My Second First Time


I won’t name names. We know who we are.

You stood there in the doorway for ages. I’m not sure if you were as nervous as I was or just needed time to adjust to the dim light. For weeks we had been skirting around the fact that we wanted to fuck each other till we couldn’t move. We had been friends for years and had confided our innermost thoughts and fantasies with each other. We both wanted this to happen. Now we were at the point of no return.

I could see the boots you wore, the short denim skirt and the tight tee shirt. You just dropped your bag at the door and walked toward me. I must have been sitting there on the bed for twenty minutes wondering what I was going to do when you arrived. You made the decision for me by putting your delicate hands on my rough face, tilting my head up, and kissing me. I think it was the most perfect moment of my life. All of my tension and nerves just melted away.

After what seemed like a day, you stepped away from me. I opened my eyes to see you smiling at me. You took my hands and put the palms on your hips. Your skin was soft and warm. Still holding my wrists you slid my hands up, under the edge of your top. “Slowly,” you whispered. Together we exposed more of your luscious body. We paused and shared a smile when the material caught on your small breasts. I took the initiative when your bra came into view and kissed your stomach. “That tickles,” you giggled and quickly finished removing your shirt. This time I held your head still as we kissed.

Again you held my wrists and guided me to your hips. This time we moved down to the denim and then round behind you to the zip. You let go as I fumbled with the zip and tilted my head for a kiss. Somehow your tongue in my mouth helped me lower the zip. I can’t think of a nicer way to get advice. After I slid the skirt to the floor I slid my hands up the back of your legs and filled my hands with the best butt cheeks in town. I suddenly noticed how tight my trousers had become. I think you noticed as well when you bent down to remove your boots and skirt.

I stood up and turned you to sit on the bed. My shirt came off easily and I kissed you. When I tried to unhook your bra I fumbled again and we both started to laugh. “Slowly,” that word again. I finally got it undone I threw it across the room in mock frustration and we laughed again.

I started kissing you on the forehead and slowly, with lots of quick pecks, moved down your face to your mouth. I lingered a while to savour your lips before moving to your neck. You moaned softly when I kissed your neck and I looked to see that your eyes had closed. I moved your golden hair to one side and nibbled your delicate ears, eliciting another moan. I used a hand to gently squeeze your left tit as I kissed the right one. After a few seconds I swapped sides, pausing to check your lips hadn’t moved. They hadn’t. You did seem to be breathing a little harder though. After making sure both breasts were fully attended to, I continued the small kisses down your body. When I got to your navel I stopped. I could feel your stomach fluttering with anticipation. Mine was too.

My next kiss was on your left thigh, and you groaned, “You are so mean!” It took all my willpower to continue my mission down your leg to your toes and back up the other leg. By the time I was there you were squirming. I moved back to your lips, and kissed you again.

I was looking into your eyes as I slid a hand down your body, across your belly and over your thong. Your eyes closed as my fingers reached the hot, moist patch of material covering your pussy. You raised your legs and gripped my hand between them. You closed your eyes, opened your mouth and groaned as you came. It is still one of my favourite memories.

When you released my hand enough for me to move, I slid down the bed and removed the last of your clothing. The way the thong clung to you proved how wet you were. As soon as I could, I pushed your legs apart and got my first proper look at your pussy. I can’t think of a suitable way to describe my thoughts or feelings at finally being so close to your most intimate parts. Mostly I was pleased to be there.

I still remember that first taste of your pussy. Every time I eat a peach I am reminded of the sweet nectar I first tasted that night. I could see the thin strip of light hair that pointed towards the engorged lips of your pussy. I tried not to be too eager as I licked all around your groin, carefully avoiding your pussy. Your hand on my head told me when marmaris escort I had teased you enough so I directed my efforts towards your pussy lips. The heat on my tongue as I made the first contact was amazing. I tried to lick every bit of you from anus to clitoris. Your moan of pleasure urged me on. I kept away from your clit at first, concentrating on the soft inner labia that seemed to get longer as I licked them. I gently gripped them with my lips and sucked them into my mouth. You moaned and squirmed a little. I stuck my tongue out and pushed it between them, wiggling it up and down. “Oh yes!” A fresh trickle of liquid ran into my mouth and we both moaned together. I pushed further, exploring the inner folds of your pussy. As I advanced, my nose brushed your clit and I felt you twitch with pleasure. My tongue found it’s way further in and my lower face became soaked with your nectar. After a few moments I replaced my tongue with a finger and looked up at you.

You had your eyes closed again and both hands were squeezing a breast. You looked so happy. I began to slide my finger in and out of your vagina and as it relaxed I added a second. Your soft moans filled the room. I took a moment to look at the stiff flesh of your clit. It seemed to be asking for attention. I blew towards it and saw you jump a little, and it swelled even more. I couldn’t wait any more so I leant down and put my mouth over it. At first I was going to use my tongue, but my lips took over and closed on you. You screamed and both hands held my head into your groin as your hips jerked against me. You thighs trapped my head and you covered my goatee in your juices as I sucked you to orgasm.

