My Niece Needed a Loan Ch. 03


(While it is not necessary to read the earlier two parts of this saga first, the author recommends that you do to provide context and clarity. Hat tip to Nikki and Roger who wrote to ask for an update of this story. Enjoy.)


My father used to have a saying, one that he’d use when he didn’t have my allowance money at hand.

“It’s better to owe you than to cheat you out of it,” he’d say. Ultimately he would pay up, and I would remember that saying.

In the year that followed that wonderful day when my niece Jessica sucked my cock off in the car, I lusted for more. But, well, a deal is a deal, right?

Jessica had coerced me out of a $5,000 loan a couple years ago, a fact that if my wife had known about she would have divorced me.

Of course, I wasn’t a total idiot. I had a deal with the girl, and when Jessica hadn’t paid up on time she had to make good my using her mouth as down payment. That blowjob, had my wife known, would have had her cut my dick off before she divorced me.

Luckily, what my wife Cheryl didn’t know wouldn’t hurt me.

And when Jessica began making interest payments — and even a couple principal payments — it appeared that I’d gotten the best of all worlds. I was getting repaid for the money lent, but also received interest in the form of a blow job.

To say nothing about those wonderful provocative photos I had buried deep in boxes in my basement where Cheryl never goes. Those photos were used as masturbation aids for me in many times of need.

The loan had worked out perfectly for me. And with Jessica repaying on schedule, I was able to purchase some savings bonds that were liquidated earlier to get her the cash.

At home, things were going pretty well. Cheryl regained a little of her libido, and at least once a month we’d make love. Little did she know I thought about Jessica when I was banging her. She still refused to blow me, a fact that stuck in my craw. But at least we were a little intimate.

Jessica and husband Daryl were getting back on their feet, as both were again working. Now 27, Jessica was a secretary to a Philadelphia lawyer and Daryl worked at a packaging firm in the suburbs.

We’d see them at holidays, and normally when nobody was around Jessica would make sure she thanked me for helping out. She claimed they were swearing off drinking binges and drugs, and most of the problems with the law were finished.

That was a 180 degree difference to when they were having problems. There were DUIs and possession charges, missed home loan payments and the fact that Jessica was caught fucking a neighbor — by the guy’s wife no less.

Not pretty times.

My wife had warned me about Jessica and Daryl and their habits of coercing cash from relatives. I fell for it, but with the full knowledge that they were swindlers. That’s why I got the photos, as well as the wonder of spanking the young girl and later receiving wonderful head from her in the car.

Those were great memories, and with the payments coming in the past “interest bonus” of her head in my lap didn’t occur again. No problem there, although I secretly hoped for a reoccurrence of the act.

Work had been crazy the last couple months as the projects I had been working on were mind-boggling and time consuming. I was behind on chores at home, and Cheryl was getting on my case. When that happened, there was no Saturday night fun.

That fact pissed me off. My wife used sex as a weapon, a loaded one, as if my reward was her pussy for working around the house. Wasn’t providing a good living enough?

Jessica had called me on my cell and said she’d send a scheduled payment to my post office box, rented for precisely that purpose because it would have been all too obvious if a check arrived a home and nosy Cheryl opened it.

With work crazy, I hadn’t checked the post office box, and when I did there was some junk mail but nothing from my niece. When I called her she insisted etiler otele gelen escort that she’d sent it…and that she would check with the bank.

A day later she called and said it had been cashed and she was working with the bank for a copy of the check.

That night Cheryl mentioned that Daryl had again been caught over the limit, and his driving privileges suspended. That got me thinking that maybe the “lost” or “stolen” check hadn’t been sent at all.

Still I gave Jessica the benefit of the doubt.

Boy, was I wrong.

I’d check weekly and nothing came from Jessica. I knew I had been had. On one hand, that pissed me off. On the other, well, I had fond memories of the last time I needed to address the situation.

On the phone Jessica insisted she’d sent a check my way. I said I’d be in Philadelphia on Wednesday on business, and suggested we meet for lunch to iron things out. She reluctantly agreed.

It was a beautiful fall day in Philadelphia, and my morning meeting went well. I was good until dinner, when I was meeting with a client, so there was no need to rush through lunch.

Jessica arrived on schedule, looking stunning. Apparently she dressed well for work.

Midway through lunch, though, I realized that I had again been taken for granted, and after some questioning a probing the girl admitted she and Daryl had needed all their cash for bond money and fines.

“You know what that means, Jessica,” I firmly said.

The girl looked me in the eyes and smiled. “I think I do.”

