My Name is Jake Ch. 05


Cheryl lay back on the bed and I smiled at her. I didn’t know her son Philip but if he did end up as her lover, he was going to be one very lucky guy. She was long and lean with a very nice set of tits, and damn could that woman suck cock!

I lay on my stomach with my head between her legs. I started caressing her thighs and kissing her mound. Cheryl rocked her hips and then squeezed my head with her legs. I began licking her pussy. Man she was so wet! I liked her taste and lapped up her juice. She was pressing my head so tightly against her crotch that breathing was a challenge! Mom’s pussy could get quite wet but Cheryl was drenched! So much delicious pussy juice! And it just kept coming and coming…

After a while Cheryl eased up and I was able to work my way back to to her clit. I lifted her leg and wrapped my left arm around it, across her stomach and used those fingers to rub the base of her clit. Mom had showed me how the nerves ran from her clit into her pelvis and told me it was a pleasing place to masturbate. As I worked these nerves, I continued to use my tongue on her clit. Cheryl stopped trying to control my head and started playing with her tits.

“You taste so good Cheryl…” I said softly. “Good and sweet and oh so wet!” She only moaned in reply. “Your poor pussy must be so hungry, so very hungry…”

I was using my right hand to tease her slit and opening. Now I slid a finger inside of her and Cheryl gasped. I stroked in and out a few times and toyed with her as I gauged her tightness. Then I added another finger and Cheryl gasped again. When I judged her ready I started stroking in and out with greater depth and increased my speed. Cheryl was moaning almost constantly now. I was amazed at how wet she still was! My fingers were coated with her juice and I wondered if the wet, sucking sounds turned anyone else on as much as it did me. After about ten minutes or so Cheryl was bucking her hips and groaning deeply, She couldn’t last. I sealed my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth. My tongue flicked side to side across her nub and Cheryl tensed up then cried out. I felt her pussy spasm.

“Oohhhhh gaawwwwdddd I’m cummmmminnnnggggg!”

I slowed as she shook all over from the orgasm. I looked at her and smiled. I had done this. I did. I took a woman I didn’t know, wasn’t intimately involved with and I made her come. Her body was still new to me and I was just learning a few of her turn ons. It was obvious that she was pleased, that she was still feeling the last vestiges of her orgasm. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Why are you still fingering me?” she asked.

“Just because the climb to the peak is over, doesn’t mean our journey is over. The descent should be as enjoyable as the climb.”

I thought for a moment that she was going to cry. Not wanting to embarrass her I changed the subject.

“Do you want me? I mean really want me? Now that you’ve had an orgasm, do you want to stop or go on?”

“I want you Jake. Make love to me.”

I mounted her and teased her pussy with my cock for a minute before sliding it in. She sighed and made little humming sounds as I stroked in and out a few times to spread her fluid. Once I was coated I increased my tempo and leaned forward. Resting my weight on my elbows I kissed her and she soon offered her tongue. My hands cradled her face as we kissed and her legs were rising şişli grup yapan escort and falling as she stroked my hips. Her hands caressed my back for a while before she wrapped her arms around my neck. Bringing her mouth to my ear she whispered to me.

“I am so fucking jealous of Denise. She gets to fuck you anytime she wants, as much as she wants. I’ll bet you never say no, do you? Hell no, you just want to bury your cock in her pussy so bad. You love coming deep inside of her don’t you?”

“God, yes! I do.”

“Of course you do! All boys want to fuck their mommies, and deep down inside, in a place they seldom visit, most mommies want to fuck their boys. God I know I do!” she whispered. “I want lots of cock though, I’m horrible! I look at Philip and I want him! I look at the boys his age around town and I want them too! I’m so nasty, I get these ideas and I go to bed and fantasize about sucking and fucking. Sometimes strange boys, but mostly it’s Philip. But, but now… now I can fantasize about you Jake. What do you think about that huh? Knowing that at night I may be in my bed masturbating and thinking of fucking you…”

I stopped her musings with a kiss. My hips started pounding her pussy so hard and she held on so tight that it hurt. Our bodies were slick with sweat and I let my kisses roam over her face, ears and neck, enjoying the salty flavor. I took her long legs and raised them until her knees were pressing against her tits. Her ass lifted from the wet bed and I fucked her mercilessly. She was moaning and groaning and cussing.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Ahhhh! Dammit, give it to me! Give me your cum! Give me your fucking cum you mother fucker!”

