My Owned Brother


I had just fallen asleep when I was startled back awake by the sensation of someone touching my leg under the covers. I thought it was a dream at first but it wasn’t. I opened my eyes to see my brother standing beside my bed.

“What are you doing?” I asked and pulled myself up to a sitting position.

“Nothing.” He whispered.

“Why are you in my room then?”

“I just wanted to come in and see if you were okay.”

“Yeah right,” I said loudly. “Since when are you concerned about me?”

“Not so loud.” he whispered.

“Why?” I whispered back.

“Just be quiet.”

“I will if you tell me why you’re in my room,” I whispered. “And tell me the truth.”

“I just wanted to touch you and stuff.”

“Oh really,” I asked. “And stuff huh?”

“Come on,” he was begging me. “You’ll like it, trust me.”

“What will I like?” I asked.

He slid his hand back under the covers and touched my leg. He ran his hand up my bare leg until his hand was on my underwear. He moved his hand to the center of my underwear and let it rest there. My little cock was already hard.

“Why it seems you are already enjoying this.”

“Maybe,” I laughed. I reached down and grabbed his hand through the sheet and picked it up a little. “No touchy until we set the rules.”

“What rules?” he asked eagerly.

“I am going to be in charge of what happens.”

“Okay.” He readily agreed. I could see the front of his underwear sticking out.

“I don’t mean just right now,” I smiled at him. “I mean from now on.”


“If I do this, you have to promise to be my slave from now on.”

“Your slave,” he asked. ‘How do you mean?”

“My sex slave dummy” I laughed. “Whenever, wherever I want you to be my slave.”

“Okay,” he said slowly, I could see by the movement in his underwear that this excited him.

“And starting tomorrow, you have to give me a ride to school everyday. I’m sick of having to be the only guy in college to have to ride the city bus across town.”


“So you agree?”


“Awesome,” I laughed. “I have my own twenty year old slave.”

“I am at your command master.” My brother bowed. I flung back the covers and lay there in my underwear.

“Slave, you may play with my body.”

I watched as my brother rubbed his hands all over my smooth and slender eighteen year old body and then carefully pulled down my underwear revealing my hard little almost hairless cock. I used to always be embarrassed that I didn’t have much pubic hair, but my brother told me later that that was a turn on for him. “Suck it slave.” I was surprised I had said that and didn’t really expect him to do it, but I watched as he bent over the bed and opened his mouth and sucked my five and a half inch hard cock fully into his mouth. I almost screamed out in delight when he did this. I watched as his lips slid up and down my little hard cock. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head up.

“Why’d you do that?” he looked at me and asked.

“I was about to cum.”

“Well you can make your slave eat your cum if you want.”

I was shocked to hear him say that.

“Okay slave, suck my cock until I cum in your mouth.”

He went back to sucking istanbul escort my little hard cock and in about a minute I felt myself cum in his mouth. I squirted about three times into his mouth and he sucked it all down his throat.

“That was a good little slave.” I praised him as he stood and licked his lips. “Now drop your shorts and jack off on my cock.”

He pulled down his underwear and began to stroke his hard seven inch cock. I reached over and grabbed his balls and pulled down on them. In about a minute he shot his cum all over my now semi-soft cock and balls and belly.

“Now lick your cum off my cock and balls.” I ordered him as I pulled harder on his nuts. He bent down and licked up all his cum from my belly and then sucked my cock back into his mouth and licked it clean with his tongue. He licked my balls clean of his cum before I rolled over.

“Now kiss my ass and leave.”

He bent down and gently kissed my butt cheeks and then left my room.

At the breakfast table in the morning I was surprised to hear my brother ask me if I wanted a ride to school. I had thought we were just playing last night, but apparently he had taken it more seriously than me.

I accepted the ride to the university and nothing was said about last night. When he dropped me off at my school I asked him if he would be picking me up from school too. He said if I wanted him to he would. I said yes and headed off into the school.

I stood out front of the university at 5:15 and waited for my brother. For a while I thought he wasn’t going to actually show up, but at 5:30 I saw his car pull into the parking lot. I picked up my backpack and skipped down the steps and ran out to his car as he pulled to a stop along the sidewalk.

“I didn’t think you were actually coming to get me.” I said as I slid into the front seat beside him.

“Well you told me you wanted me to pick you up,” he paused and smiled then added. “Master.”

“Yes I did,” I laughed. “So I am still your master then?”

“As long as you want to be, and you let me service you as your slave.” He smiled at me.

“Really,” I smiled. Then I thought that I should test him to see if he really meant what he said. “Pull over into that parking lot.”

My brother turned the car off the street and into the parking lot and stopped.


“I want my driver naked.”

“What?” he asked shocked.

“Your master wants you to be naked when you drive me home.”

My brother looked at me for a few seconds and then to my surprise slipped off his t-shirt and tossed it in the back seat. I watched him as he took off his shoes and socks and then his pants and tossed them in the back seat too. He paused.

“Naked.” I said again. He took off his underwear and set them on the seat between us. I looked over, his cock was hard and sticking up between his legs. “That’s a good slave, now drive me home.”

He drove home, blushing all the way. He pulled into the driveway and shut off the car and just sat there.

“Well?” I asked.

“What?” He answered.

“You don’t expect me to open my door myself do you?”

He looked at me and then looked out the side and back windows of the car to see if anyone kabataş escort was around before he opened his door and ran around the front of the car and opened my door. I stepped out and grabbed his hard cock and led him to the side door of the garage. Once in side I let go of his cock and told him to stand still. He did as I asked.

