MY REST STOP EXPERIENCEMy first real cock sucking adventure happened when I was in between my freshman and sophomore year. I went riding on my motorcycle going nowhere in particular and soon found myself by the truck stop about ½ mile from my house. I was really feeling horny, I then thought of the rest stop on the other side of the road that had dirty writing on the walls and where I’d heard of nefarious activity in the past. I wondered if it was possible that guys actually met there for sex, well I decided to check it out.I pulled up to the rest stop and it was pretty much deserted except for a couple of cars, I went inside and read all the writing on the walls. They were asking for hard cocks, or to get fucked up the ass. Too bad I didn’t have a pen or I may have added something up there, I then went back out to my bike and sat for a while drinking my beers.Then I saw another car pull into the rest stop and a guy get out and walk into the bathroom, a minute later I saw another guy follow him in there. Then I saw an older black man walk up to the door, I knew then I had to go up there. The black man was positioned in a dark corner peeking through the holes in the bathroom door, I thought I saw his hand at his crotch but I couldn’t tell.I walked closer to him but he looked startled by my sudden appearance and quickly walked away, I looked in through the door but couldn’t see anything. I walked around the sidewalk a little and noticed the black man returning to his previous viewing spot by the door, so I waited for a few minutes and then I followed.There he was in the same spot and he didn’t leave this time as I approached. I got up close to him and I tried to see if his cock was out but it was so dark I couldn’t tell. I stood there and rubbed the crotch in my jeans and he just stared.It was then I decided to go for broke, I reached down in the darkness and was rewarded by a stiff hot cock. I quickly wrapped my fingers around it and stroked up and down. He let out a little groan and moved with my hand making it obvious that he enjoyed it. He was big too. I was guessing bigger than 8 inches and very thick. His cock was my first, the first to touch, first black cock, and first uncut cock.I stroked him for a while until finally I wasn’t satisfied with a cock in my hand and kırıkkale escort in one swift motion I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. He was hard as a rock and I savored every black inch of his cock. It was about eight and a half inches and very thick, the head a perfect size for sucking and so hot and smooth. I wrapped my tender young lips onto that old black cock and started sucking. I had never been around blacks so I was shocked to now be sucking a big black cock.He leaned back against the wall breathing heavily and thrusting his dick into my mouth. I knew then that I wanted to feel his hot cum shooting into my throat. The guys in the bathroom must have heard us because I heard rustling inside and they came out of the bathroom just as I was getting off my knees, they gave us a rather odd look and walked on by.It was then that the black man said his first words to me, “Let’s go to my car.”I followed him to a beat up old Chevelle and he unlocked the passenger’s side and I got in. He put his seat back and pushed down his pants. I needed no further invitation and I leaned my head over his lap; looking down I could see his crotch lit by the overhead rest area light, his cock was huge with a fat pinkish-brown head that topped a thick cock that tapered to the base getting ever thicker as it entered into kinky black pubes. Below that I could see a huge ball sack with kinky pubes lightly covering the sack; dropping my hand I wrapped it around the shaft of his cock, barely getting my young hand around the thick shaft, and soon had him in my mouth.He had gone limp but it took just a few passes of my hungry tongue to get him going again, I licked up and down his cock, flicked my tongue around the head, caressing the pee hole with my tongue. I then moved down to his balls taking them into my mouth one by one, all while stroking his big cock with my hand.He was really moaning now and I sucked away at his approval. I leaned up for a second to take a breather, fascinated by his cock as I stared at it in my hand. He groaned, “Don’t stop, suck that thing baby!” I went down on him and sucked as hard as I could. Jacking him off with my mouth, lightly raking my teeth over his stiff manhood, using every trick I could think of that I would want done to me.I kırıkkale escort bayan was obviously getting positive results. I got down onto the floorboard of the car taking him wholly