When you let me free you pulled me back onto the bed and kissed me hard, your arms tightly around my neck and your tongue down my throat. You paused long enough to say “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” before trying to suffocate me with kisses again. Honestly I would have been satisfied if you had left after that. I could see how happy you were by the way your eyes sparkled and your body glowed. Knowing that I had pleased you was enough. You didn’t leave, and I am still overjoyed that you didn’t.

You pushed me onto my back and knelt beside me on the mattress. “My turn,” you growled. Your fingers made short work of my belt and zip, and soon my trousers were flying across the room. My lack of underwear didn’t surprise you, nor did my erection. As soon as it was free you grabbed the base of my cock in one hand and put your lips around the tip. I’ve never been a fan of blowjobs, but I know you liked giving them. You had often told me how good your blowjobs were and I was just about to find out for myself.

You locked your eyes with mine and slowly slid your tongue out from between your lips. When it reached the tip of my cock, you eyes seemed to twinkle. The very end of your tongue began to flick across my glans. I twitched but your hand held me still enough for you to continue teasing me. When I groaned you began adding more contact and began to explore the full length of my manhood. Your hand began to very slowly rise and fall at the base of my cock, only a few millimetres at a time, but enough to be noticed. While the hand motion at the base distracted me, you began concentrating on the head. You tried to curl your tongue around it, and when you failed settled for placing your lips round it and licking the end. It seemed to me that all the blood in my body was rushing to my penis, and I couldn’t help but moan loudly. You took that as a sign that you were on the right track, and began lowering your lips to my groin. At just over half way you stopped and retreated. I thought that was your limit and you would repeat the distance, but you seemed intent on improving every time. I was quite impressed when your fingers met your lips.

My penis is not especially long, but I have been told it is above average in width, and I had never had anybody swallow it all before. I felt wonderful and I had to really concentrate on not coming straight down your throat. When you had slowly emptied your mouth you were smiling “I knew I could do it.” The smile didn’t last long as you opened your mouth again and started moving smoothly up and down my shaft. After every few strokes you stopped with only the tip in your mouth and gave a fast jack off with your hand. Although I was just about as aroused as I could be, I was not in danger of coming due to the randomness of your actions.

I suddenly realised you were teasing me as I had teased you earlier. marmaris escort bayan “Now who’s being mean?” I asked. I also realised I could stop the teasing by moving my hand between your legs and trying to find your pussy. I missed the target, but did grab a bit of thigh. You managed to jump out of reach but had to stop sucking my dick, although you didn’t let go. I tried again, and after a brief tussle that you won, we ended up laughing at the comedy of the situation.

I’m not sure how long it took us to realise that our grab and grope had ended up trapping my hard length between our stomachs. We had stopped laughing and were staring into each other’s eyes. I think you could feel my nerves coming back. You held my head in your hands and kissed me. I still think that is the best cure for nerves ever invented. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I had to ask, still not believing you were here. Your smile was all the answer I needed.

You were on top so let you make the first move. You sat up and reached between us to guide me into you. Essentially it was that simple, but it had all the meaning in the world. In that moment we became one at last. I had wanted, no needed to do this since I met you. It made me feel right. I know it sounds like a cliché and I don’t care. I probably grinned like a fool from then on.

I was in heaven. I can’t explain the pleasure I was feeling at that moment. It got better when you started moving. I couldn’t help but moan with the intensity of the pleasure. You put both hands on my chest and gradually moved your pussy down my cock. I could feel the difference in temperature between my still exposed shaft and the heat inside you. As I watched your pussy swallow more of me, I saw a small trickle of moisture run from just below your clit to my pubic hair. It was extremely erotic. I felt your tightness and felt when you could go no lower, but I suspected that like the blow job, you would keep trying until I was fully buried in your pussy. I looked up at your face and realised we had both been looking at same thing. When we both let out the breath we had been holding, we laughed and I discovered that laughter did amazing things to vaginal muscles.

As I expected you started moving up and down, trying to cram more of what you had once called my ‘huge’ manhood into you. I watched your trim tummy tense and relax as you moved. My eyes moved up a little and I noticed your breasts jiggling. I couldn’t resist reaching up and holding them. At first I was gentle and tender, but you stopped long enough to put your hands over mine and squeeze. I took the hint and became more vigorous. I spent a while massaging your tits, but when I noticed the way touching your nipples made you gasp, I concentrated on them. As I played with them they got harder and seemed to grow longer. I was so fascinated with your breasts that it was only when they stopped jiggling that I noticed you weren’t moving. I looked at your face to find out if anything was wrong. You had a big grin on your face and you were looking down. I followed your gaze and soon had my own grin. Your legs were spread wide and my dick was completely inside you. “That feels so good,” you purred.

