my monster experience


my monster experienceI must admit this story is hard to tell. I’ve told it before only to be told I’m lying, fantasizing, or daydreaming about an experience I had involving the biggest cock I’ve ever faced. I can understand why people are skeptical since if I wasn’t there I probably would question it as well but since I was there and my ass hurt for days after being ruined by a huge cock I know it to be true. Anyone that has had a cock that’s in the double digits can testify to the fact that such men that are packing extremely large dicks do exist and not only in porn. This is my story of me finding just such a man…I was horny for some black dick. I wasn’t just horny for it, I was craving it. No, I was needing it. It had been so long since I had pleasured a big black cock that I just wanted to find one to satisfy and to be used like a slut. I was visiting the local big city for the day and knew I had some time to kill since it was my day off work and figured I would try to see if I could find some so I hit up craigslist looking for some bbc. I posted my ad and patiently awaited to see if I got any replies which I was sad to see was very few. I had given up hope and figured I wasted money on getting a room for the day when I began getting emails from a guy that said he had what I wanted. I wasn’t holding out hope because as I questioned him he had no pics and claimed he never measured his dick so he didn’t know how big it was. All He told me was that I’d just have to wait to see it which usually means from what I have experienced is that the guy has a little dick. I mean what guy with a big dick that’s looking online for sex doesn’t have a pic of his dick to entice partners. But, he was the only real lead I had so I figured I’d just take a chance to see what knocked at my door so I invited him over. I wasn’t expecting much as the knock on my door came which I quickly answered since I was just happy to know I going to be put on my knees to service some black cock but I was shocked when I opened the door. Standing in front of me was a massively tall skinny black guy bursa escort wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts looking like he just stepped off an NBA court. He towered over me as I am only 5’6″ and he later told me he was 6’11” and I immediately knew I was in trouble since I had seen enough porn to know that tall skinny black guys like this are usually packing some serious wood. He confirmed my fears as he walked in and just ripped down his shorts and out swung the biggest limp dick I had ever seen. I’m not impressed easily. I have been with many men that had what would be considered large cocks but this dudes limp dick was so massive it was the first time I vocally exclaimed “oh my god” to a man when he exposed himself to me. This man’s cock was bigger flaccid than most of the men I have been with are when they are hard and I knew it was only going to get bigger as I began to work on it. No wonder he hadn’t any pics of it. He was probably afraid it would scare people off! He walked over to the bed and laid down with his heavy cock d****d over the side waiting for my worship in which I quickly dropped to my knees before him. I took his thick shaft in my hand and began stroking it slowly while he just looked on in approval of my work. I couldn’t wait anymore. I had dreamed of one day finding a truly monster black dick and with one right in front of my face I lowered my head to lick his mushroom head. He was already starting to grow as I began eagerly sucking his member, feeling it start to expand with excitement from my attention. As he became fully erect I pulled his massive tool from my already sore mouth and said “that is the biggest dick I have ever seen” knowing full well that wasn’t the first time this man had been told that. I felt so puny as I sat there holding his dick with my two hands stacked around his shaft with at least 3 inches still sticking out the top. It was a struggle sucking his insanely big dick. I usually have little trouble deep throating a man’s dick but I couldn’t even fit half of this black snake in my mouth. But that didn’t stop bursa escort bayan me. I swallowed as much as I could while pumping his shaft with my hands and relished the experience of servicing such a huge piece of meat. Then I pulled his cock from my mouth and said “damn, I don’t think I could fit this in my ass ” which he replied “oh, you want me to fuck your ass now?” I paused. I always saw porn with girls taking massive cocks like this in their ass and wondered “where do they put all of that dick” knowing that it had to hurt. But, I knew I would probably never get another chance to find out what it felt like so I told him he could try. I had some Trojan magnum xxl condoms with me since I had recently been with a guy that was pretty big and got them out to put It on him. Any doubts I had as to the sheer size of this man’s cock ended when I opened up that condom wrapper and attempted to roll it down his shaft. He absolutely dwarfed the largest condom you can buy in a store. It wasn’t even close to a fit and I was in disbelief as to how this man even found condoms that fit. I struggled with trying to put it on him for a minute since I couldn’t even get it over his head and handed it to him and told him to try since I didn’t want to hurt him. He took a few minutes and finally had to go completely limp again but he finally managed to squeeze his dong inside the tight confines of the rubber. I stroked his condom encased cock back to erection in amazement as I looked on at the condom that would fall off most men but only covered half of his monster. I honestly felt sorry for him as the rubber was stretched to the max and looked like it could bust open at any moment from the raging monster it imprisoned knowing that it couldn’t be comfortable for him. It was time to get destroyed by this man though so and I got in doggy style position on the edge of the bed with my ass up in the air in submission to his desires. I felt him prepare my ass with a healthy dose of lube then place his large mushroom head up against my waiting asshole that I had no idea if it could escort bursa handle a man this size. Pain shot through my body as I felt him enter me slowly and all I could do was lower my head in submission to being taken and clutch the bedspread for comfort. He started pumping my ass with his dick and the pain slowly turned to pleasure as he slid in and out of me in a soft, slow rhythm. I couldn’t believe I was taking him. Never in my life had I ever thought I’d find such a monster cock to satisfy but I was finally doing it even if I knew my ass would be ruined for life afterwards. It was slow and easy fuck as he slid more and more of his cock inside. He obviously knew the damage he could do and was being gentle in giving me his dick until I felt his balls touch mine and I realized he had every inch inside me. I lost it at that point. I started thrusting my ass back on him wanting his cock to fuck me good. Once he realized I was comfortable taking his size he began pumping my ass hard with his huge shaft as he grunted in pleasure. He held on to my hips as if to keep me from getting away from his fucking. But I wasn’t trying to get away, I was inviting it. I just kept bouncing my ass on his dick feeling each deep thrust penetrate me and touch me so deep inside that no man could touch that spot again. His pace quickened as did mine to the point my ass was being pounded in a wave of ecstasy that washed over both of us. Then I heard a loud grunt as he threw all his weight into me while impaling me on his rod and I knew he was cumming. I could feel his throbbing cock spasm as the condom was filled with sperm and he buried it deeper than I could ever have imagined. With the job done he just calmly pulled his cock from my ruined ass and put his clothes on and left. I was still naked when he left and decided I better see how bad the damage was so I put a finger to my destroyed hole and realized he had wrecked me completely. Never before had I ever felt my ass so loose as it was still slightly gaped open from the monster it had just consumed. It hurt for days following my meeting but I loved it. I now know why I see so many porn videos titled with words like “ruined” or “destroyed” by black cock. Not only was my hole obliterated by his giant cock but I was ruined for all other men with lesser sized dicks.

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