I went and got a piece of robe and came back and told my brother to spread his legs. He did. I pulled down on his balls and looped the rope around his sac and tightened it up and pulled the rope down so his nuts were pulled down and tied tight. They instantly turned purple. I tickled them. He cringed.

“Now my slave has a leash.” I laughed. “Now follow me slave.” I commanded as I walked into the house.

“What should my slave do first?” I asked him.

“Whatever you want master.”

“I think my slave needs a snack.” I said as I went and got a black dinner plate and set it on the table in front of him. “Now slave, jack yourself off a snack.”


“You need a snack, so jack off on the plate.” I repeated and tugged on the rope tied around his balls. I began to slap his ass softly at first but then harder and harder with my hand. He gripped his hard seven inch cock and began to jack off. It only took him a couple of minutes before he shot his load of cum unto the plate. I kept slapping his ass, which now was a bright red on both cheeks. “Eat your snack slave.” I tugged on the rope on his balls. I watched him bend over and lick his cum up off the plate.

“That’s a good slave. I like my slaves well feed.” I said as I tugged the rope again and led him by his balls to the basement. I tied the rope to the center post in the basement and walked behind him and stripped. I came back in front of him and pushed down on his head. He knelt in front of me and sucked my little hard cock into his mouth.

“My balls too,” I ordered. “Suck them too.”

He opened his mouth and sucked my balls into his mouth along with my five and a half inch hard cock and sucked and licked me. It only took a couple of minutes before I shot my load of cum into his mouth. He swallowed it and looked up and smiled. I untied his balls.

“Next time I think I’ll have a friend or two join us.”


“You heard me slave.” I laughed and picked up my clothes and walked upstairs.

The next day my brother again gave me a ride to school. After school I waited outside with two of my friends. They were special friends. We had been playing little jerk off games together since we first learned how to jack off. My brother pulled up and stopped where we were standing. As we walked to the car, I could see he was blushing beet red.

“Thanks for giving us a ride.” I said as I got in the front and they got in the back. “Home my brother.” I laughed.

None of us really talked on the way home. Once home I told my brother to go to the basement and wait for me. In a couple of minutes I came down to the basement, he was sitting on the couch.

“So are you ready my slave?”

“Not really,” he said still blushing. “But you’re the master.”

“Oh that’s good to here. Now strip.”

He stripped off all his clothes and stood there naked and hard. I went upstairs kadıköy escort and came back with my two friends. When they saw my brother standing there they laughed at him. My brother blushed even redder.

“So guys,” I began. “You know my brother, well now he is my slave.” I walked over and slapped his hard cock lightly. He winced but stood there.

“And as my slave he will do whatever I ask of him.”

“Really,” Toby asked. “Anything you ask?”

“Yup,” I replied. “Watch this.”

I stripped off my clothes.

“On your knees slave,” I ordered my brother. He knelt down. “Now suck my cock.”

I watched Toby and Sam as their eyes nearly popped out of their heads as my brother sucked my hard cock into his mouth and moved his head back and forth as he sucked my cock.

“Would you like to have him suck you?” I asked them.

“Fuck yeah.” They both answered.

“Well if I share my slave with you, you two have to also become my slaves.”

“Okay.” They both agreed.

“Cool,” I smiled. “Now strip.”

Toby and Sam stripped quickly and stood there with their hard cocks pointing straight out. They were both my age, and had cocks the same size as me, at least when hard. I pulled my hard little cock out of my brothers’ mouth and pulled Toby over and pushed my brothers’ head towards Toby’s crotch. I laughed as I watched my brother suck Toby’s little hard-on into his mouth and suck him fully into his mouth. Toby, having never experienced having his cock sucked before, came into my brother’s mouth within ten seconds. “Don’t swallow his cum yet.” I yelled at my brother as he released Toby’s cock from his mouth. “Look at that guys,” I told them both. “There’s Toby’s cum on my brother’s tongue.” We all laughed, except my brother who blushed.

“Swallow his cum you dirty little slave.” I yelled at my brother. He did as I told him. As soon as he had swallowed Toby’s cum, I pulled Sam over and watched as my brother sucked his hard cock into his mouth. Again, having never had his cock sucked before, Sam shot his load in about twenty seconds into my brother’s mouth. Again I had him stick out his tongue so we could all see Sam’s cum in his mouth.

“Sam, turn around,” I said spinning him around and bending him over. “Jack off brother, and cum on his asshole.” My brother began stroking his hard cock as I spanked his ass. It didn’t take long before my brother reached orgasm and shot his load into the crack of Sam’s ass and loaded up his asshole with a big spurt of cum.

“Now lick your cum from Sam’s asshole.” I yelled and watched as my brother knelt down and licked his own cum from Sam’s little asshole. He licked all up and down Sam’s ass crack eating all of his cum from off of Sam’s ass.

“Now who shall suck me off?” I asked. “Sam, Toby, kneel down.”

I walked over to the two of them and grabbed them by the hair.

“Suck your master’s cock.” I yelled at Sam. He opened his mouth and sucked my hard little cock. I was surprised he did this so quickly and eagerly. After a couple of minutes I pulled out of Sam’s mouth and shoved my little hard cock into Toby’s mouth, he also eagerly sucked hard on my cock. I felt myself ready to cum so I pulled out of his mouth and shoved my cock back into my brother’s mouth. He eagerly sucked me and I shot my load into his mouth.

“Okay, everyone get dressed, that’s enough for today.”

Tbc {Next up: Big brother wants to go to the big game with his girlfriend, but I insist my slave take me and my other slaves along. I wonder what will happen?}

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