My pleasure is you


My pleasure is youIt’s almost three in the morning and you wake up, alone in the bed.”I thought he said he was coming to bed!” you mumble as you rushed out of the bedroom and down the hall. You didn’t even take time to put on your robe you were so upset. “All he thinks about is that damned web site!” you think silently, your irritation growing into anger.As you approach the door to the den, in the mirror you see me sitting at my desk but can’t see what’s on the computer screen. You pause at the door without saying anything, noticing that I’m moving rather oddly in the chair. Squinting to try and help you see what I’m doing, you suddenly realize that I’m masturbating.”Oh for the love of Christ!” you scream in your head. Taking a step closer to entering the room, you decide to try and sneak in to ‘catch me in the act’.You sneak into the room and slowly, cautiously, silently make your way to where I’m seated with my back to you. You peek over the top of the chair and see me slowly rubbing my fully erect shaft. You know I had really oiled it up for the way it glistened in the dim light from the computer monitor.You watch intently as my hand slides slowly down to the base of my thickness and then slowly up to the tip that’s oozing plenty of juice.As halkalı escort my palm slowly circles over the top, I reach down and play with my balls with the other hand. You can easily hear my moans of pleasure while my hands stimulate myself more and more.You realize you hadn’t even looked at the monitor to see who or what had me so aroused. It’s difficult for you to move your eyes away from the performance I am unknowingly giving you. You can almost feel my hardness squeezing into you, spreading you wide as I push my thickness deep in your now dropping wet pussy.Finally moving your gaze to the monitor, you are truly shocked to see the picture there. You glance back down and see me still slowly stroking and rubbing my finger over the fat flange of my rock hard pole and know that I am working myself very near to orgasm. My moans are soft but becoming more frequent as the tempo of my hand movements increase.You look back at the monitor to double check what you thought you saw. As you listen to me coax my balls closer and closer to forcing their load out in what you know will be several forceful and massive gushes, you slip your finger into your wetness and tease your hard clit. You look back down from behind şişli escort the chair and see that I am within seconds of the first shot being fired.Your finger rapidly rubs your clit and your juices flow more readily as your own stimulation does it’s job.You’re watching me, waiting for me to climax, coaxing your own horny body nearer and nearer to orgasm.You see my body tense and then the first shot is fired. It arcs across the distance to the monitor and lands directly on the center of the screen. It’s bringing you so close to orgasm as you see my first shot sliding down the screen as another shot lands just below it. The second shot is dead center on the crotch of the woman in the picture.Seeing the load of cum I had discharged made you wish it was at least going in your throat, but you were pleased as you looked again at the monitor and saw the cum covered picture displayed there. The picture of you laying one your back with a pillow between your slightly parted legs.Remembering how you enjoy the feeling of my warm cum covering your body pushed all the right buttons and you begin to climax. It was far more intense than you thought it would be and you inadvertently gasp as it sarıyer escort hits you full force.I jump out of the chair, seemingly to turn around in mid-air.”What the fuck??” you hear me yell, not in anger, but in surprise. I turn just in time to see you collapse onto the floor, your body convulsing as wave after wave of the ultimate pleasure rips through you.Moments later, as you lay on the floor, you’re still panting heavily as I knee down beside you.”Why did you choose my picture to jack-off to?” you ask, still gasping for air.”You’re the sexiest woman I ever saw, and I love you. What other reason do I need?” you hear me answer.”But, you could have the real thing,” you ask, puzzled as to why I chose to masturbate with a picture of you instead of having sex with you.”You were sleeping, and I know you need to get up early so I didn’t want to wake you,” I explain as I bend down and kiss you.”Sweetheart, you can wake me anytime you want to make love,” you whisper as I lift you from the floor and carry you back to our bedroom.Laying you on the bed, I’m grinning.”What??” you ask.”Now that I’m warmed up, and you’re awake….”I crawl gently on top of you, kissing you from your stomach to your chest, then suck on your nipples as I position myself between your satin legs.You feel my already rigid mass of flesh press against your pussy. You part your legs, wrapping your calves around me and feel me entering you. The familiar pleasure of your lining stretching around my girth brings a smile to you face as I slide deeper and deeper inside of you.

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