, and in front of the mirror she stood. I slowly pulled the zipper open, and asked “Will that be all, Ma’am?” She turned, to face, me, and said, “No, Sir, I need more!” With that, she reached to her shoulders and with a slight tug the dress fell to the floor.This was getting serious, and hardly what I’d expected. I looked longingly into her eyes, and asked, “Sarah, is this not a bit fast?” She did not giggle, but did lean closely and whispered, “It’s been forever since güvenilir bahis I’ve met a decent guy. I have been turned on since our conversation at the restaurant, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather be than in your arms!”With that, I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her close to me, and gave her a very different kiss that before. This was a deep, prolonged soul kiss. She responded in a near-scary, and very hungry way. Our kiss must have lasted 2 minutes, as we washed each other’s tonsils with our tongues. We broke apart only to reengage. I stroked her bare back flesh with my hands, and she moaned. I massaged her back while continuing the lip lock on her mouth. I reached up to the back strap of her bra, released the hooks, and pulled it off her. She has amazing tits: fully, but not overly-so; medium brown nipples and areolae; only the slightest bit of Cooper’s Droop. I immediately put my hands on these luscious globes, and she emitted a deep throaty sound. She began to tear at my clothes. In a quick moment, we were both undressed – an on the bed. While I was prepared for an extended episode of lovemaking, Sarah had a different idea. Only on the bed for a few seconds, she whispered, “I want you inside me!” Clearly, she was hungry, and I was prepared to feed her lust. Fully erect, I slid between her thighs, and pointed my cock to her cunt. She promptly reached down and guided me into her. She was amazingly wet, considering there had been so little foreplay. I slid into her, and bottomed out. We were amazingly coordinated in our movements. I guess that comes with maturity and experience with others. While she was in a hurry to strip and get it, she was equally quick with orgasm. Sarah O’d within minutes. I was not nearly ready to climax, but was committed to her pleasure. Suffice to say, I devoted fingers – hands – lips – tongue – etc. to her pleasure. She ended up having 3 orgasms before she finally shouted “It’s your turn!” She dropped down to my crotch, and got me off with her mouth and hands. Once in awhile, the planets align – and something great happens. This was one of those “awhiles.” P.S. – we’re spending next Thursday together.

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