My New Neighbor knows my Secret! PT1

My New Neighbor knows my Secret! PT1I was driving home from work and pulled into my driveway. The new neighbor next door came over and stood by my car as I parked.”Hi Rich, how are you today? she said with a smile on her face.My new neighbor was a tall brunette. In fact, she was taller than me. I’m 6 feet tall. She has long sexy legs and always wears tight revealing clothes. Some of the other neighborhood wives have lots of comments about her.Today she was wearing a short black knit dress with black suede cuffed knee high boots. She is quite a beautiful woman. I would say she is about 35 years old. She isn’t married and in the six months she has lived next door, I never saw a man visit her.”Rich, could you come over to my house and give me a hand with something?” she asked in a seductive but firm tone.”Sure, Rebecca … I will come right over. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll be there.” I replied. I caught a sniff of her perfume and she was gorgeous. She smelled nice and, wow … she was really something.When I arrived at her house, she was sitting at her kitchen table. She had removed her boots and was folding panties and other lingerie at her kitchen table. I immediately noticed the panties and my cock started to get hard. I have such a thing for panties and stockings … just about anything feminine and dainty. I looked down and noticed her stockinged feet … beautiful feet in sheer stockings. Within the few seconds of looking at all this, my cock was straining against the confines of my panties. I felt my nipples harden and I was in a definite state of arousal.All of a sudden, the surroundings became very erotic to me. Her presence. The smell of her perfume. Her feet, the panties … my hardening cock … the sheer fact that I was wearing panties … all took over.”Uh, Rich … hello. Are you here with me. Is there something wrong … I’ve seem to have lost you” I heard her say.”Oh, sorry Rebecca … I started thinking … uhm .. about something that I had forgotten to do” I hastily tried to reply.”Really? Like what?” she said with a smile.That kind of took me off guard. Most people would just laugh and say ok. But she was challenging me. I got a funny nervous feeling throughout me.”Oh, I don’t know … Rebecca … I just wasn’t paying attention I guess.” I was looking at her. She was sitting on a chair at her table, toying with her panties in the laundry basket. Her legs had drifted open a bit and I thought I could see a glimpse of her panties. My head was swimming. I wanted to try to look up her dress. The smell of her perfume was overpowering. Her panties in the basket, her sitting there with her beautiful feet …I was in a deep state of arousal. I was almost hypnotized. I was also embarrassed.”I’m going to be honest with you, Rich … I think I have you excited. I think you have a thing about panties and tall, beautiful women.” she said with a smile.”Wha … what are you talking about. That’s the craziest …” I could barely speak. She cut me off.”No it’s not Rich, and you know it. I’ve seen you looking at me out at my pool. I’ve seen you trying to see in my bedroom window at night. I know you wear … panties … Rich.” she said as she looked directly into my eyes.”No …” I started to say.She cut me off again. “Rich … I’ve seen the outline of the panties through your pants so many times. At the food store when I see you … I always see you are wearing panties. It’s so obvious. In fact … you even wear sanitary pads … I’ve seen the outline of them too. In fact … you are wearing panties and a pad right now … aren’t you?” she said with a little more authority in her voice.I looked at her. She looked directly into my eyes and opened her legs even more … now I could see the crotch of her panties. I could see whisps of hair escaping the confines of her panty crotch. She wiggled her toes.”Are you excited by what you are seeing now, Rich?” she said in a soft voice.I was speechless.”Sit down, Rich” she said, but demanded at the same time.I sat in a chair at the table. I was still unable to speak. I didn’t know what to say or do. I was caught … and she knew it. My heart was beating a mile a minute. My cock was hard and I felt it leak into my panties. I could feel the sanitary pad press against the crack of my ass as I sat on it.”Do you have nothing to say … Rich?”I looked at her and closed my eyes.”Why do you wear panties, Rich? Do you wear them because they feel good? Do you wear them because you wish you were a woman? Do you wear them for sexual gratification? And the pads … why do you wear sanitary pads?I opened my eyes, but still had nothing to say. I wanted to get up and run away but at the same time, I wanted to stay. What was this all about? What did she have in mind?”I am, and have been flattered by you looking at me. Since I discovered some time ago that you wear panties, I have been interested in what you do with them. But I am pretty sure I know what you do with them and why you wear them.” she fired all this at me.”You can do one of two things right now, Rich. You can either get up and walk out and that will be the last you ever hear of this … or …””Or what?” I finally found my voice.”Or, you can stand up and take off your clothes … and let me see what you look like in your little panties.”My cock went limp. I could definitely feel the wetness of precum oozing from it into my panties.”Well, rickiee? Can I call you rickiee … it’s more of a girlie name, and I think you want to be a girl … or at least treated like a girl.” I can do all of