My new assistant – her story part 4


My new assistant – her story part 4I had landed a new job as the assistant to the owner of a small architectural firm. The Boss, Mr. Anderson is a very attractive man about 40 years old. He is wealthy and confident and I love serving him. I have sucked his dick on several occasions. He has discovered that I am a transgender girl and have a penis. This seems to excite him. Mr Anderson asked me if I could stay after work on Friday. He said it was not work but that a friend of his coming and he wanted me to join them for dinner. He explained that he and Charlie were friends in college and they had started a business together after they graduated. A few years they sold the business and parted ways, each of them now had their own successful business. Charlie got into town Friday late afternoon and he came into the office. He is extremely handsome, about 6’2” with sandy brown hair, rugged good looks with a scar on his chin that makes his this gorgeous man a little more human. At 5:30, after the other people in the office had left, Chinese food was delivered. Mr. Anderson explained that he and Charlie had tickets to a hockey game at 7:00 so they were going to eat in the office. “Not that I mind,” said Charlie, “but why is your assistant eating dinner with us?” “Well, Julie has only been working here for a few weeks but we have already become more than just colleagues.” insinuated Mr. Anderson. Charlie smiled his million dollar smile. “That sounds very convenient.” he quipped. “Remember Julie Moore?” “Sure.” replied Mr. Anderson, “My college girlfriend who loved threesomes with both of us.” Both men looked at me and I blushed. “Don’t worry Julie, nothing is going to happen here unless you want it to.” My boss said. Then he pulled me to him and kissed me gently on the mouth. After the kiss he kept his arm around me. “So you two fuck here in the office?” Charlie asked. “Well, we haven’t fucked yet, but Julie gives a fabulous bahis firmaları blow job.” Mr. Anderson said. I blushed again. Mr. Anderson’s hand slid down to my ass and he gently groped me in front of his friend.Charlie got up and went to the bathroom. Mr. Anderson kissed me and whispered in my ear. “I think it is time for us to go the next level. I want to fuck your beautiful ass. Tonight. In front of Charlie.”The thought of these two men watching me, desiring me, was very exciting. I bit my lower lip and nodded my head. Mr. Anderson went to his desk and got some lube and condom from a drawer. He opened the condom then put the condom and the lube on the window sill behind the couch. Then he reached under my dress and pulled my panites down and off. Then he unzipped his pants and took his penis out. I went to my knees and started sucking his half-hard dick. As it was growing in my mouth, Charlie returned to the room. “Oh my, a performance.” he said. I was really enjoying showing off my oral skills. Charlie sat in a chair and I looked into his eyes as I licked Mr Anderson’s balls, up the underside of his prick before taking the tip in my mouth. After a few minutes, Mr. Anderson sat on the couch. He reached behind to the window sill. He took the condom and slid it down his dick then covered it with lube. He then had me kneel over his lap, facing away from him. I still had my sun dress on. Mr. Anderson reached under the dress and I felt his fingers, cool with lube, running around the rim then into my rectum. I gasped. Then he brought his penis to my anal opening. I relaxed my sphincter and slowly slid down onto Mr. Anderson’s big dick. I was looking at Charlie as I did this. My nipples were hard and poking out the front of my dress. As I finally got all of his dick in my ass, I sat still to get used to the fullness. Mr. Anderson reached around and played with my nipples. Charlie unzipped his pants and pulled his dick kaçak iddaa out. “I have to jack off while I watch this.” he said. His dick was as big and beautiful as the rest of him. I started moving up and down. My hard dick started to become obvious under the dress as I moved. Charlie stared at the hem of my dress quizzically. Then Mr. Anderson lifted the front of my dress up over my hips. Now Charlie could clearly see that I had a penis and that Mr. Anderson was clearly embedded in my ass, not a vagina. His eyes went wide.“No fucking way.” Charlie said under his breath. “I had no idea…” As if in a trance, Charlie stood and came over to me. He reached down and took my penis in his hand as if to see if it was real. His big penis was sticking out of his pants. “You can suck him if you want.” said Mr. Anderson. I leaned forward and took Charlie’s penis in my mouth. His manly smell plus the salty taste of his precum was intoxicating. However, the logistics of being fucked and sucking dick at the same time was a bit awkward and I stopped sucking Charlie. He responded by rubbing his hinds over my small tits and gently pinching my nipples under the sun dress. Then he reached down and took my little penis in his hand. He jacked my dick as I bounced up and down on Mr. Anderson. Then Charlie did something I did not expect. He knelt down in front of me and lifted my dress and took my dick in his mouth. “Yea” said Mr. Anderson, “suck that dick Charlie!” This was too intense, Mr. Anderson was fucking me and his pal was sucking me. In just a couple of minutes I felt my orgasm approaching. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna Cum!” I yelled. Charlie did not stop but I stopped my bouncing up and down. Charlie sucked my dick very hard and moved his tongue around the underside of my head. I blasted my load in his mouth. Charlie pulled away when I was done. Mr. Anderson sood up and I flopped off him and onto the floor. My boss pulled my waste kaçak bahis up and set me down on all fours. Then he rammed his penis back into my boy pussy. Charlie knelt in front of me and presented his big penis to my mouth. I opened up and Charlie started fucking my mouth. Now I was being split roasted. Every time Mr. Anderson’s hips hit my butt, my mouth went most of the way down Charlie’s dick. Because he had been going for a while already, my boss was the first to cum. He bellowed and rammed his dick into me all the way then held me still as his dick twitched and emptied it’s load. Giving him so much pleasure sent a wave of satisfaction through my body. A few moments later his shrinking dick fell away. Charlie stood up and pulled me into a kneeling position then he put his dick back in my mouth. I moved back and forth for a minute but then he grabbed my head and started thrusting his hips. “Get ready Julie, here it comes.” He said frantically then his head swelled and he started spirting in my mouth. At first he was so deep in my throat that his cum went straight down my gullet and, although I could feel the splash in my throat, I did not taste anything. Then he slowed down and pulled back. His final three spurts went into my mouth and I had a load of his seed that I swallowed. Charlie pulled back and his penis came out of my mouth with a smack (I was still sucking hard). He staggered back onto the chair and flopped down. I used my finger to dab the cum that had dribbled out of the corners of my mouth and licked it up (in a very lady-like manner). Mr. Anderson knelt beside me and turned my head to him. He kissed me on the lips and said, “Julie, you are amazing.” Then we chatted and wolfed down the Chinese food. “Charlie, I did not know you were into sucking dick.” said Mr. Anderson. Charlie just shrugged his shoulders, “I just go with the flow man. I try not to get stuck on preconceived notions or labels. Sometimes you just need to enjoy the moment.” The men rushed off to their hockey game leaving me to sit and ponder the events of the evening. It was pretty great. And, it was not my last experience with Charlie and Mr. Anderson…

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