My Pregnant Best Friend

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Johana and I had been neighbors, seemingly forever. We were best friends for most of that time, almost like brother and sister. But never anything more than that. I watched her date some other guys, and I even liked several of them. Secretly, I was always jealous of them, but never let her see it.

Johana has always been quite lovely to look at. Long black hair and big beautiful brown eyes make her smile simply priceless. She liked to wear tight tops, which showed off her big breasts and narrowing waist. And her beautiful legs flowed gracefully from her beautiful round, latin ass. I’ve admired her body since it started developing in her early teen years, but I never really told her.

About a year ago, Johana began seeing a guy, Max, that I really didn’t like much. It got serious pretty quickly and about 5 months later, Johana came to visit me, and through tears, told me that she had a secret to tell me.

We sat down, and after a few hugs and a few tissues, she confided in me that she was pregnant and that Max had broken up with her when she told him that she was going to keep the baby. I assured her she was making the right decision. We hugged some more and I told her that I would be there for her throughout her pregnancy and beyond.

As the months ticked by, her belly grew bigger and at the same time, her ass and breasts also grew. And along with those, my admiration for her body continued to grow as well, but still, for the sake of our friendship, I kept quiet about it.

As July rolled in, she was well into her 8th month, and one afternoon she came over to hang out in my backyard, since we had a pool. She put her bag down and peeled off her robe, revealing a pair of loose shorts as a bottom, and a yellow bikini top, barely covering her massive pregancy tits. And revealing that beautifully huge belly.

She put her towel down on the lounge chair and then laid down on it, reclining on her back. For a few moments, I was lost in a daydream, staring at her. I swear that I could see small darker circles in the center of the yellow bikini triangles, where her milk was starting to come in and leak from her beautiful mammaries.

I must have been staring a bit too long, because I was snapped out of it by a small towel being thrown at me, and Johana saying, “Earth to Jim…come in Jim! hahaha!”

I stammered for a moment, and started laughing along with her.

“Can I have some iced tea?,” she asked, in a tone of voice that told me she must have asked that question several times already.

“Sure. Be right back.” I said as I got up and headed inside. While in the kitchen, I realized that my shorts were bulging out in the center. Her sexy pregnant body was getting to me. I thought about just about anything I could besides her and soon, my raging hard-on subsided.

I brought out the iced tea and we sat and talked for what was probably several hours, just relaxing. I couldn’t really look at her too long without fantasizing, so we sat side-by-side in the chairs. We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more. She told me how nervous she was about the birth, and she told me how big and unattractive she felt.

At first, I was careful with my words, telling her how radiant she looked as a pregnant woman, but she was still not convinced. I then told her that I thought she looked more beautiful and sexy now that she ever had since I knew her.

“Sexy?” she asked, sounding curious about my opinion there.

“Of course,” I replied, marmaris escort “Your body has only gotten more sexy with each passing day of your pregnancy.”

Her face flushed red as my words hit her ears. I could tell that I had made her a bit uncomfortable, so I didn’t want to continue the conversation much further, and quickly, she started packing up her stuff to head home. We hugged goodbye and she walked to her home.

About 3 weeks later, nearing her full term, she texted me and asked if I could stop at the store to pick up a few things she needed. She was at the doctor today and there were several things that he recommended for her as the birth approached. She sent me the list and I told her I would bring them by that night. Lucky that the store had all the items she needed, and I purchased them for her and headed straight to her home from the store.

She was alone at home that evening, with her parents at work. I opened the door and announced, “Johana…it’s Jim.”

“Come in. I’m in my bedroom,” she shouted back. I walked in, with the small grocery bag in my right arm.

I walked through the door to see her lying on the bed, her beautiful baby bump sticking out from between her small red shirt and her blue shorts. She was just trying to stay comfortable.

“You got everything on my list?” she asked.

“Yes, everything. They had it all.”

“Can you find the cream I asked you to get me? It’s for the stretch marks on my belly. I’m supposed to start using it now to help them disappear after the birth.”

I dug through the bag and located the tube of cream. Putting the bag with the rest of the items down, I handed her the cream.

She immediately opened it, squeezed some onto her hand and then began rubbing it into her belly. Watching her slowly move her hands in circles around her big belly had me almost hypnotized. I must have had my mouth open, because after a few moments, she looked up at me and said, “Close your mouth, or you’ll catch a fly.”

We both laughed, and I sat on the edge of the bed with her.

I noticed how difficult it was for her arms to reach to the bottom part of her belly, so I asked if she wanted help. Already exhausted from doing what she did, she gladly said, “Yes, please” and handed me the tube of cream.

I squeezed some out onto my hands and rubbed them together. My thoughts were racing 100 miles per hour. I was about to rub my hands all over Johana’s sexy baby bump. What will it feel like? Will I feel the baby move? Will it make me hard? Will she notice if it does? All these thoughts and more.

I reached out to coat her skin with the cream and after a few firm passes of my hand across her belly, she relaxed, closed her eyes and moaned softly, enjoying the small massage I was providing for her belly.

After taking care of the very peak of her belly for a few minutes, I added more cream and moved down lower, pressing hard against her belly, ensuring that every inch was coated evenly. My hands continued to make small circles around her belly. I noted that I didn’t feel the baby moving, and she said that he must be asleep at the moment, thankfully.

“You did better than me,” she said, “Can you do the top part again, too?” she asked as she pulled her shirt up just a bit, exposing just the underside of her breasts, and then flopped her hands down at her sides.

By this time, my cock was straining at the material in my pants and screaming to be stroked, but I knew I had marmaris escort bayan to just ignore it.