I felt it rising and I pressed on, fucking her hot, wet pussy. Getting closer and closer to my orgasm, I decided what I wanted to do. When I knew that I was coming, that there was no stopping it I grabbed my dick and pulled out. Cheryl’s mouth flew open in surprise and I sprayed my cum all over her. My first spurt flew to hit her in the face, each following spurt was a bit lower. When I was drained, Cheryl was covered in cum from her face down to her pussy. Great gooey globs were on her tits and she used her fingers to wipe it up and eat it.

“God what a fuck!” she panted.

I slumped next to her and toyed with her pussy. It was very red and still so incredibly wet.

“Cheryl, do you like pussy? I mean have you ever eaten pussy?”

“N-no, never…”

I slowly pulled my wet fingers from her pussy and let her watch as I sucked them clean. I slipped them into her again and then sucked them again. The next time I pulled them out I raised up and offered them to her. She balked and made a face.

“Are you surprised that guys love to eat pussy, to revel in your juices, savor your taste and breath deeply of your scent?”

“Y-yes, Frank loved it but was too rough. Philip has written about my smell driving him mad. I figured it was a guy thing.”

“Well it’s more than that…” I replied. “You smell and taste different than Mom, but you are both delicious. Mom gets really wet but you, are fuckin’ soaked! And I love it. Philip will too. But you can’t have any hesitation when you get him in bed. You love cum, but getting grossed out about your juice will confuse and possibly disappoint him. Smell them.” I held my fingers close, and she şişli masöz escort sniffed. “Again, deeper.” She did.

“It’s musky, strong.”

“Now taste it, go on, it’s completely natural, like sweat or tears or my cum. You like my cum so why be afraid of your own cum?”

Cheryl smiled at that. “Yeah, it is the same kinda thing…” She took my hand and licked her juice from my finger, then she cleaned the other. “Not as bad as I feared, It’s not as salty as cum and much sweeter.” I fed her a bit more.

I moved up to kiss her and we held on to each other as our afterglow ebbed. I looked over at Mom. She smiled back. Mom had been masturbating, her pants were on the floor. She stood and straightened her panties and came over to sit on the bed.

“So Cheryl, how did he do?”

“Oh he did fine Denise.” she answered. “That was the most intense orgasm I’ve had in years! And then just before he came, I had another small one.”

“Wonderful! But the nice thing about young guys is their ability to catch their breath and go again. Are you ready to switch it up and ride him?” Mom asked.

“Oh no, not tonight. That sounds great but I’m afraid I’m not used to this yet. I’m gonna hurt tomorrow but, damn it’ll be worth it.”

I was feeling a big smug but Mom put me in my place.

“I hope you can come back soon, I think Jake needs more practice. I was a little disappointed in his lack of control.” She patted my leg. “Sweetheart, Cheryl needed it hard and fast tonight, but a brutal approach won’t please her next time. You’re going to need to take it slow and smooth and make it last. More often a woman needs sweet loving, not rough sex.”

Cheryl did come back for more a few nights later. After a nice long session that took over an hour and brought us three orgasm each we relaxed to talk. Mom was much happier with me and Cheryl had no complaints at all.

“I think I might be ready to try to force Philip’s hand.” Cheryl said.

“Oh? You do?” Mom asked.

“Yes, he wrote the other night that he tried watching porn but no one is as hot as his mom! And he had a pic of me sleeping in a too small tank top. It was a surprise, I never wake up when he comes in.”

“I hope it works out.” Mom said.

“Me too!” Cheryl said quite excited, then” Oh sorry Jake! I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful…”

“No problem,” I said. “I understand. You want him and this has just been temporary… just to get you by until you can get Philip to make love to you.”

