My New Neighbor Part 3


My New Neighbor Part 3I couldnt stop thinking about the last time Melissa and I had fucked. She drove me absolutely nuts, especially the fact that she was doing most of the stuff around my parents. It’s been about a week and Melissa and I havent done much just a few hi’s and bye’s and her occasional teasing. I had to be with Melissa again, i was busting loads all week just thinking about her.”Hey Kev, come here for a sec.” my dad asked.”Yeah pop”. I replied.”Me and your mother were thinking about inviting Ms. Debling over to dinner tonight since she invited us over last week, you wont mind would you.” he asked. “I dont mind it would be nice to have a new face at dinner tonight.” i replied. I ran upstairs to my room and immediately got a hard on just from the thought of Melissa being in my house. I couldnt get her beautiful smile and her voluptuous breasts out of my head. I had a serious boner until dinner time and that’s when i heard the door bell. I opened the door and it was Melissa. My mouth instantly dropped. She was wearing a white t shirt which made it her nipples pop out and a pair of black jeans that made her ass look amazing. “Are you gonna aksaray escort let me in or are you gonna keep imagining me naked.” she said. I moved to the side and let her in. She brushed passed me and gave me a stare and then grabbed the bulge in my pants, which made me even more horny. She smiled and laughed and i showed her to dining room. Throughout dinner Melissa continuously teased me with her facial expressions at dinner and i was so ready to explode. We finished dinner and my mom and Melissa began cleaning up.”Im sorry for bringing this up and hate to impose, but do you all mind if I use your shower tonight. My hot water tank is broken and my new one wont be installed for a few days.” Melissa asked.”Sure, feel free. If you need towels or wash cloths just let us know”. my mom replied.”Thank you. I appreciate. Im gonna run and get a change of clothes and be right back over.” Melissa said.Melissa returned to the house and i showed her to the bathroom.”If you need any help just call me.” I said.”Ok”she said as she licked her lips. The shower began running and not even two minutes later i hear Melissa calling my amasya escort name.”Kevin….Kevin im not sure i did this right can you come in here and help me.” she said. I went into the bathroom and covered my eyes even though i had already seen her naked and much more before. “Wha…What can i help with you with.” I asked.”Well first you can stop covering your eyes youve already seen me naked.” She replied.I uncovered my eyes and i got see that beautiful body once again. Melissa was smiling standing in the shower with the water just running down her body. “You make it so easy. you know that.” she said.”Um…Im not sure we should do this, my parents are right down the hall.” i replied. Melissa stepped out of the shower and walked towards.”Trust me we’ll be fine.” she said as she took off my shorts and slid down my boxers and began sucking my cock. She then stood up and took my shirt off and grabbed my hard cock and led me into the shower. Melissa began kissing me and grabbed my cock and jerked me off at the same time. I was so turned on by her soft quiet moans.I moved Melissa up against the shower stall and lifted one escort bayan of her legs and inserted my penis into her warm pussy. I began thrusting slowly and after each thrust Melissa let out a soft moan as she stared at me with the most seductive grin. “Faster!” she yelled. I began thrusting faster and faster. until her soft moans turned into screams. “Keep going.” she said. I pulled my cock out of her and turned her around and bent her over. I inserted my cock into her pussy from behind and went to town. The warm shower water hitting my back as i thrusted into Melissa made me even more turned on. Each thrust Melissa grabbed my legs tighter until her nails left marks on my legs. “FASTER! FASTER!” she yelled. I began thrusting so hard that not even the shower could cover up the noise coming from the bathroom. I was going complete nuts and i was nearing climax. “Melissa im gonna cum”. I said. Melissa then pulled my cock out and got on her knees and put my cock between her breasts and began stroking up and down. “Come on baby give me that spunk.” she said. She kept smiling and licking her lips as her beautiful breasts kept stroking my cock. “Im gonna cum Melissa.” I yelled. She smiled and bit her lip and i exploded. Shot after shot of thick cum landed right on Melissa’s pretty face.”Tha…That was fun.” I said.”Yeah it was and next time i have a little surprise for you.” Melissa said as she licked the tip of my cock.

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