More cream on my hands, and I reached over to rub the top of her belly as she moaned even louder at my touch. My hands again made circles around her belly, evenly covering her skin. I had to move up towards her on the bed, and as I did, she raised her hand to make room for me.

Once I sat, her hand fell down, right in my lap. My thoughts raced again. Can she feel my hard cock through my shorts? What if she can? What if she’s offended? OMG.

But she didn’t move at all. It just stayed there for a while and I continued to cream her belly for her. A few times, my hands brushed the exposed underside of her milk-filled breasts. She didn’t flinch at all and after about the 3rd time, she moaned again, just as my hands touched her there.

My head was spinning and my cock was aching, and the hormones perhaps got the best of me. I slowly began pressing a bit harder against her breasts with each circle. She kept her eyes closed, but after 3 or 4 circles, I felt her hand move in my lap, pressing down against the hard pole in my pants. It startled me a bit, but it also both pleased me and encouraged me.

I removed my hands and put some more cream on them, and then, returning to her body, pushed my hands up under her shirt and squeezed her breasts, one in each hand, coating them with the cream and immediately feeling the huge, hard nipples against my palms.

Rather than a moan, her lips parted and she whispered, “yes Jim,” as she made a fist around my cock through my pants and squeezed it hard.

Our eyes met and instantly, we both knew that although our relationship had never included this part, this was simply perfect. I knelt up on the bed and leaned over for our first ever real, passionate kiss. My right hand was on the bed, holding me up, but my left hand was still under her shirt, squeezing her right breast. Our tongues tangled between our locked lips and her fist only grew tighter around my hard member. After a few moments, we broke our kiss and I stood up as her fingers clawed at my pants to pull them down.

With my help, my pants soon found her bedroom floor and my cock was pointing straight at her face. She rolled to her side and pulled me closer, slowly taking my dick into her mouth. I stood there, staring across this bedroom that I had spent so much time in over the years, and recalled the countless times I had imagined what those lips would feel like around my cock. And now, here I was standing beside Johana’s bed as she began to swallow me little by little. The real sensation was far better than any imagination I had ever had.

After a few moments of soaking my cock in her saliva, she rolled back and asked, “have you ever wanted to taste me?”

“Have I ever!?!” I replied, “only just about every night since puberty hit!” As the words were still coming out, I was already moving between her legs and pulling at her shorts to take them down. With my help, she inched towards the foot of the bed, and I knelt down between her legs, which were propped up and spread apart. Her pussy was wide open, with swollen lips and it was dripping wet. I dove in like a hungry man at a buffet. The taste was sweet and musky and it was intoxicating.

My tongue first traced the outline of her plump lips, one side than the other, and back again. Alternating sides, but skipping the center on purpose at first. After a few slow, deliberate licks escort marmaris of each side of her juicy lips, my tongue finally landed in the center, plunging deep between the lips and then slowly and firmly licking up towards her protruding clit. Once at the top, I moved my mouth back down to repeat the motion. Again. And again. And again. And lastly, my lips circled her clit and sucked hard, flitting my tongue against the tip of the clit quickly and I felt her whole body shudder in an orgasmic explosion.

Almost apologetic, I sat back and asked, “Is that ok to do at this stage?”

After catching her breath, she said, “My doctor told me today that it is quite healthy and safe for a pregnant woman to have sex, even this late.”

“Have sex?” I asked? “You asked about that?”

“Well, I saw how you were looking at me the other day, and since I already knew how I felt about you, I figured we should try.”

I was dumbfounded at the words, but the smile that came across my face was one that could be felt as much as it could be seen. I was giddy and moved up to kiss her again.

She then reminded me that she asked the doctor about having sex, not just an orgasm. I didn’t have to be hinted at again. I moved back around between her legs and my hard cock was quite ready.

I slid it inside her slowly, at first trying to be gentle and not hurt her. After a few minutes, of slowly moving in and out, the expression on her face changed.

She looked up at me and said, “Fuck me, Jim! Harder!”

I had thought I would never hear those words from her mouth in my life and they shot through me like 10,000 volts of electricity. I began thrusting harder as she wrapped her legs around my waist to encourage the motions. My cock was now balls-deep inside her soaked, hot pussy and I was loving the feeling. So was she. My right hand found her clit, rubbing it in rhythm with my thrusts, and my left hand again found her belly, rubbing it softly, and feeling the baby moving inside her. Our activities had certainly woke him up. It was surreal to be fucking this sexy mother to be while her baby was jumping around inside her belly. But it felt so good.

Soon, the work of my cock inside and my fingers outside on her pussy had another orgasm exploding inside her. Her baby jumped almost in unison with her orgasmic spasms, and I could feel it with my hand on her belly.

I quickly pulled my cock out and after just a few short strokes with my fist, my hot cum was streaming out on her belly in spurt after spurt.

Both of us took a moment to catch our breath, and just as she was doing so, she yelped as a “muscle cramp” hit her belly hard. After a moment, it passed, and she walked down the hallway into the bathroom to clean up. About 4 minutes later, I heard another yelp from down the hall, and I waited for her to return, as I got myself dressed.

Then a moment later, I heard her shout my name. “Jim. Come here!”

I rushed down the hall, only to see her standing in a puddle of water on the floor.

“My water broke! You need to take me to the hospital!”

We quickly got her dressed, texted her parents and got in my car to head to the hospital.

During the quiet moments on the way to the hospital, she asked me how long I had been attracted to her.

“Forever” was the best answer I could give her, as she smiled without words in reply.

Since I was not her family, nor her coach, I was not able to stay with her in the hospital through the birth, but her son was born safely and when she returned home with her baby boy, I kept my promise to support her through it all. And she breastfed both her baby and her new boyfriend as often as either of us wanted.

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