We spoke for a bit, and she mentioned she’d be seeing the doctor in the morning.

“Cancel it,” I said, mentioning I’d be staying overnight. “I will expect you at the hotel 7:30 for breakfast. Be there…and wear that nice skirt you had on over Labor Day. We will discuss this matter in depth.”

The outfit she had worn to the Labor Day party was both slutty and erotic. The women present hated it, but the guys, well, they loved it as I did.

Waking up the following morning at 6, I visited the hotel pool for a quick swim after the obligatory 20 minute brisk walk on the treadmill. I arrived back at my room at 7, showered, and was still in a towel when I heard the knock on the door.

Jessica was early, which was great, and I have to admit she looked stunning in her teenage outfit. Yes, she was closer to 30 than 19, but she was red hot. The short skirt immediately got my attention, but the low cut blouse too begged for attention too.

I told her to order room service while I dressed in the bathroom. Just pants and a shirt, I didn’t bother with underwear given the expected state of affairs.

The room service guy was prompt and eyed my niece as I signed the check. He no doubt thought this was a bought woman, not a family member, as he smugly said for us to enjoy ourselves when he exited the room.

“So Jessica, explain yourself. You know we had a deal…”

The girl quickly cut me off. “I know I broke the terms, Uncle Rob, so I know I will have to…you know…blow you,” said the girl with a smile. It was as if she cut to the chase and was going to willingly make good on her delinquent account. Like she wanted a repeat performance.

I looked at her quizzically.

“You know, it wasn’t so bad the last time, and I really thank you for what you’ve done,” said the girl. “I think a blow job is the least I should do to make things right.”

Surprised, I turned the tables on the girl. “Oh, so you think a blow job will even the score, huh?”

“Uh huh you bet I do,” she said, glaring at the tent sprouting from my pants. “And I think you do too. Let’s not kid around, that time in the car was something else. I’ve thought about it a lot. Sometimes I think of you when Daryl has his way with me.”

We sat down to breakfast, each of us surely wondering where things were going. I wasn’t about to let my niece take advantage of the situation, etiler rus escort though. Little did she know I was still the boss.

We spoke over eggs and ham, pancakes and sausage. Jessica related how Daryl had gotten into trouble with the law again, but that he was about to plea it out to two weekend nights in the pokey and 20 hours of community service.

“But it cost us a bunch, just when we were getting back on our feet. I worked some overtime, but I’m short on the bill. I am sorry you know,” said the girl.

In a way I was sorry for her, having been thrust into the situation. But I was also smart enough to know she’d use me like she had used every other family member at one time or another.

To the best of my knowledge, though, I was the only one that had taken advantage of her. That blow job in the car was etched in my memory, battling the spanking I had given her and the naughty photos I had taken for top spot in my memory bank.

Yes, she had used me, but I had gotten something in return. And today I’d get a whole lot more.

Jessica said she promised her boss that she’d be in no later than 9:30, so we had better get on with it. “Where do you want me?” asked the girl, demurely. “On my knees?”

“Oh yes, Jessica, you will be there in short order. But first come over here,” I replied, motioning to my chair. “Here you go, over my knees.”

Jessica smiled. “Oh no, not another spanking,” said the girl, knowing it was mostly for show and not for pain.

The girl slowly approached me in the chair, then bent over my knees. “Be nice.”

I rubbed her perfect ass, first over the skirt, then lifting it I rubbed her blue cotton panties. Deliberately I lowered the soft undies down her thighs, marveling at how nice her ass looked.

Stroking that ass, I mumbled something to her about being a bad girl and then I began meticulously spanking that superb behind. They weren’t strong strokes, but they did leave red marks on her formerly white ass.

“Oh, ouch…careful Uncle Rob, OUCH, that hurts.”

My dick throbbed as I spanked the girl. I wanted her to hurt, enough so that when she sat down at work she’d remember where she had been this morning. But not strong enough that the marks would be there tonight when Daryl might see them.

After a few minutes of sensory delight, I ask if she’d had enough.

“Oh yes, Uncle Rob, I will be good. I think you like spanking me.”

I directed her to her knees and she willingly complied with my wishes. Soon she was there, unzipping my fly and lowering my pants.

“What have we here?” she asked, playing with my throbbing dick.

“A cock for you to suck,” was my reply.

She got right down to it, kissing the tip, licking around the crown, and slowly closing her lips around my shank. She sucked, barely moving up and down but tightening her lips around my dick instead.

“Oh, Jessica, that’s great. Oh yes, suck my dick.”

She did.