She looked kinda sad and touched my arm. “Oh Jake, it has been fun, and I did really need those orgasms, and you two have helped more than that. You have broadened my horizons and helped to realize that the things I feared because they were taboo, are not all that scary. I know if I make love to Philip, I will be crossing a dark line, but I am okay with that now. I now like the taste of my own juices, so kissing him after he’s been licking me is no big deal. All in all, I am more practiced and ready for him than I was before.”

I smiled back at her and kissed her. “Glad to help.”

After Cheryl left, we crawled into her bed naked and made long, slow, sweet love. Mom insisted on being in charge and I loved following her lead and doing whatever she wished. Eventually Mom had me on my back and she rode me, something that thrilled me partly because her massive şişli otele gelen escort tits were in my face and I was kissing and sucking them eagerly; but more so because Mom was not simply stroking up and down on my shaft. She was grinding her pussy against me and rocking her hips for a good long time, then she started rolling her hips in a circle. What a feeling that was! Grabbing her tits I held on and felt my orgasm coming closer. I wanted desperately to finish, to fuck her hard, to grab her ass and pound my cock in and out until I came! But she was in control, not me.

Mom leaned close and we kissed then she whispered softly in my ear.

“I know you’re close baby, very close but I want to come with you, so I need you to hold on. I am getting close too but you have to wait until I tell you to come.”

I kissed her cheek and ear and forced myself to resist the urge to finish. My hands were stroking her back but I avoided her ass, I knew that grabbing and squeezing her hips would push me too close to the edge. After about ten more minutes of this Mom was ready but now I had backed off a little. Mom whispered again,

“Baby I am so close to coming, and I know this is going to be so good. Coming together is so rare, so hard to achieve. But I know a secret, I wait until I am about to come and then I tell you something that will guarantee you will come in a few strokes… Yes baby, I’m ready now, Mommy needs your cum, Mommy needs your cum so badly. Mommy has been watching you make love to Cheryl, watching you fuck and lick and suck on her pussy. And Mommy has decided that she needs something else too! Mommy has decided she needs some pussy too! Yes Mommy wants you to watch her make love to Cheryl. Would you like that?”

I saw the image of these two women locked in love together, kissing and caressing and I grunted as I came. With my cum spurting inside of her Mom also came. I could feel the clenching of her vagina and the cum squirting out past my cock. I buried my face into her tits and grabbed her ass, I thrust madly trying to empty every last ounce of cum into her and milk my orgasm for a minute longer. Mom held me tightly and continued to grunt out her own orgasm for quite a while. And the whole time I could feel our juices squirting out, soaking us, coating my balls and drenching the bed. Finally Mom relaxed and then after a few more minutes rolled off to lie next to me. I rose onto one elbow and caressed her sweaty breasts, tracing the luscious curves down to her pussy. When I started toying with her she tried to push my hand away. Instead, I slid my fingers into her and played with our cum. When I held my sticky hand up, Mom grabbed it and licked it clean. I fed her several more gobs of cum.

“Mom, are you serious about wanting to…”

“Fuck Cheryl? Oh yes, very serious, but don’t worry. I see nothing in her that would make me think she was bi. So it’s just a fantasy. Besides, once she gets her son to start fucking her, I don’t think Cheryl will have anytime for visiting us.”

“So does that mean you’re bi?” I asked.

Mom smiled at me. “Once upon a time… But it has been a hell of a long time since I tasted pussy… or craved it. But watching you two… has brought back the desire.”

“What makes you so sure Cheryl isn’t bi?” I asked.

“Simple honey, even though I may be masturbating, she never glances at me, she only pays attention to you.”

After a bit Mom dozed off but I lay awake thinking of her and Cheryl. Okay, maybe Cheryl wouldn’t make out with Mom, but what if we could someday find someone who would? What a blast that would be! Of course if the other woman was a lesbian, then I wouldn’t get to participate. But hell, if I just was allowed to watch… Wow.

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