into my mouth, I could taste the pre-cum leaking out of his prick and I was aching for a taste of that warm cum of his. I grabbed his cock and stroked it as I sucked the head, getting the motion going and feeling the head pulse bigger and bigger. I felt so hot and nasty, me a country boy from a small southern Illinois town sucking on some black man’s dick. And it tasted better than any chocolate candy I’ve ever had. By now he was talking dirty to me, saying things like; “You suck that thing so good!” and “You like sucking my stiff black dick don’t you boy?”Finally he told me the words I wanted to hear, “Keep doing that and you gonna get some hot cum in your mouth.” I responded by sucking even harder on his prick. I could feel him throbbing against my tongue and tasted traces of his pre-cum leaking out the end.Then he moaned louder, “I’m getting close…”I continued my sucking, squeezing his balls and deep-throating his prick like mad. Then I heard a strangled, “Ugh! There it is! Oh fuck!” And with a passionate gasp, I suddenly tasted his hot sticky cum filling my mouth. I held the head of his pulsing cock in my mouth, the fat piss slit opened shooting glob after glob of hot white cum into my mouth. I explored the taste with my tongue, savoring every drop and with one big gulp swallowed the whole load.As he relaxed after his orgasm, I pulled my mouth off his cock and looked at it as it started to soften. Squeezing it along its length I gathered another small gob of cum at the head of his cock and leaned over eagerly licked up the final drop, and then took his length into my mouth for the last time.Finally he opened his eyes and said, “I think you swallowed all it lil’ man. That was fuckin’ fantastic!”He pulled his cock out of my mouth. He asked “Hey lil’ man, you want to get fucked by this big black cock?” My answer was to quickly unbutton my pants and drag my pants and underwear down and off onto the floorboard of his car. My 5.5 inch cock was hard and dripping precum as I slid across the seat and onto his lap. His big cock was poking at my balls as I straddled his legs; escort kırıkkale leaning into him I slid my body up until my ass hovered over his big fat cock. His cock was still covered with my saliva and the remnants of cum leaking out the slit; when he placed his cock head against my virgin asshole I moaned and sank down a bit. His cock slid into my asshole as he lined me up and pushed against my tight sphincter. Slowly I felt my ass start opening up for him; first I felt the pressure of his fat cock head opening up my ass, I started to push down a bit, just lightly bouncing as I felt him slowly open up my ass. He held my hips and pushed up; I winced as I felt his fat cock head slide in and then my ass ring slide over the fat head and pop he had the head in. I held still for a minute but the black man did not want to wait. He started pumping into my ass adding a half to an inch at a time on each stroke until he was buried in my ass. I was being fucked by a black guy in his car in a rest stop in Southern Illinois. I was now getting accustomed to the fat intruder and started to slide up and down his cock on my own. He smiled at me as I leaned in to kiss him; we Frenched kissed as we fucked each other; I would grind my ass into his crotch on each down stroke, amazed that I was able to handle his fat cock and that I was even here fucking this man. We started to pick up the pace; he had an arm around my waist as I bounced up and down on his fat cock. I was near delirious with excitement; suddenly my cock started shooting cum out across the man’s stomach and chest. Looking at me cumming on him triggered his own orgasm and then I felt his cock swell in my ass; he pulled me down tightly filling me completely and spreading my ass around the thick base of his cock. He grunted and jerked and then I felt his hot cum shooting up into my ass; his cock would swell and then I would feel his hot searing cum unload in my ass. I was grunting and sweating as I squeezed my ass around his cock trying to milk it dry; he let loose enough to allow me to pump his cock with my ass thereby unleashing another 2-3 volleys of cum in my ass. As he came down from his orgasm we started French kissing again; we made out as I slid up and down his slowly softening cock. Finally his cock popped out and I felt his cum drip out of my wide spread asshole. Leaning back I watched as he tucked it back into his pants. I licked my lips and thanked him, and he thanked me. With my pants in hand and still naked I got out of his car. I waved as I watched my black lover drive away.

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