that, and more … rickiee.She atakum escort obviously didn’t ask for my permission to call me rickiee … since she just started calling me that anyway.”Get up and strip … rickiee … right now … or you can just fuckin’ leave!” she shouted.Her legs were now open and she lifted her foot and touched it to my crotch.I stood up … I was crimson with embarrassment.”Take off your shoes, rickiee and unbuckle your belt … I want to see your panties right this instant.” She demanded.I pushed off my loafers and unbuckled my belt. I unsnapped my pants and slid them down my legs. I leaned over and picked them up off the floor.”Your shirt … take off your shirt. I want you naked except for your panties … and of course … the pad you have inside them.I lifted off my shirt and tossed it aside. I couldn’t believe it … but here I was … standing in front of my obviously dominant sexy neighbor … in light pink sheer bikini panties.”How come your cock isn’t hard, rickiee? Isn’t this like a wet dream come true for you?””Uhm … well … I’m kinda nervous Rebecca. It just kind of shriveled up … “”I know that, rickiee!” she cut me off. “You will refer to me as … uhm … Mistress Rebecca when you address me. Do you understand, rickiee?” she said in a very demeaning voice.”Yes … M …. Mistress Rebecca” I managed to mutter.She reached over and touched my cock through my panties.”I feel your precum that has oozed out of your cock … let’s call it your clittie from now on … rickiee.” she continued.”You seem so interested in my body … my panties … my feet. You know, I noticed you looking at my feet every time you had the opportunity. You disguised looking down to look at them … you have quite a foot fetish, don’t you … rickiee?” she said in a manner that I knew she did not expect a response.”And my panties … you have an unusual fascination with them as well. I have a very hairy pussy … because I don’t believe in shaving it … I wonder if you find that exciting or disgusting.” again said not expecting a response.”Let’s get upstairs. You go and I will follow!” she ordered.I immediately headed through the door to the stairs that were visible from the kitchen. I could feel Mistress Rebecca following. I could feel her eyes on my body.”You have a nice little ass, rickiee … and that pad showing through makes me think I am walking behind a woman.” She smacked my ass.”Go into that room at the end of the hall. You see, rickiee … you have probably wondered why you never see a man courting me. Well, I am gay. I really do despise men. I had a man cheat on me many years ago and I decided then, that I could no longer trust men. He broke my heart and now I break the skin on mens asses. You following what I am saying … rickiee?””Yes, I think I am.”Another hard swat on my ass. “It’s Mistress Rebecca … don’t make that mistake again!””Yes … uhm … sorry … Mistress Rebecca.” I immediately responded. My cock, or clittie as she called it … was leaking in my panties. I could feel the thick wetness between my legs as I walked. I opened the door to the bedroom at the end of the hall and turned on the light. There was a bed, covered in a rubber material and a wall full of whips, strap-ons and various other items that I could tell were serious punishment instruments. My heart started to beat out of my chest. I wasn’t sure I could deal with this.Mistress Rebecca pushed me toward the bed. “Get on that bed, on your back … immediately, rickiee!” she demanded in a very serious tone.”Mistress Rebecca … I don’t know if … “”I can do this” she continued in a mocking fashion. “You have no choice, rickiee dear … you will now succumb to me. You know, deep in your heart … this is always what you really wanted. Now you get the chance to experience it for real. Don’t try and tell me that you haven’t dreamed of this.” she said with a smirk on her face.”Now go lay on that fucking bed … on your back … NOW!” she demandedI did as I was told. The rubber cover smelled strong. She came over and started to tie my legs to the foot of the bed. “You see, rickiee … I have done this before. I am very careful bringing sub men to my house … its always in my car and in my garage. No one ever sees them come or go. She continued to tie my feet with straps.”I am a registered nurse by training, but my father owned a medical supply company. When he passed away, I inherited it and took it over. I am quite skilled as a nurse, and you will find that out quite soon.” she chuckled”I have, at my disposal … all types of medical supplies and instruments. You will get to now them very well. Some you may like, others you probably won’t. I really don’t care if you get pleasure out of the pain. I think, over time … you will learn to love it all … to desire my punishments. If not, you will just have to not like it. I really don’t care, rickiee. You are now mine. I have video that I recorded of you in the kitchen. You would not want them to be made public, now would you? Again, a question not needing a response.By now, my two feet were securely lashed to the corner feet of the bed. She moved up and started to tie my hands in the same manner. I could smell her perfume. I was scared to death, but at the same time … incredibly excited. My cock hardened in my panties.”I see your little clittie hardening again. Was it something I said? Am I getting into your head, little rickiee?”Yes, Mistress Rebecca.” I said with a noticeable tremble in my voice.”Good, little rickiee. I see your little escort atakum clittie is hard and your panties are wet. Is that precum or pee from fear?”She reached down, momentarily