It felt like a warm damp towel was wrapped around my dick. You still felt just as tight as when I first entered you, but now it was tight all down my hard cock. Damn that felt great! Thinking about it made me twitch inside you. You giggled again, and I pinched your nipples in retaliation making you jump. “Hey!”

Before you began to fuck me again, we locked eyes. It was as if I was looking into your soul. I knew you were the one I loved. There was nothing in the world that could stop me wanting to be with you for the rest of my life. I have never forgotten that feeling.

You began to slide up and down my cock, every time you hit bottom you grunted and I moaned. Your stroke got longer every time. I could feel where your lubrication on my manhood was exposed to the slight draft in the room when you moved up. I could also feel the contrasting heat of your marvellous pussy when it engulfed me. I was so aroused that I began to worry about coming too soon when your up stroke went too far and we separated. You were about to grab me and line me up again but I stopped your hand and we both watched my cock twitch and pulse as I calmed down.

Judging by your ragged breathing and the sheen of sweat on your legs and hips it was my turn to do the exercise. “My turn now,” I whispered. I sat up and turned us over. I laid you down escort marmaris and kissed you for a while. I always liked kissing you, it was as if our lips were meant to be together and our tongues in each other’s mouth. I was so caught up in kissing you that I almost forgot I was supposed to be fucking you. Almost. I reached between us, grabbed my penis and guided it towards the hottest part of you. My first try missed the bull’s eye, but did slide my hardness over your clit. You groaned down my throat so I did it again. When I tried it a third time you moved your hips so that my thrust speared straight into your pussy. You squealed when I was fully inside you. “Spoilsport,” I complained. It seemed that the anticipation had increased your flow of moisture and it was easier to slide in and out. “Hot, wet and sexy spoilsport,” I corrected.

I started slowly but you closed your legs around my waist and used your heels to urge me on. “Faster… harder,” you panted. I put my hands either side of your chest and brought my knees up. When I had a better position I increased my speed until I could feel my balls bouncing off you ass. It didn’t take long before I was getting close to coming again. The combination of hot wet pussy and my balls bouncing against your butt was fantastically arousing. I didn’t want to come before you did so I pulled out of you before it was too late.

I could tell by your expression that you didn’t want me to stop, but I had an idea. “Come here.” I might have been a bit rough pulling you of the bed but you soon understood when I pushed you over the back of a chair. You have one of the best looking bums I have ever seen. I ran my fingers over your ass, feeling the soft but firm flesh quiver. After a good grope I remembered why we were there and stuck my cock between your legs. “Damn!” Yet again I missed the target but you set me right and we were soon connected again. I groaned before I was fully in you and you shuddered when I reached round and found your clit. I knew I was close so I tried not to think about the exquisite pleasure I was experiencing and tried to concentrate on you.

I leant on you so that I could use one hand on your clit and the other on a nipple. You were squirming more now and moaning so loudly that I could hear you over my grunts. Words such as “more” and “yes!” and “there” were all I could make out from the noises you were making. We were both very close to coming. I felt your pussy grip me a little harder, and then you grabbed my balls as they swung between our legs. The surprise stimulation took me over the edge and I pushed myself as far into you as I could. “I can’t stop it!” My whole body tensed up and then I felt the semen shoot up my shaft and spray into your pussy. I assume that was what sent you over the edge at the same time.

As soon as my first blast exploded into you, you screamed out and began to twitch uncontrollably. I couldn’t have pulled out of your clasping sex if I had wanted to. The rippling muscles kept me squirting and each squirt seemed to make you twitch again. My orgasm was the longest I had ever experienced. It felt like my whole essence flowed out of my penis and into your vagina. When I couldn’t come any more I stumbled back and we separated. You were still twitching over the chair. It was wonderful to watch your orgasm and know I had helped get you there.

I didn’t look for long because you started to slide to the floor and I put my arms round you to catch you. You looked at me with unfocused eyes and smiled. “Thank you.” I half dragged you back to the bed and laid you on your back. Now that I could see your clitoris I could see it was bright red. I couldn’t help myself. I knelt on the floor between your legs and sucked your clit. You screamed again and my face was suddenly covered in a combination of my sperm and your juices. “No more!” I stuck my tongue into you and sucked again. No scream this time, it was more like a wail. Again you squirted on me. The third time I sucked the hard little clit I stuck a finger into your soaking wet hole and hooked it towards where I hoped your g-spot was. I knew I had got the right place because your wail cut off suddenly and you went limp as you fainted.

I slid up the bed and lay beside you. Your face was relaxed and peaceful, but your hips still twitched occasionally. I could feel our juices drying on my face so I got up and cleaned it off with a towel. When I turned back to the bed you were awake and smiling at me. You seemed to be glowing. You were so beautiful that I wanted the moment to last forever. “I love you.” We said it together.

I’m not sure if you remember it the same way as I do. I still get a hard-on when I think about it. This was special.

Thank you for the memory.

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