Using talents undoubtedly well practiced, I savored the sight of her sucking my dick. Up and down she went, all mouth no hands. It was quite the blow job, as she knew what she was doing.

After a bit of sucking she brought her hand up and began stroking the base while sucking the tip, and I clenched up in an effort to delay my orgasm.

“Just let go, Uncle Rob, come in my mouth.”

I wanted to, but I had other ideas. The blow job was too easy. I think for this lesson to be learned a spanking and blow job would not be enough.

Standing, I lifted her up and kissed the girl. Not like an uncle kisses his niece, but like a lover. At first she was a little put off, but soon she reluctantly kissed back.

Directing her a couple steps to the left I pushed her onto the bed.

“What are you doing,” she asked before understanding what was happening. “No, no you can’t fuck me. You are family. You are my uncle.”

Little did she know that I could. She etiler türbanlı escort started to rise but I pushed her back down.

“Let me rub myself on your pussy,” was my simple request. I guess she didn’t mind that, because she didn’t say anything as I slid on top of her and began rubbing my dick up and down her pussy.

The sensations were great, and I watched the girl’s face as she appeared incredulous at what was happening.

“Oh that’s so hot, that’s wonderful,” I said, luxuriating in her wetness. “I’m going to slip it in just a little.”

Hearing no complaint, I slid my dick a little into her hot, wet core. Her pussy easily opened to accept me, and with one quick thrust I was deep inside her hole.

“Oooooh. You promised, you promised you wouldn’t,” said the girl who was moving to the tune of my music. “You are a pig.”

Mumbling something, I reached down, lifted her legs, and began to fuck her in earnest. In and out I went, banging her wonderful pussy.

“You had no problem fucking your neighbor, so I’m just doing what he did. Besides, you owe me big time,” was my quick and dirty talk to her. “Fuck me.”

She did. She really did. There was no reluctance on her part as we rocked together in the hotel bed. Me, 20 years her senior, fucking her like a slut and not the niece she was. It was incredible, the feelings were awesome.

Soon she was holding her own legs high and I reached under and grabbed her ass. Then I began banging her for all I was worth.

“Oh yes, don’t stop, don’t stop Uncle Rob. I’m close. I’m really close….I’m gonna cum!”

The girl was matching my thrusts downward with her own series of upward pushes. The feeling was incredible and soon she was writhing and moaning and cumming right below me.

It was hard but I held back my orgasm. But it was coming soon. Once I felt she was finished … I could tell because she went limp … I pulled out and maneuvered up to her face.

“Suck it!” was my request.

She didn’t miss a beat. Jessica opened her mouth and welcomed my cock. Soon I was shooting a series of cum volleys into her sucking mouth.

She looked the perfect slut. And I gave her everything I had. The feelings were incredible as I shot cum like there was no tomorrow into her mouth and onto her face.

Soon my dick subsided, but it stayed in Jessica’s mouth. She savored the cum and the meat.

“That was incredible, girl, simply incredible.”

The girl finished her job, cleaning me off with her mouth.

“You were amazing, Uncle Rob,” said the girl. “You made me cum twice. I am going to be shaking all morning.”

With that the girl pushed me a away and ran to the shower, saying she didn’t have much time. I laid there for a minute, then looked outside. From across the way I saw three guys giving me the thumbs up from an office building. I guess I should have closed the blinds.

Waving back, I adjourned to the shower where I worked on Jessica’s back while she reached behind and cleaned my cock.

“That was pretty intense,” said the smiling girl. “I was pissed at first but I probably deserved it. You have a lot of stamina for a old guy.”

Mentioning that I hoped she learned her lesson, but secretly hoping she hadn’t, I told her I expected the next payment on time.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Rob, it’s taken care of.”

I had no idea of what she meant. Who could figure this girl out?

We dressed, Jessica taking a lot more time due to the makeup and hair work. She had brought clothes more appropriate for the office, and looked lovely when she re-entered the room.

The blinds were still open, yet Jessica hadn’t a clue she had admirers. That was pretty hot, knowing guys had watched our earlier session.

Sipping coffee, I reminded my niece to keep in touch.

“You bet, see you later Uncle Rob.”

I sipped my coffee for a while before packing up. Along the way, I noticed the envelope next to my wallet. In it, four crisp $100 bills and a note.

“Thanks, Uncle Bob, for being so understanding,” (signed) Jessica.

Shaking my head, I thought once again how the girl amazed me. Here she had the cash, yet she allowed her ass to be spanked, her mouth to be used and her pussy to be fucked by her uncle.

I hope she misses another payment!

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