and touched my hard clittie. She brought her fingers back up to her nose. “It’s not pee … do you ever pee pee in your little panties, rickiee?” she inquired.”Uhm, yes Mistress Rebecca … I have pee’d in my panties before.””Did you ever do it for pleasure, rickiee?”I turned red … why I have no idea … I mean really … look at my situation right now. What is there to be embarrassed about at this point? “Yes, Mistress … I do pee in them for pleasure.” I said softly.”My, my, my … little rickiee! I guess we will have to explore that some day. But for now, we have other issues to deal with … don’t we, rickiee?” she inquired.My cock was straining at my little panties. They had become opaque from all the precum that was oozing into them. I really didn’t know what she was asking, but I figured that I had better answer AND that I would be finding out shortly.”Yes, Mistress Rebecca … there are other issues that must be dealt with.” I replied softly.Mistress Rebecca slid her panties off. “Rickiee, I am going to get these panties nice and wet with my secretions, then I am going to put it on your head and let you smell me for a while. I’m sure you will get some kind of perverse pleasure from it.”With that, she took her panties and rubbed them up and down her hairy pussy.”I am going to add a squirt of pee to the, rickiee” she said with a grin.I saw her precious golden liquid squirt out and wet her panties. She approached me and pulled them over my head. Her crotch over my nose and mouth. They fitted me like a helmet. They were still warm from her piss and I could smell her pussy. It was a combination of sweat and the normal smells that are associated with a pussy that has not been recently bathed or washed. My cock was harder than it has ever been … or felt that way anyway.”I’m going to leave you like that for a while. You can enjoy the secretions and odors of your Mistress, little rickiee. When I get back, we can start!” she said with an authoritative tone.She left the room. I was tied to the bed, totally unable to move. Her sexy panties were over my face and all I could do was lay there and leak my precum and taste her piss and sweaty panties. I really had no idea what was in store for me. What kind of equipment was she talking about that she had from her medical supply store. What were the “issues” she spoke about that had to be dealt with. The though of it had me scared, but at the same time I was very excited. I was sweating … the rubber sheeting on the bed was sticking to me. All I could smell was piss and sweaty panties. I could see the material of her dainty panties. I was so excited and nervous. I layed on the bed for what seemed like hours, contemplating my fate. I was to totally aroused. My nipples felt hard and tight. They were so sensitive, that I could feel the air blowing over them. I wanted something to happen already. I needed something to happen.I heard the door open. As I strained to look, I saw Mistress Rebecca walking towards me. She had on a tight black leather or rubber outfit. I couldn’t tell from where I was what the actual material was. It had a skin tight top that accented all of her beautiful shape. There were cut outs where her nipples were, and they protruded. They were gorgeous … long and firm. Her waist was tiny … and there was a black belt that went around it … it was a very wide belt. There was a skirt that was as tight as the top. It was very short and it accentuated her beautiful, slim hips. She had on thigh high boots with a cuff at the top and heels that must have been 8″ high. Her thighs above the boots to the bottom of her skirt were naked. There were no stockings on. The heels made her even taller than she already was. She was absolutely beautiful. Her hair was pulled back tight into a pony tail and she had bright red lipstick on.”I see you are admiring your Mistress, rickiee. That is good! You will have plenty of opportunities to admire and adore me. You must adore your Mistress. You must obey and joyfully carry out whatever demands I place on you.” she began what I realized was a well rehearsed and frequently used speech.”You will learn to worship every part of my body, which is a temple to you. You will be honored to clean every orifice. You will be only allowed to, if you earn the right. It is an honor and a privilege to worship my body … you understand …. rickiee?””Yes I do Mistress Rebecca” I said softly.”I realize this is all a first for you, rickiee. I’m sure you have probably wished for or dreamed that this day would come, but the first time can be so conflicted … and wonderful. We will do the things that you ache for … because they PLEASURE me … not you. If you derive some form of pleasure, that is to your benefit. Remember, however, this is all for my PLEASURE.” she continued.She turned and walked over to a cabinet in the corner. Her ass was gorgeous in that tight skirt. Her legs are so long and well proportioned. My cock ached. I licked my lips and in the process licked her panties that were still on my head.She walked back towards me … holding a strap-on.”You ever see one of these in person, rickiee?” she asked. I know you have probably thought about them, and wished someone fucked you with one…but did you ever actually see one? she said in a demeaning manner.”No Mistress Rebecca … I never did see one.”She reached behind herself atakum escort bayan and unzipped the tight skirt. She slowly slid it off. She was naked. Her thick hairy pussy was so noticeable. She slipped on the strap-on. She leaned over and picked up a packet off the table beside the bed. The hard rubber cock standing out from her body. I could see the outline of her lush pubic hairs around the perimeter of the strap-on. She peeled open the packet and rolled a condom onto the huge rubber cock. She walked over towards the head of the bed and pulled the panties aside that were over my mouth and nose.”I want you to suck my cock, rickiee! I want you to suck it nice and pretend it’s a real hard cock, because … when you get good at it … I will give you a real one … one that can shoot hot cum into your waiting mouth-pussy.She shoved the hard long cock into my mouth. I started sucking, as I had dreamed about many times. The rubber had a bad taste, but I was enjoying this … the first time I had ever sucked a cock … even though it’s rubber. She continued to thrust it in and out … and the saliva dripped out of my mouth.”I think you have it wet enough, rickiee!” she said.She pulled the cock out of my mouth and walked towards the foot of the bed. She untied my feet and then threw the rope over a pole that was above the bed and pulled my legs straight up … so that my asshole was now exposed. She grabbed a pair of scissors and cut my wet panties off.”Let’s just put your panties in your mouth … you can taste man precum as I fuck your ass pussy with my hard rubber cock.”She shoved my panties in my mouth and then pulled her panties back over my mouth and nose. She walked to the end of the bed and pulled on a latex glove. She reached over and grabbed a tube of KY jelly and globbed it all over the fingers of the glove.”Let’s get your little ass pussy nice and lubricated. When you can take three or four of my fingers in your puckered little hole, then I can fuck you nicely up your little ass, rickiee.”She pushed one finger into my ass. I could feel precum ooze out of my pee slit. She pushed the finger around .. then pushed it in and out.”How does that feel, little rickiee? Let’s see how two fingers feel.” she said in a controlling voice.”That’s two … fingers …let’s see if we can massage that little prostate of yours … make that clittie cock of yours really ooze a lot of your girlie precum.I felt her fingers press and then I felt a stream of precum ooze from my pee slit. Wow … it was incredible. I had never had my prostate massaged. I was leaking like crazy all over my abdomen.”Three fingers are now going to stretch your little asshole, rickiee.”She squeezed the third finger in.”Why wait, lets make that four!” she giggled.She pushed the fourth finger in and slowly pushed all four in and out of my ass. I was groaning from the third and fourth finger.”Stop your groaning, and be a man … if you can … rickiee.” she giggled as she said it.She increased the speed of the in and out motion. I could feel a lot of precum oozing out of my cock. She reached over and stroked my cock … and saw all the precum on my abdomen. She rubbed her fingers through it and leaned over and rubbed it on my nose and face, under my panty-mask.”Enjoy your precum, little man. Its all mine and I control the release of your cum, and precum … forever … you understand?”Yes Mistress Rebecca” I obediently replied. What else was I going to say … she controlled me and I was enjoying it … so far.”Let’s get this cock in your asshole, rickiee. I will stroke your hard cock as I fuck your ass. If you cum, you will be so sorry. You understand? I don’t care how you control it, but you don’t cum without my permission …. EVER!She quickly withdrew her fingers and I felt the head of the rubber cock at the entrance to my asshole. Quickly she rammed it in.”Unghhhhh” I squealed.She impaled me on the cock. Her lubed fingers stroking up and down my hard cock. In and out she pushed … as she rhythmically stroked my cock up and down with each in and out stroke.I would enjoy it a lot, but had to concentrate to keep my cock from exploding.”You are really leaking a lot of precum, rickiee! Does it feel good? You want to cum don’t you? Don’t you fucking dare!!!! she said loudly.She picked up the rhythm of fucking my ass. I could my body reacting to the foreign rubber intruder. To whatever extent I could, I met her thrust and also humped my hips to meet her stroking hand.She must have sensed I was about to cum, and she pulled my cock down hard and choked off any opportunity to cum.”You’re lucky, rickiee … I could sense you were about to cum. I put a quick end to that possibility. You had better learn to control yourself! she giggled.She picked up the rhythm again. Fucking my ass hard and stroking my cock hard.”Don’t you dare cum, rickiee!”I fought hard to hold back. I kept squeezing my muscles to try to control my cumming. I surprised myself that I was able to hold it back. It did take away from the pleasure … and I began to understand that it was about her pleasure, not mine. It was a sad revelation, but one that I realized was part of my training.Mistress Rebecca stopped fucking me and withdrew the rubber cock from my asshole.”Look at all that precum that has oozed from your clittie, rickiee! Too bad you’re not allowed to cum, huh? Some day you will be allowed … it all depends on how well you learn, little rickiee”I was so sexually charged. I could feel my nipples … it’s hard to explain … I could feel them being aroused, yet not touched. My cock … my clittie as Mistress calls it … was also sexually charged … I could feel my prostate … the inside of my rectum. She really had me charged up … but I couldn’t do anything … but lay there and hope for some release.

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